Chapter 2 Creation
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A violet screen greeted my vision as I fell into the abyss.


Analyzing….. Running compatibility test…. Test complete. Running body scan. Scan complete. Running final compatibility check. Check complete — beginning system assimilation.


I felt my body shudder, and what felt like cold water was poured over my flesh. My flesh tingled as if thousands of ants were crawling over me and biting every inch. I desperately tried to move but to no avail. I couldn't move any part of my body. I let out a mental scream that lasted for only a few moments before the pain receded, and a new message showed on the screen.


System assimilation complete. Welcome Administrator. Would you like to change your public title?


I reread the screen that encompassed the entirety of my vision. I reached out only to realize that I had no arms, and a sharp sense of panic coursed through my veins. I went to take a deep breath, yet I also realized that I could not breathe. "Just calm down," I told myself and was shocked to hear that I could speak. I reread the prompt once again and thought about the choices I could make. "Overseer," I exclaimed, and the message shifted.


You have selected Overseer as your public title. Is this the public title you wish to be recognized as?


I thought about the title for a moment and found myself mentally shrugging. It didn't seem to fit what I wanted to become. I erased the option and saw that the message faded away back to the original. 


Welcome Administrator. Would you like to change your public title?


The violet screen flickered as I thought some more on the idea when a name suddenly came to mind. "The Silent Overseer." The message shifted again.


You have selected Silent Overseer as your public title. Is this the public title you wish to be recognized as?


"Yes," I commanded as I watched the screens shift and change again. This one seemed to be perfect! I never saw myself as becoming widely renowned. I was content with sitting back and silently guiding everything.


Replacing the previous public title of Administrator…. Complete. Current public title Identification of: The Silent Overseer. Rank of 1-A Administrator. [ hidden title Administrator.]


Would you like to change your current designation of "Marcus McLaughlin"?


I closed my mental eyes and imagined myself strumming my fingers as I ran through a list of names in my head. Onyx Blackheart, maybe? Kyrone Ever Chosen? I shrugged my spiritual shoulders again and brushed the thought away as my mind wandered, going through the many names I've used in games. None of them seemed to click or even feel right to me. After a few moments, a thought drifted through my mind about a story I once read on a website that I favored, and the perfect name came to mind, "Kairos." The screen flickered again as it updated.


You have selected "Kairos " as your designation. Would you like to make this permanent?


"Yes." The screen flicked once more and changed.


Changing designation... Changing designation... Change completed. The designation is now bound to the user. The user is now known as Kairos, The Silent Overseer. Analyzing the Administrators race. Race designation is XRC343 [Homo Sapiens]. Would the user like to change race?


My eyes quickly scanned over the text one more time, intrigued by the human designation. "System, can I get an explanation of what humanity is, please?" The screen faded away from view, and I heard footsteps in the distance, and my heart rate began to speed up a bit. I forced my mental head around, and all I saw was just an ever consuming darkness. The footsteps sounded as if they were right next to me, yet at the same time, it was as if they were still far away. "Hello?" I called out in the void only for my voice to echo into the shadows calling back to me. Suddenly the footsteps stopped, and my breathing hitched as I started to panic.


"Hello." A voice called out in response. It sounded robotic and echoed as if there were dozens of voices speaking all at once. My mental body froze at the words, and I felt my heartbeat stop. A pair of glowing ice-blue eyes appeared in the darkness where the screen once was. Up close, I could see wires and circuits crossing under the retina and leading the iris, which looked like a black metallic plate. "Hmm, a human is ascending, how unique." His voice sounded like rolling thunder, and its echoing only intensified. "I haven't seen a human ascend to an Administrator since I took ownership of this galaxy." I saw the eyes start to float around me in circles slowly as the voice spoke. I couldn't tell if it was the voice of a male or female since the words were echoing with a multitude of voices.


After a moment of silence, I finally found my voice and replied, "W..what are you?" The eyes stopped floating in circles around me and met my gaze, and I felt my will power start to wither slightly under its piercing glare. The eyes began to shine somewhat brighter before dimming again, "My name? My Race? My being? Yes, what am I? But better yet, who are you? Marcus? Kairos? Human?" My mouth dropped, and I let out a small glare.


"Listen, This whole thing is overwhelming enough for me. I died in my sleep, and I woke up and got thrown into this entire world that I never knew existed until a few moments ago. Can you please stop with these riddles and answer my questions please for the love of God." I fumed for a moment as the anger and confusion finally poured out of me. The eyes flared again slightly before taking on a lighter blue hue.


"You have spirit, human, and I like this. Very well, ask away, we have nothing but time here." I glared at the eyes for a moment longer before letting out a sigh.


"I'm sorry I snapped at you, it's just been an exhausting time. Let's start this again. My name is Kairos. What is yours?" The eyes flickered again, and the blue hue turned green.


"I am Alpha. I run the System in this galaxy." I nodded my head at its response.


"Alright, Alpha. What is this System, and what is my job for the System?" The eyes fluttered again, and the green hue turned darker


"The System is what I want it to be. Instead, it is what all of us Administrators wish for it to be. I hold the race of Mechanical A.I so naturally the System functions like a computer for me. For you.." Alpha trailed off for a moment, and I felt something akin to a snake crawling around inside of me and prodding at my core for a moment before it stopped and continued to speak, "For you, it seems like it's adapted to a more game-like system."


I quickly nodded my head, "I was wondering why that was. It seemed to be like the games from earth." At the word of earth, I saw the eyes glimmer again and change color from green to an electric blue.


