Chapter 2
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We have travelled for a total of two cycles, Light has faded.

Yet it was never dark.

One cannot help but feel at awe at the sight before me. 

Staring into the night sky, there was an endless sea of darkness with glimmering lights sprinkled throughout the abyss. 

Going farther beyond what the eye can see, an endless horizon. 

What a beautiful sight.

Beautiful enough that I could not help but try to reach for the lights and grab it with my bare hands, no matter how illogical it would seem.

Yet, as I stared; my mind kept moving, pondering, thinking. What purpose does it serve? What is it? How did it come to be? How far can it be? Is it possible to reach them? Then what mind boggling secrets would they reveal?

So many questions, yet not enough time to think them through nor discover the answer.

Turning towards my batch, another interesting thing that happened that out once luminescent yet colorless eyes changed. Confusion turned orange, bubbly became gray and so on. So I wonder what would mine be? I will figure it out  or ask on of the others eventually once we go to a relatively more safer area.

And returning to the original point, it would seem the majority are in awe except for two.

Confusion and Opportunity. With Confusion, despite our short time together; it has shown that it is lacking particularly in the mental capabilities the rest of us have. Or perhaps he figured out a way to fool us, if that is the case; Confusion has my respect.

Opportunity on the other hand, I do not trust that one. This one, I almost called Cowardice; for any sign of trouble he subtly and slowly fled towards the back tows during our travels. Yet it was an opportunist, Opportunity had taken every chance it got to gain my favor as well as subtly sabotaging Confusion and bubbly. For what reason? I have yet to know. 

Further observations and contemplating will be required at a later period of time.

The worse part is that Opportunity is good, good enough to stay hidden the others and nearly escaped my sight. It is clear to me that one cannot be trusted.

Turning my head towards my compatriots, it would seem that we would stop for the night.

My focus for now would be best suited towards the energy of the forest around us. 

It is very interesting, the energy itself is dynamic; it is constantly shifting from different sources as well as different states.

It would best to start with the ground, the energy presented beneath me is the least dynamic of energy I have encountered so far;  change in state would occur only due to outside interference such as the trees.

The next step in the process would be the roots of the trees drawing the ground energy and distributing it over its entire being. Which in theory, I possibly could replicate with my own body if I am not already doing unconsciously. 

Need further investigation of inner workings of my own body.

Another possible source would be light, during the day; I can detect a surplus of energy which could possibly explain why I along with my batch would feel sluggish during night time when the sun has set. But continuing on, once a tree has a more energy than it would require, it moves on to the next process. 

The release of energy that would be ambient in nature. The ambient energy in turn have an effect on the surrounding by showing interesting results such as th-





It is truly fascinating but it would seem I do not have enough time to further elaborate.

I am confounded at the fact that I know that crucial knowledge is missing; one that could change my understanding and benefit me in ways that I have yet to know.

The worse part is that if given enough time, I can very likely discover this.

Damn this command! it is the fifth time the tree has called us!





.. A pity, if there was only more time to observe and experiment but sadly we are .

Turning towards my companions that was broken out of their stupor, I motion them to follow.

• Calm - Disappointment • Turning my head towards the path and beyond.I t was time to move.

Yet as I walked a step forward, Disdain sent something.

 Irritation - Anger - Frustration • An image of the path we taken was relayed to me. It would seem that Disdain wants to return to where we came and beyond. Most likely angered by the fact it was forced.

Curious • Looking towards my batch mates, prying for an answer. The results are... Varying.

Confusion... Is well... Confused? I am unsure with this one, yet nervousness can be felt. 

Opportunity was observing with his arms crossed behind his back.

Bubbly, ever the positive influence; went between us in an attempt to separate us. Possibly an attempt to calm us down. 

Good job, yet if I withdraw from this confrontation; Disdain will keep pushing his agendas forward and I would rather not have someone as volatile as Disdain lead.

And Inquisitive, the being who I felt was a similar mentality to me, was more align to Disdain. Which in itself is illogical, but perhaps there is a perspective or information I am thoroughly lacking. 

Irritation • sending the group an image of the path we took and one that we have yet to take. I give them a choice, it will be up to them whether they will follow through.

And obviously, Disdain was first to answer. No need to further elaborate as it is blatantly obvious.

Confusion, well, was confused. Bubbly rapidly sending signals in a clear sign of panic as her arms waves frantically. Opportunity, it was only observing, possibly waiting for the conflict to settle itself before deciding. And confusingly enough, Inquisitive stood by me. 

