Chapter 63 Guild War
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Hey sorry! I had to take a bit to rework a bunch of mistakes I made from earlier in the novel! Enjoy! 

Let me know what you guys think of the direction this novel is going now that I am tackling a bunch of issues from the past!

Alright, so he was tougher than he looked. I quickly circled him as I tried to find an opening to attack. The mannequin, however, matched my pace keeping its blank face trained on me. Suddenly it spun its spear around and slammed it against the ground sending another gout of storm grey clouds into the sky. Thunder boomed, and large arcs of yellow lightning started to bounce around the sky. Each bolt grew in intensity and power as it roared and shook the sky. I immediately a pit grow in my stomach, and my legs reacted before the rest of my body could. I pushed myself backward, and not even a millisecond later, a large beam of lightning fell from the sky and impacted where I was standing, not even a few moments before. Lighting crackled and spread across the ground like a tsunami before it eventually dissipated. I rolled back to my feet just in time to see my opponent jump into the air and use it as a propellant to dash towards me with unimaginable speed.

I had to throw myself to the side again to dodge the strike with only centimeters to spare. The spear quickly shot past my face and impacted the ground, causing a massive crater. I quickly got to my feet and swung my blades around to parry the tip of the spear, which quickly coming towards my chest. The tip was now glowing with the power that was coursing through it. The mannequin stepped forward and rammed an elbow into my chest, and knocked me off balance. I had to use fleeting steps to create some space, but my foe did not give me room to breathe or even think. I was completely on the defensive. Swing after swing came down with terrifying precision that I could only dodge by the barest of margins. Every time I tried to cast magic, the mannequin would force me to shift my attention, and the spell would fizzle away. Every time I would back away and create space, I would get bombarded with a flurry of rapid-fire spells. I had to put an end to this fight somehow. Otherwise, if it dragged on, I would more than likely lose. However, I did have a batch of new skills that I could use to turn the tide of battle. Without a second thought, I activated the Howl of the Banshee. My mouth, which I usually keep sealed, forced its way open, and the after-effects were not something I was expecting.

Instead of the stereotypical scream of a banshee, this sound was far worse than anything I could have imagined because this wasn’t just the shrill sound of air being forced outwards. This was the sound of air rushing inwards and gravity being rejected in the process. Buildings crumbled around us, and the ground shattered underneath me by the pressure that was being exerted by the skill. Clouds were riped from the sky, and magic that came from the mannequin was absorbed by the void that was my mouth. Debris flew from every direction and hammered the mannequin nonstop. Its pristine white flesh was slowly growing cracked, and black ichor flowed freely from its accumulated wounds. The ichor was torn from its body and flowed into the stream of materials that rushed towards me. It slammed its spear in the ground and gripped with everything it could as my skill ran its course. The pressure that was exerted around the mannequin cracked the ground and pulled away from the dirt that was freeing its self from gravities tendrils. The spear was slowly inching its way towards me regardless of the absurd amount of strength that the mannequin was exerting.

Racial Skill has been used for the first time.

Roar of the Black Hole: A skill unique to the race known as Celestial Nephilim. This skill can not be leveled but grows more potent with age. Materials and magic absorbed grant a 10/1 conversion rate into attribute points, depending on the quality of objects absorbed. This skill does not have a friend or foe targeting ability.

Due to the innate racial passive, the Howl of the Banshee skill was combined with the skill Roar of the Back Hole.

Skills have been successfully merged:

Howl of the Hungering Black Hole: A unique skill granted to the Deity of Spirits and the firstborn Celestial Nephilim. This skill does not level but will grow stronger with age. Applies all of the traditional effects of Howl of the Banshee. Additionally adds in the crushing gravity debuff. Materials and magic absorbed grant a 5/1 conversion ratio based on the quality of materials absorbed. This skill does not have a friend or foe targeting ability. All will suffer the hunger of the Black Hole.

I quickly read the skill and dismissed it. That was a powerful ability and a lovely addition to my arsenal. I was a fool for not focusing on my race. Once I finish my training, I will have to see what else my race offers ability-wise. I turned my attention back to my foe. Now wasn’t the time to get distracted. As I used the ability, I realized that it would still keep running as long as my mouth was opened. The only downside was that it was draining stamina at an alarmingly fast rate.

