Merry Times VII.
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Pancheng Fortress City. 93rd District.

            He Wuying watched as the platforms passed by slowly while the crowd cheering echoed in the chasm between the complexes. The native Heishiath was posted at the open stairs built between two wide complexes that kept a watch over the balcony streets.

As the cold winter wind blew, she buttoned up her cherry red triangular collar and tilted her head up a little to enjoy the rare occasion of snow falling. As the wind blew the trash littering the floors and steps, she turned around to the sound of footsteps.

She stood met the dark gaze of the lunar elf with long ebon black hair. The urge to taste her lips, the urge stroke her uniform clad curves took her over and even the cheering of the crowd became distant as she ap-proached Chouath.

Their lips locked together – Chouath even locked dampening cuffs onto her wrists before embracing the so-ratanese Heishiath in a strong, yet passionate hug while their tongues intertwined. A cavalcade of sweet fla-vors filled both their mouths while their moans echoed in between the two complexes. With each passing passionate moment, Wuying felt the call of the darkness and within a few moments her moans stopped, and her restrained arms went limp.

“Rest well.” Chouath said as she gently patted the head of the now deceased Wuying before she placed her down onto the floor amongst the trash. Her back leant against the thick railing and for a moment Chouath sensed the disruption of time not too far away.

“Damn it.” Yet her mind focused away from that and onto the platform with the mock-up palace passing away and taking its next turn. She rushed inside ignoring the bothering sensation that she felt only a few moments ago.


94th District.

Hanakoro faced another one of the pretenders as she walked across the connecting roofed bridge. These bridges were built with precisely calculated rectangular shapes with four really long windows on both sides with ones pristine glasses that were now ornated with dirt. The two faced each other like dueling cowboys of Central Eoran with their arms stretched, their fingers curling back and forth while their eyes gazed at each other.

For a moment Hanakoro looked outside and watched as the snowflakes slowed down at which she grabbed her katana’s hilt then teleported where the snaelven pretender stood. Just like the other two – or three – her head flew off with a few strands of her long hair heading straight down to the floor instead. Or well not her hair, but the wig’s.

“Thank Myelia.” She said as when she faced the fair ivory hued pretender, she mistook her for a lunar elf for a moment. While not every lunar elf was a master of time magic, they all had a sense when it changed its pace in their vicinity. And while snaelves were once lunar elves, living near the nexus of Naireanth altered their affinity more towards the water element.

Before she continued on, she took a little break as she felt her mana reserves reaching their limit. Thanks to her rank’s uniform, these reserves were enlarged by them, but that also meant filling them back up took a bit more time too. She looked out from the window and her cheeks reddened for a moment when she noticed a dark haired lunar elf and a soratanese Heishiath kiss on the open stair so she turned her head away before continuing on.


“Shit.” Chouath cursed as the sensation of time changing a few moments ago change. Or well her curse came from the fact that she meditated a bit to scour out the location where it happened and realized her cover may have possibly been blown. For a while she contemplated whether to continue on inside the complexes, or just hop out the window and go from platform to platform.

She leaned out a few times. Each time she did so, she trembled staring at the colorful abyss that laid below. “You can do it Cho.” She muttered to herself before she inhaled a plentiful. Her slender body clad in the sleek Heishiath uniform turned invisible and she exhaled while heading downwards the last platform while praying to the God King of Yudao.


“Thank the Gods!” Hanakoro felt relief when she arrived into the large uneven reception hall area of the 94th District most eastwards complex. It was one of the few complexes where the floor was tiled in a contrasting black and white. There were two elevators going up and down. One a bit closer to the entrance, the other away in the narrow part.

Facing the entrance were the interior stair that went down to the 90th floor and up to the 95th floor. And on the right where she noticed the three Keisatsuaths sitting with their backs to the wall – trussed up with copious amounts of rope and wide strips of sealing tape covering their lips and cheeks – was the waiting area which simply was a carpet, two sofas and one couch surrounding a lone table.