"Earth, eh? Malek runs earth, He created me, ya know, and you!" Its voice sounded excited, and I could detect a faint childlike element cloaked within the monotonous voice. I let out a small chuckle, and the eyes shifted from blue to a gentle, softly glowing pink. "Excuse that little outburst. Anyways, next question, please." The mechanical edge to his voice fell off slightly, and I could hear a finality to his tone, and I knew I shouldn't press him about it.


"Okay. So what do you mean by he created us? Didn't you say you ran this galaxy?" The eye color changed yet again from pink back to glowing green as he replied.


"Well. Malek is a bit of an experimentalist. He created humanity and, in turn, created us both." The eyes stayed glued to me as they started circling me again, and I raised an eyebrow at that information.


"So, then, you used to be human?" The eyes bobbed up and down in acknowledgment as they circled me before stopping again. I stared at the eyes in amusement as I realized that even though Alpha is an all-powerful being, It still held some childlike qualities and was the same as me once.


"Yup. I was born many many of your years ago. I led a somewhat successful life before it was ended early, sometime in March, I think. It's been many, many years since I've thought about my life as a mortal." I nodded my mental head in acknowledgment and stored the knowledge for future use.


"So, back to my previous question, what is my job for the System?" The eyes fluctuated for a moment between a dark green and light green, an action, I assumed, meant It was thinking. After a moment, they finally switched back to a bright green hue.


"So, you are a shepherd of life. You create, and you help it grow. However, there is a flip side to this. There are a few of our number that only wishes to end all the life that is created or desire war and destruction.


I floated quietly for a moment as I pondered the machine's words. "So.. I create life and stop the bad guys from killing it. That doesn't seem so bad. However, since you run the place, can't you stop them yourself?"


The eyes shook left to right at my question, "Unfortunately not. I may run this galaxy, but there are limits on my power. In turn, I did create some fail-safes to protect the newer administrators and create some balance, of course. That much will have to be explained by your system companion when you receive one." The eyes started to circle me again, and I processed the information and nodded my mental head.


"Okay so, the last thing I was doing before you came was selecting a race, since I'm an Administrator now does that mean I get to create a unique race to exist as?" The eyes stopped moving and flickered between a vast mirage of colors. I saw what looked to be binary and other things I could not recognize scroll across the pair eyes. This continued for a moment as notifications started to pop up in the corner of my eyes.


Titles Received:


Chosen of the Divine: Gives the user access to the Divine Angel Template and Divine Demon template by extension. (Given by Malek, The Creator)


Favor of the System: Race and Creation: A one-time use title that gives the user three (3) free charges of creation in the foundation segment of the ascension process and allows the templates to be used for race creation after the creation process. Also provides the user with the ability to keep their mortal species as a subspecies and the user is given access to higher tier races. (Temporary title was given by Alpha Octarius)


Favor of the System: Class Selection: Single-use title that grants the user access to the medium tier classes. Only one (1) charge is available. (Temporary title was given by Alpha Octarius)


Ultimate Geneticist: Grants the user knowledge over combining and making racial templates. (Temporarily gifted by Malek, The Creator)


Forge tab unlocked for race creation. Mid-tier classes unlocked.


Champion of Man: Humanity is given as a free starter race. (Given by Malek, the Creator)


My eyes widened in shock as I read over the sudden influx of messages, while knowledge started to seep into my brain. I zoned out as images and words began to file into the deep recesses of my mind. A few seconds later, my vision started to clear, and I saw that a set of dark blue eyes had replaced all the notifications. "What was that?" I managed to stutter out through my heavy breaths.


"Well, I called in a favor with Malek. I decided I'm going to give you a small boost. Humans need to stick together. They are held in such high disregard in this galaxy, and I figured a little push should go a long way in helping you out. However, do not get used to this. This was a one-time thing that I can not do again."


I quickly nodded my head. "Thank you so much; Alpha I’ll put this to good use." I felt relieved and happy that I had received so much help. "Can I ask you a few more questions?" The eyes sat unblinking in front of me, and the colors flickered once more.


"Of course. A couple more questions, then I need to go. I have some matters that need attending to."


"Malek told me to forget what I knew growing up and to change my morals. Does being an Administrator affect who you are that much?" The eyes flittered again before a soft voice spoke.


"In the end, it’s good to hold onto your humanity. It is what keeps us unique but never let that get in the way of what needs to be done. That is the only advice I can give you on this topic. Malek is a little blunt at times, but he has a good heart." The voice that spoke had a soft accent to it, one that seemed familiar, but I couldn't quite place it. "What is your next question, Kairos?"


"Why is humanity hated so much?" The eyes turned blood red, and I felt the darkness shake in anger. I tried to move back only to realize there was nowhere for me to go.


"Humanity is misunderstood and feared. They adapt, and they overcome, and in some variations of the System, they are the most balanced of races; therefore, they have the highest potential. However, most other races or Administrators see them as weak and inferior." His voice had a small twinge of accomplishment, but there was also a small amount of sadness and anger coating his words. "Those same species enslave my kind, no, our kind, and we have few champions to stop them." I sat quietly for a moment as Alpha started to calm down, and the eyes slowly changed back to green. "That's why I bent some of the rules; human Administrators are few and far between. Your numbers are few, and your enemies are numerous."


"I understand, Alpha, and I'll do my best to make sure humanity stays safe." The eyes nodded in an approximation of acknowledgment and started to fade into the darkness slowly.


"Anyways, I need to get going, please don't disappoint me, Kairos. You are officially an investment. I will expect a return eventually." Alpha's voice switched back to a mechanical tone as the eyes finally faded away into the darkness, leaving me alone again.