Chapter 58 Guild War
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New arc! There will be a few major changes coming, and a lot of happenings here. As usual, leave me feedback in the comment section. Enjoy!

Cassius reached out a scarred hand, and I took it and gave him a firm shake. “I suppose this is the rest of your crew, then?” He had a gruff voice, and he took another long drag off of his cigar. The sweet smell of a burning cigar wafted through the room, and the smoke hung close to us. It had a unique smell coming from it, though I couldn't quite place it.

“Yes. The one wearing odd clothing is Steve. The two behind him are his chosen. The human female’s name is Inovia. The drow next to me is named Chloe. The human male is named Quinn.”

Cassius looked us over and gave a huff as he pulled the cigar out of his mouth that didn't seem to grow smaller. “Pleasure to meet you all. We are set to have a three-day preparation phase. Let me pull up your records to see which regiments the brass are letting you use.” He turned back around and opened up a screen and started to look through it quickly.

While he was distracted, I took the time to look around the room we were in. It was a large room with a circular platform that sat in the deal middle of it. The platform had holograms that came from the top and showed hundreds of numbers that were zipping by faster than I could keep track of. Computers lined the walls, and thousands of numbers were being run across their screens as well. Where was I? He had said he was a sub-administrator so, maybe some control room? What even was a sub-administrator?

Inovia wandered over to some of the screens and were looking over them carefully. Steve and his chosen were quietly talking amongst themselves. Something about a play they want to do back on Ouradia when they returned. Quinn looked bored, and Chloe remained as still as a statue next to me. Chloe, talk to Quinn, please. Could you get to know him? I told her through the Hive Network. She responded with a feeling of uncertainty. Mostly about leaving me unguarded.

I replied with a feeling of comfort and reassured her that I would be alright by myself for now. After a few moments of trying to convince her, she finally turned and walked over to him. I shifted my attention back to Cassius just as he finished whatever it was he was doing. “Here we go. It says here that you have been placed in charge of the 501st Assault Corp and the 19th Siege Corp. However, there was also an addition made yesterday. You have also been given charge of the 215th Army Corp and the 42nd Mechanized Brigade.” He told me as he typed something in.

“That seems like a lot, and I have never actually led a military before.” A nervous chuckle escaped my lips, and a notification popped up on my screen, which after opening, I saw was just a summary of what he just told me.

“That's fine. They are all very well trained. Just keep them on a leash and point them in a direction you want them to go, and they will. Just try and be smart about it, of course.” He quickly typed something else out and glanced back up at me. “Malek wishes to meet with you at your earliest convenience, as well.”

Malek wanted to meet with me? I wonder what he wants. “Where do I go?” I asked as he backed away from the computer and started walking towards me.

“You will have to follow me. Though I do have to ask your friends to vacate the area as well.”

“Where will they go?” I mean, we did just arrive here, so none of us knew the layout of the area.

“We have a recreational area, though I am sure that they can find their way around easily enough,” Cassius told me as he dismissed the screen. “Are you ready to go?”

I nodded my head and gestured for them to follow us. Once everyone was together, Cassius swiped an ID card through a machine, and the door rolled open, revealing a T-junction. “Alright. The lot of you take a right, and it will lead you to the main areas. You have sleeping areas already prepared, so just ask any of the commanding officers that you see, and they will gladly take you there.” The only person who didn’t seem okay with that was Chloe. I could feel the waves of distress coming off of her from the hive connection we shared. I had to reassure her that I would be alright before she finally caved and let me go on my own.

I watched them all leave, and Cassius let out a small chuckle. “They seem competent enough. But anyway, let's get you to Malek.” I silently agreed and followed him through the sprawling corridors. In a desperate bid to break the awkward silence, I decided to try and get some information. “What is a sub-administrator?”

His face remained impassive as he replied, “As an Administrator, one of three fates await you. You are either killed, enslaved, or are allowed to live freely working for another. Thankfully for me, I was allowed to live, and I am now working for Malek.”