Why? This does not follow with how I observe it act. Why not follow Disdain who has and had shown support to plenty of times? Why would it change side now? 

How unpredictable, I dislike it.

Hatred • an image of... ? One of us? Yet this one had a light blue glow on it's eye sockets and considering that none of the others have this color, it leaves only me.

 Confusion • So that is what I look like... Interesting! Why would our eyes turn into different shades of colors? Is it perhaps shaped by our personality? But returning to a more important question that is related to the current situation, what did I do to inspire hatred of all things from Disdain? 

Recounting my actions these past two cycles, everything I did was within logical courses of action.

From making my batch mates from staying too far from the group, or even keeping our of harm's way such as Bubbly falling from the cliff, Confusion being dragged by the water by the river. Which in spite of the current predicament does bring me joy in remembering how absurd the entire affair was. 

But returning to the original question, Why? Why does Disdain dislike me? From my observations, Disdain does not treat the rest as it does to me. 

Disdain would often try to coerce the others to follow the orders it gave instead of mine. Perhaps it was the fact that I would often dissuade the others from following it's order?

No matter, if Disdain decides to leave, I shall not stop it. Turning around and starting to take my steps towards the path once more.

Yet as I continued to walk further, a rapid thumping sounds on the grass kept getting louder.

Rapidly, something is approaching as a hastened pace.

Turning around, it was just in time to see a fist merely inches away from harming me.


Oh no.

Think think think think think think think think! THINK! THINK! THINK THINK! THINK!


The world in my perspective slowed to a standstill as my mind moved at a pace I did not know I can achieve. How is this possible?! And now is not the time to be questioning this! That will be LATER!

Come one come on! What could I possibly do? Distance is far too close to dodge! Can I possibly deflect it? Same problem! Not enough time! What in the name of things have I learned that can possibly aid me!? 


Energy... Of course! I know it is possible to manipulate it but how? And and and what in the great starry sky could I use it?

Recalling what happened to Confusion on far too many occasions for my liking, uneven ground would cause one to loose their footing and result in stumbling.

That could work. Now how in the world would I do that?

I have on no occasion have done this and the added fact that the fist is far closer than the nearest tree so that would mean I would have to rely on the ground.

Returning my attention to the incoming attack, Good news! It barely made any distance! Bad news! It was ALREADY CLOSE!

Returning my focus towards the ground, the already sluggish energy of the ground stayed at a standstill, barely any movement has occurred.

Calm down- the fist got faster...

Panic more me!

Now or never! using my energy in theory can force the energy to rapidly change the grass beneath us, turning the fragile blade of grass thicker similarly to a root of the trees around us and forcing it to grow over  one of Disdain's feet. I can pull it backwards to force it to trip over itself and giving myself an opportunity to create a distance.

Now to actually do it.

Feeling the energy inside of me flowing throughout my body, it was... Actually easier than I imagined to manipulate it. Could possibly be due to the extreme stress, thoughts for later.

But continuing on, my energy concentrated on on the sole of my feet and exit my body. It was an odd feeling to feel what is essentially a part of myself leave my own body yet be able to manipulate it... Further experimentation would be required.

Oh yes! The fist that is too close to my face for my liking!

Using my energy to manipulate the surrounding the energy in it's vicinity, I... Didn't exactly force it, it was more like the energy was being coerced into doing what I required of it.

This will make things easier.

The world started to speed up as the fist got very uncomfortably close before falling short of hitting me as Disdain stumbled on itself as it fell to the ground face first.

Spreading more of my energy into the ground, the roots around Disdain's feet started to grow.

It started to grow in size rapidly, not only that but more started to sprout and coil over its limbs. Working it's way up from the legs to the torso until it reaches the chess and spread towards it's arms. Covering every single part of it that not a single thing was visible except for it's face and locking it in place.

Of course Disdain struggled but it was in effective as even if it managers to pull one off, more would take it's place rendering his actions ineffective.

Using to roots to pull it upwards so that we will be at an eye level and staring the golden orbs in his socket with my own.

Our communication is fascinating, it was always at the back of my mind on what made the great tree's communication different from ours that it has just occurred to me that we are lacking intent.

Every time we communicated, it was with our emotion so instead of using what I am currently feeling, I chose to show what I meant.

Leave • While this is an improvement over showing emotion, it is still lacking for my personal opinion. 

Returning my focus towards disdain, the orbs in his sockets started to rapidly dilate and shake.

