Chapter 1
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Brightness is the first thing I saw.

A luminous light as I open my eyes to see a grove of towering trees that reach high into the sky.

Grabbing the wooden shell around me, pulling myself outside.

As I was exiting, these.... Limbs of mine were odd...

Not in the way that I was not used to them.

It was more akin to knowing I had it in my entire short existence yet it was the first time I've used it.

Looking at my arms before touching my face and noticing it was similar to the material of the trees around us.


Are we perhaps related?

Possibly, based on the similarities perhaps we are of the same origin. 

Then why is our form different?

Possibly created for a different purpose? More information is required before coming into a conclusion.

What an odd feeling, to be curious. How enjoyable!

Now why would I have limbs while they do not? Why can I move while they stay still? Do they have a higher form of thought? What else can these limbs of mine do other than grab? 

I want to know more!

What are the limits?

What is it used for?

Why am I here?

What el-

Stopping myself momentarily form thinking as I arranged my thoughts, I returned to my current most important question.

Hmm... Why am I here?

Looking forward, I see a cliff. And beyond that I see a grove of trees as of it was a sea of green and at it's center, a Titanic tree that towered the trees and even the surrounding mountains around us.

It feels... Familiar for a lack of better term.


I wonder what that is?




The sound is familiar.

Turning towards the sound, I see another wooden pod similar to mine; and five more in view beside it.

Observing the wooden egg hatch as brownish dust particles is blown out as another being stumbled out.

It was a tall and lanky bipedal being with bark-like skin similar to mine, long vines growing at the top of it's head flowing backwards. On it's face was two dark eye-holes with a luminescent glowing orb with a green hue with a long horizontal line on the lower part of the face. Upon further observations, the similarities between the two of us  is uncanny; most likely we are the same type of creature or have the same origin. Both being a likely answer.

Hmm.... Good point! What am I?

Slowly walking towards my relative? I approach and offered a hand which the being in front me gladly took as I help pull him at.

Once we were at even ground, I stared the wooden being eye to eye as it did the same. 

Hmm... how do we communicate?

And in an instinctual reaction, I felt a throbbing sensation in my head. Odd, but not exactly harmful nor annoying; it was more like a need to release something?

Focusing on that feeling, and released.


After a moment of releasing what I could call 'intent', the wooden being in front of me replied.

• Confusion  

Interesting! Is this our method of communication? A show or release of intent!? How fascinating! Directly informing the recipient of the emotion currently is an interesting way of communicating but... It feels inefficient. 

How would one start complex conversation? Is there other methods of communication? Can it be falsified?


Ah! How rude of me to forget.


The being in front of me who I will refer to as confusion tilted his head.










Turning our respective heads towards the sound, it would seem that the others too are hatching from their wooden capsules.

Walking closer towards a pair right next to each other as I observe in a close proximity as two more beings whose appearance are eeriely similar to the other one.

Examining the two in further detail, they were not similar but perfect copies of each other!


Would that mean I am of similar appearance to them?

Then how would we differentiate from one another?

Would it be possible to-

JOY! •

Ah! That is how we differentiate, we innately feel difference from one another.



Offering my right hand to the bubbly creature while my left offered to pull up the other. Bubbly, that is what I will call this one.

Bubbly , quickly grab my hand and practically jump before she started to look around before walk with a spring on it's legs towards the first one I met, while the other sat and stared.

I too stared at him with my hand extended towards him.


The other one slapped my hand away before standing up to walk towards the bubbly one, stumbling in each step yet getting better with each one taken.

Disdain, what an odd and illogical emotion. Exactly what I will call this one.

Turning my head and walking towards the bubbly one as it is 'speaking' for a lack of better term with the confused as the rude one stood beside. 

With the given subjects, I can safely conclude that the differences amongst ourselves is not physical but more likely the mental aspects. 