That was a rather grim outlook on life as an Administrator, though I do suppose it's true. I refuse to die or become one's slave at the end of that day, however. “What do you do for him?”

He stopped and swiped his ID card again through another machine. “I maintain this fortress world, and I coordinate all military actions in this part of Eden’s empire.”

“What is a fortress world?” He looked annoyed with all of the questions that I asked him, so I figured after this one, I should drop it.

“A fortress world is a planet that is solely dedicated to military use. Each world is heavily defended and is the headquarters for all military activity in the area and acts as a massive staging area as well.” We made it to the last door, and he swiped his ID card, and the door opened to reveal a small lobby. Chairs sat in a semi-circle around a coffee table fully composed of glass. Malek sat on a chair and was sipping at a cup of an unknown liquid. Cassius made a quick gesture towards the chair before he himself left the room.

“Ah, Kairos! How are you, old friend.” He asked as I sat across from him. This chair was rather comfy.

“Pretty good. I can’t really complain.” I replied as I settled into the chair. This was probably the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in.

“That’s good to hear. How are things going in your world?” He asked as he took another sip of his drink.

“They are going well. Everything's coming together nicely. I have left the mortals to their own affairs, and my gods guide them from time to time.” He grabbed a pitcher of the liquid and poured it into a glass cup.

“Here, have some water. Now what I called you here for is actually to see how you are doing with your paths. The opening cycles of an Administrators's life determine their future. Are you happy with the choices you have made?” He slid the glass over to me, which I gratefully took. Now that I had a human form, I could actually drink and not worry about the consequences of opening my mouth.

“Thank you, Malek,” I replied as I took a sip of the water and actually thought of the various choices I had made. I was happy with most of them, but only one actually bothered me. “Well, for the most part, everything is good, Though I think my choice on the Oblivion Remnant path of power was a bit rushed.”

He nodded his head and set his glass down with a soft clink. “I see. Rushed choices are the bane of any of us. Why did you choose it, if I may ask?”

“Well, It sounded strong at the moment, and I wanted immediate power, I guess. I wasn’t really sure what I was thinking. However, what I do know is that since I have chosen it, I haven’t really used it. It doesn’t seem to fit in with everything else I have.” Malek nodded his head as he listened to me talk.

“I understand. Would you like to part ways with that path? I can arrange that for you.” I was shocked. But did I want to part ways with Alaric? I seriously thought it over for quite some time. I was giving up something I had since the start. But was I really ready to give it up? I think it would be for the best. I had no real intent to create my own universe. Besides, even if I did, that was so far in the future, it had no real bearing on my actions today.

“I think it's for the best if I give Oblivion up. I know that it's strong, but I don’t think it will suit me in the future. I made a bad choice, and I don’t want it to affect me later on in my life negatively.” I told him with full honesty. I wanted to be the best version of myself I could.

He nodded his head. “Good decision.” He made a quick gesture, and a prompt appeared on my screen.

Chief Administrator Malek wishes to remove The Path of The Oblivion Remnant from your Paths of Power. Do you accept?”

I stared at the screen for a moment before I selected yes with a heavy heart. Goodbye Alaric. Though I know, you will appreciate being able to sleep for as long as you want now without being woken up. As soon as I hit yes, a large back arm appeared from in front of me. It was as thick as my body, and it plunged into my chest. The amount of power that radiated from it froze both Malek and me to our chairs.

I didn’t feel any pain, though. It felt just like when Alaric entered my body. For a brief moment, The feeling of something essential being torn away from me shot through my body and the hand-pulled out a mass of vibrant writhing black mass from me before disappearing back into the portal.


You have lost the Path of the Oblivion Remnant.

You have lost the Oblivion Domain due to it being tied in with your path of power.


Please select your new path.

Please select your new domain.


“Uhh, Malek, what was that?” I asked as I stared wide-eyed at the spot the arm came from.

“That Kairos was the Watcher. The Administrator who oversees this universe.”