She checked each of theirs vitae before relief washed over. Just as she stood back up another of the pretenders hoped to strike at her while her attention focused on the captives. Thankfully, Hanakoro was a well-behaved student of her mother and kept a ward around her at all times. The spell launched at her dispersed and she channeled her mana into her legs and arms amplifying their strength and endurance as she leapt at her enemy.

The eahrelven pretender stood back a little, but not enough to evade the swing of the blade. She believed that her own wards would stop the trajectory of the blade, but she was proven wrongs when it entered her body starting from her right shoulder, and left at her wrist – destroying the sleek Heishiath uniform.

She looked at her own sour faced reflection in the forming puddle of blood before she rushed back to the trio who only let out soft muffled groans ever since she entered. She took the silken muffle scarf off the one on the right closer to the entrance into the long corridor where the large offices were located. She noticed the seossurian Keisatsuath eyes closed and realized the three were still in a deep sleep and not just extremely calm.

Which made her feel awkward as she realized that the two times she was in the same situation, she was the weirdo. With that revelation ignored, she continued on after opening a portal to the command center.


Chouath hanged onto the edge of the platform as it slowly took its turn and tilted upwards. While it did so the center with the mockup Hoshigawan castle followed while the guards – mostly Heishiats – remained glued to the floor as they continued their monotone patrol around the four edges outside. Their sleek, dense hair remained as if they were still horizontal, even their cherry red berets stayed on their heads without grasping onto their soft, gleaming crowns.

While Chouath remained calm on the outside – partly thanks to her invisibility – inside her mind she repeat-ed the same sentence over and over. “Hurry up gods dammit.”

Then she exhaled as she felt her breasts flattening against the cold metal hull painted raven black. She opened her dark eyes and tilted her head up which led to her borrowed beret fell into the depths below. “Great.” Mana channeled from the central arcane point within her soul and body poured into her arms as she swiftly pulled herself over then spread the inscriptions out and moved them between her arcane points as she erased any sound her uniform clad body would make.

“Hmm?” Well not all sounds as the seossurian Heishiath – of the autumn lineage – stopped and looked at where she still kneeled on the wooden floor that emitted a soft creak as her body weighted against it. Chouath reached into the closest pouch on the right hanging on the utility belt of the kimono like coat. She pulled out a wrinkled cloth and a needle laced in poison and teleported quickly behind the Heishiath.

“Hrhhm.” She quickly covered her mouth with the wrinkled cloth – a muffle scarf – while jammed the nee-dle into the opening of the buttoned out cherry red collar, into her throat. A muffled yelp followed as her autumn orange hair spread over the left shoulder strap of Chouath, her equally brimming orange pupils slid under her lids before they closed down and her struggling stopped.

“Let’s finish this.” Chouath said after she dragged the corpse to the edge and threw it into the depth. Her palms stuck to the backwall of the castle as she started climbing towards the second floor, where Kaguyari prepared for a special performance.


95th District.

Hanakoro pulled her bloodied blade out from the corpse of the orii elven pretender with long lunar blonde hair with a blunt fringe. Muffled cheers lifted her spirit coming from the group of Raven Eyes of the Rose Sisters of hers segmented into three circles in the spacious and empty office. In each circle sat three bound tightly with white enchanted rope, while orange golden sealing tape covered their soft lips and cheeks.

And in its center stood the tall stygian pretender with sleek, short dark hair parted to the left with a swept fringe through which her left slim horn penetrated through. Malice and anger burnt in her fiery almond shaped eyes while a bit under her soft dainty nose, behind her luscious lips her sharpened teeth grinded against each other.

Hanakoro kept her eyes on her while trying to look for an opening. Which came when she raised her arms with palms unfolded. Flame and ash appeared in them and the dimly lit room lit up in wicked lights as the circles activated and the muffled cheers turned into panicky whimpers. Wicked green energies wrapped around their bound bodies and their muffled screams went silent in a span of a moment as their forms meld-ed into grotesque monstrosities.