Fear • an appropriate response, however that will not change my decision in-

 Panic - desperation • Bubbly rapidly shakes it's head as  it grabs my arm, most likely begging for Disdain to stay only for opportunity to pull Bubbly back as Inquisitive  only shook it's head slowly, showing it's disapproval.

Disdain on the other, was watching... The tree?

Not counting my own choice, it was two against one in a vote whether or not Disdain stays which sadly for me, means letting him go.

The roots slowly retreated towards the ground leaving a sight before me, it was Disdain's body, once was similar to ours in all but our eyes now had noticable difference.

It was cracked.

All over its body was cracks running fromm bottom of its limbs up to it's neck. Wherever my vines covered it, there was some form of damage to the point that it's left arm was secreting small amounts of a thick viscous yet see through liquid in an amber color to which I will now refer to as sap was starting to form.

A clear indication of the effects of our one sided fight-

My vision started to shake as a painful sensation overcame my head. Reflexively grabbing my head, the world started to shake, nearly making me fall over yet was caught by bubbly as my eyes started to steady. 

Perhaps it was the state of mind that happened earlier? A possible side effect? Need to further experimentati-

The sensation came back though thankfully far weaker but it would seem I will think of this later.

 Confusion - Nervousness • an image of me stumbling.

Calm - Gratitude •Bubbly, without a doubt you are my favorite amongst this batch which isn't exactly a hard achievement but thank  the great tree at least one of them aka Bubbly is not difficult to work with.


Over our travels which lasted approximately 23 cycles, which disappointingly Disdain joined us but kept a distance at everyone even Inquisitive. The damage on it's body healed rapidly after our fight yet marks of our battle remained.

In other words, I have been teaching Bubbly as it is now my unofficial second in command and Opportunity as he is trust worthy... Ish? Certainly better than the other two. I have been guiding them on how I accomplished my feat in manipulating our surrounding which proved to be a challenge. I couldn't exactly explain it towards them as imagery and intent could only get one so far but we managed.

I also tried teaching Confusion but... Well he is lacking quite literally in the mind. Thankfully, watching Confusion became a chore I left to bubbly. Why not? Inquisitive, I do not exactly trust it.

An interesting note, I have started to call the energy 'mana' as energy is a handful word word, and teaching was quite the experience, an enjoyable one.


The great tree is in view.

And it is as majestic as the vision shown to us, a towering Tree with the roots alone with dwarfing the forest around it, golden leaves sprouting from it's branches contrasting it's dark oak body.

And more interesting is theana.

With the regular trees, the energy travel through veins in a a predetermined path. With this one however, every inch is filled to the absolute brim.

With the smaller counterparts, I am required to touch the body to observe the path, amount as well as the nature of the mana yet with the big one, even from a far distance I can feel it. Not feel, and perhaps seeing it is the better term.

I can see the mana itself is vigorous and lively, the power radiating of it, the sheer magnitude of difference between the orb of light in the sky and the night that comes when the light fades over the horizon.

It felt powerful, incredibly powerful.

And it would seem my batch mates would agree as they too stared.

Satisfaction • this caught the attention of my fellows as as I motion them to come. We were so close.

The rest of the trip took half a cycle yet a very interesting sight was in front of us.

It was a group of beings similar to us, yet unlike us they varied in size.

Some were taller, other wider with spines covering their body in an intricate pattern, other had a pale color to their body. 

How fascinating, perhaps it is how they were made? Or perhaps how they grew? If that is how they grew then why is there so many differences? Would ours be similar or something entirely different? What a fun meal for the mind.

As we approach they paid us no attention. No, it was more like they were focused on something? Turning towards where they stared only to see trees in the distance? Why were they like this? No, they felt empty? This does not feel right.

This does not feel right at all.

Turning towards my companions, they had the same idea.

Spreading my energy into the ground in preparation to make our get away, I felt my mana being pushed back. It was different from my batch mates so it would most likely mean-

A large green root grew and entangled Confusion and Inquisitive.

And I felt more coming towards Opportunity,. Bubbly, Disdain and myself. Focusing my energy on the three of us excluding Disdain for obvious reasons yet it was all in vain as the individuals focusing on us, we were simply no match.

Unable to do anything as I watch Bubbly and Opportunity be entangled, a rages course over my entire being and momentarily overpowered their control yet it was for naught.

They simply... Overpowered me. 

With all of us trapped, the gray barked individual with vines flowing down on the back of it's head grew a total of six pale vines, one for each of us most likely.

The individual drugged us across the ground as we struggled helplessly on the ground trying to gain our freedom.