But how would it affect us on an individual level? Would we have the same set of skills? Most likely but would probably have a different set of specialization more suited to us an individual. On that note, perhaps we would have a different set of skills as logically that would increase efficiency on dealing on a multitude different problems rather than having one set skills for everyone.


What a loud one.

Turning to my right, the two remaining came closer to the group.

• Indifferent


As our group? Family? Batch? Gathered, a series of images appeared in my head. 

The cliff where we stood, a path to the grove beneath and beyond, leading to towering behemoth of a tree.

It was calling us.


Hmm... An interesting way to use this form of communication, while it does solve some of the problems this communication naturally has but it is still lacking as it is lacking in context; probably something we would naturally learn with time. 

Now what to do with said information.

Turning my head towards my acquaintances, a wave of intent erupted from their direction.

Confusion- Anger- Hesitation- fearful- Uncertainty- 

Each one sending intent nonstop in an act to make sense of this situation and I find it... Annoying, to say the least.

Perhaps magnifying my intent could in theory over power theirs and catch their attention. Time for a practical experiment.

Focusing on that feeling once again, and instead of releasing as I did before. I let it build up before releasing.


That seemed to gain their attention as the numerous waves of intent stopped as the five of them turned their attention towards me.

A wave of uncertainty and curious intent was sent to me as seemingly asking what should we do.

Which was a fair question as checking our surrounding for other variables or possible choices, it would seem the safest option is to simply follow as the other is going into the woods uncertain of what it could provide.

With this in mind, I raised my left hand towards the path and slowly raised the right.

towards the woods.

The woods in question made no sound, covered in shadows and sharp pointy branches and very prickly vines.

Hmm.... I am unsure of this new feeling, it is similar to what the indifferent one sent. Fear.

But why am I be afraid? 

Looking at the body, roots, branches, and every other part of the tree covered in numerous spines, probably a defense mechanism and could likely be more.

Now why would there be a defense mechanism such as this?

Perhaps there is something out there that could possibly that is harmful to the trees. And lo and behold, we are made of the same material yet lacking in spines.

Perhaps there is a reason to be afraid.

But there is another possibility, one I do not know of if I dislike more than the former.

What if it was to make sure we follow the path? To discourage us from straying too far?

...... I do not like this. I do not like not having enough information and required to make a choice such as this.

If it is the latter, then perhaps we are walking into something dangerous and could possibly risk my well-being.

I need more information to secure my safety.

Turning my head towards the group, they would seem to be arguing amongst themselves. It would be best to wait them out as I have already decided on the path I will take.

The logical course of action for now would be to understand my surroundings for any possible variables that may increase my chances of survival.

Walking towards the trees, I felt something interesting. Not quite the intent I felt from my batch but something similar.

Some kind of energy? 

Slowly stepping forward and reaching my hand forward to touch it's bark, I felt it.

I felt it course through the entire tree, from it's roots to the tip of the tree, from it's branches full of leaves into it's main body. It felt lively!

•  Irritation

And even better, I can feel that I can possibly manipulate it... No, I know on some deeper level of my consciousness I can manipulate it. Fascinating! What is this used for? How can we use this? Is it perhaps a conscious effo-


Feeling something forcefully tap my upper left shoulder. Turning around, I saw that the others have finished and the sun was starting to set.


It would seem that took a while. Rubbing the back of my head, I walk  closely towards the group as we started to march towards the great tree.

Another emotion seemed to engulf my being, It wasn't quite nervousness as it is feels  unsettling, but the only choice it would seem is to follow the path; or risk going alone. No matter how every fabric of my being is fighting my choice, I cannot deny safety in numbers.

I can only hope it is the correct choice.


Author note!

Cramus: Hello! I am kinda new to writing stories and English isn't exactly my first language. So this is an experiment for me to see if I can write. 

And I will put plenty of effort into this so I will probably be writing plenty of chapters in advance but not post them just in case I would have a better idea or the chapters would need editing. So please be patient.

That or this story is dead. Hopefully not.