“See you in Styx.” The stygian said with a smile as Hanakoro’s blade penetrated through her heart. Then she got crushed by her own creations as they smashed their large fists where she and not long before Hanakoro stood.

“Dammit.” She cursed herself as she got too confident after taking down all the other pretenders with ease. Now she faced three golems constructed from the flesh and bones of her Sisters. The closest to her right charged at her and a hole appeared where she stood when its fist penetrated through the concrete floor. Hanakoro hid behind the railing of the loft while swiftly reaching into her pouches on her utility belt. She took out mana potions from each and gulped them down one after the another.

She remained seated behind the rail for a while and inhaled, exhaled repeatedly as she felt the pleasant warmness of her mana restoring. Her fist clenched around the hilt of her katana and its blade lit up with a silver flame. With foot planted onto the slim edge of the railing, her eyes gazed upon solemnly of the three golems as their eerie movements slowed gradually.

Hanakoro leapt down onto the one directly below her and ran her blade through its body, slicing it in two vertically and watched as the two halves tilted right and left while the silver flames spread all over both. Her next target was the one standing at the loft’s stairs who met a similar end, except it got cut in two horizontal-ly at the waist – or at least what she designated as one.

The last at the window, most definitely pondering to jump out of it and wreak havoc amongst the crowd got impaled through its macabre puzzle of a chest while the flames slowly – in reality quickly – devoured its snow silvery and crimson body.

The moment time went back to normal for Hanakoro, she inhaled deeply with her eyes closed – which she regretted as the putrid smell almost made her throw up.


Kaguyari glided back and forth behind the throne while reading her little book filled with the song-poem she wrote for the parade. Her eyes remained focused on the page even when she sensed time slowed down in her vicinity, and even when her entourage fell dead onto the floor at the very same time as if they planned their own demise to the letter.

She continued these same motions even as Chouath invisible – but still traceable for her – walked up the stairs with her dark jiang daggers in hand. Her ebon eyes stopped their whirring as they focused on the Gen-eral Princess. Her chest expanded as she inhaled deeply then her legs tensed. She was ready.

The moment she tried to lunge and end the General Princess’s life, she remained still. A beautiful piece of silvery alabaster sculpture draped in the finest of faux leathers with dark hair and eyes remained still – frozen in time. “If you would have arrived earlier, I may have played around with you a bit. But I’m afraid, it is time to pour my heart out to the people of this fine city, this fine prefecture. So if you meet with the former King, say that I hope he rots in the Stygian Realms for all eternity.”

Her silent shriek filled the whole room as her arms twisted into themselves, her artificial eyes broke into a thousand pieces all over the room and stuck within her eye sockets. Then as she became a folded square of little magnificence, she turned invisible and hurled through the wall and into the colorful depths while Kaguyari glided down the stairs still reciting her song-poem.


100th District.

“” Nmfmr fnnm nmmnm!”” The televisior scene focused on the ethereal Kaguyari bathing in the spot light while her singing voice mingled with the resistant cacophony of the two Keisatsuath tightly bound with white enchanted rope and their lips and cheeks sealed with a single wide strip of silver sealing tape. The Agent hummed and closed her faux eyes. The muscles at her exposed vulva contorted and rose while the end spiraled around itself as it formed into a proper large phallus.

“Relax and resist.” The Agent whispered into the dark elves ears then glared into her crimson eyes with a wicked lust gleaming in them. The dark elf gulped as fear and excitement confused her mind then she let out a loud moan as the Agent inserted her newly grown phallus into the dark elf just as Kaguyari hit a high note.

“Worry my dear. The night is short and I’m thrilled.” The Agent turned towards the soratanese down beside the office desk who watched the two with teary eyes and soft gulps. With each passing second the Agent pulled in and out faster and faster, the dark elves snow silvery blood started flowing onto the desk along with her mucus as the last night of the year came to an end.