Observing my surroundings, it was clear. Struggling was futile as more and more beings like us was standing, waiting, for something. It was clear we were greatly outnumbered and out matched. Some of them were more than double our heights while other had multiple arms yet one thing for certain is, we cannot escape.

What can be done now? How could we escape? Even if we somehow did, how will we evade the countless others surrounding us? Where are we being taken? What will be done to us? Will what happened to the others be done to us as well?

Turning towards my batch mates as they struggled and sent countless negative emotion in order to call for help yet not one of the wooden beings reacted.

Why? Why is this being done to us? What did we do to deserve this? Was... Was this our purpose? No... I refuse...

I refuse to resign myself to this!

Not when there is countless things to discover!

Turning towards the individual dragging us, I forced my mana into it, instead of manipulating it, I made it caused havoc within the vine, temporarily separating the connection.

Tearing the vines apart, and in the momentary pause of the pale being in front of me. I seize hold of it's legs and pulled.

The pale being fell and I quickly got on top of it as I grabbed both the eye holes with my hands and pulled apart. The glowing orbs in it's socket flickered and for a brief moment, it grew brighter, as if it regained clarity. It grabbed my arms in an attempt to pull my arms out yet one sudden pull was all it took.


The limbs fell limp, why would the limbs fall limp? Is this the result of causing too much damage? If that is the case would that happen if I sustain enough damage as well?

Shaking my head quickly, it was no time for this as I dashed over to bubbly and teared the pines around it as the others got out as well.

Turning towards my surroundings, it was... Unsettling, everything was staring. Even the tree felt like it was watching.

Standing on guard as we took a circular position, we slowly walked towards where we came, even Confusion understood something was wrong.

It was correct, something was terribly wrong.


Something is happening.



It is getting closer, and it's coming from Infront of me.


A large brown root erupted from the ground aiming towards us.

The world slowed once more to a standstill. Observing the root, there was no chance it was not the great tree doing this. This- this thing is filled to the brim with mana, similar to the other parts I saw. How can I get out of this? The mana beneath me would not listen! I could possibly dodge but it would result in risking the other being captured. Or worse.

Damn it! 

The world sped up once more as I grab Opportunity and Bubbly and jumped towards the side with both in my arms, barely being able to dodge as the root encircled the other three.

 Panic - Fear - Confusion

Desperation - Despair - Fear

Anger - Fear - Anger

The three practically screamed as waves and waves of emotion was directed at us. But we could only watch as they are dragged beneath the ground.


Another vine erupted, this time it was beneath us. I could only watch as as the glowing orbs of Bubbly moved around it's socket in a panic as Opportunity grabbed ahold of the vine.

I could only watch as it encircles and captures us as we are dragged beneath the earth, away from the vast open sky, into a darkness unlike the night.


We were dragged for an unknowable amount of time. I could not tell how long due to this darkness.

But it won't be for long.

I can feel the roots move upwards as we are suddenly dragged upwards into the light. From the positioning of the sun, at least a cycle has passed.

Looking below us, it was my batch mates, and the colors of the orbs in their eye sockets dulled and even gaining the same same empty look the others had.

There could really be only one question, what has been done to them? And there was only one certain answer. 

It will be done to us.

Turning my gaze towards the enormous tree, It was big, Far bigger in person. Even as I turned my head to the left and right, I could still see it's body encompassing my view.

Feeling my eyes narrow, there was really only one way O could have reacted. 

Anger - Anger - ANGER! - ANGER! • 

How dare it do this us, how dare it do this to me!



One question repeated over and over in my mind as I hanged above the ground staring the great tree. 

And from the ground beneath us a thin glowing root was raised up to an equal height of my head.

Staring at the tree with hatred in my eyes as the root slowly wormed itself around my neck with the tip distending into mandibles.

Staring at the tree defiantly as I felt it bite into my head. It was not painful in any way but it injected mana.

What- what is this?!

My vision is shaking..

Why is my vision... vision shaking...

What.... What is happe.....

• Loyalty •

Loyalty?...... loyalty....... to........ 

• Loyalty to Ygg'dræsil •


Chapter number 2.

Yay! writing is a lot harder than I realized! We need to give more writers credit, this stuff is difficult as hell.

Anyways, need some input on the story and where did I go wrongs as well as what I can improve as long as it is not related to changing the story itself.

Feel free to criticize, I need it to improve.

Thank you for reading 

Ps. There is a reason gender has not been revealed and everything is referred to as it.