I swung my swords around me and pointed them towards my foe, who was struggling to stand. I had to end this right now while I had the chance. I dashed forward directly at my helpless opponent and quickly danced around him; my swords danced through the air and came down across his neck. They pierced its flesh and cut straight through, severing its head from its body. “All of you young Administrators, using tricks to win. If I weren't restricted in power, I would have crushed you like the bug you are..” The mannequin collapsed into a crumpled heap and crumbled into ash. The last words it spoke haunted me. What was that? Was it a living Administrator at one point? I sheathed my blades and looked around the area. The courtyard we were standing in was obliterated. Dirt was churned and grass torn apart. The buildings that surrounded us were torn apart, and debris littered what was left of the street. This skill was absurdly powerful. I glanced at my notifications to see what I earned from this fight.


Congratulations, you have earned another Administrator level.

Path of the Divine Celestial has gained (2) levels.

The domain of the Spirit has gained (2) levels.

Click here for all information regarding all nonclass related skill increases.

You have earned enough experience to get your class level five. Your class will now evolve.

Analyzing skills… Analyzing skill usage...Analyzing Paths of Power… Your class has evolved successfully... Your new class is ‘Specter of The Celestial Mirror.'

All Dancing Sequences updated:

Sequence one: The Waltz of the Specter

Sequence two: Dance of the Raging Star

Sequence three: Dance of the Cosmic Storm

Sequence four: Tango de la muerte

Half Sequence: Ejection

New sequences have been unlocked:

Half Sequence: Fleeting Reality

Half Sequence Pirouette:

Sequence Five: Promenade of the Ethereal Procession

Dancer’s grace passive has been updated to Dancer’s Poise

Physical Blade limit has been increased to a total of twelve.

Echoing Strike has been updated to Fate's Bell. Damage dealt has been increased to 35% of all damage dealt.

Haunting Echo has evolved into Ethereal Presence: Chance to appear has been increased to 20%, and damage dealt has been increased to 45%

Mirror has evolved into the Mirror of Afterlife: All ethereal blades now have a chance to create an Ethereal Presence to use them in battle. The spirit summoned will only have skills equal to the summoner.


Specter of The Celestial Mirror:

You have reached your first class evolution, and you now have class bonuses. Please evolve your class again to increase your bonuses.

+5% Increase in speed

+5% increase in physical damage

+5% increase to magic damage

+5% reduction to magical and stamina usage.

+5% total damage reduction

Title(s) Earned:

Sunderer of Gods I: You have fought a being that once stood as a powerful Administrator. You have fought the weakest version and barely came out on top. Will you be as lucky next time?

+1% increase to all damage dealt.  

+1% to all stats.

+2% increase in damage to all beings that fall into the 'Divine' category.

Due to the usage of ‘Cry of the Hungering Black Hole,’ you have consumed magical energy. Two points have been added to your mana pool. Due to all the materials that you have consumed,d you also have gained two attribute points.

You have passively gained one strength stat, and one grace stat through constant physical exertion. For beating a foe two levels ahead of yourself, you gained an additional attribute point.

You now have twenty-three attributes to allocate.


I quickly read through the list. The title confirmed my previous thought about the being I just killed. So at one point, it was an Administrator. Apparently, one strong enough to give me a title upon its death. Does that mean that depending on how I die, I could end up like that? The thought was harrowing so I focused on the other stuff. I gained a level, and a bunch of experience points in turn. I even evolved my class. There seems to be a complete rehaul of the base sequences, which I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t use during that fight, but I had no room to breathe. The class evolved more towards my most-used skills or skills that fit my path of power, so I should focus more on using them for my next class evolution and add in some skills to see what else I can unlock.

It also seems that using my new skill grants me attribute points, though it seems the conversation rate is pretty bad, based on the surrounding area and the damage that was dealt. But I will have to experiment with it later to see what I can do with it. I’m actually pretty excited to experiment with everything I just earned. Now would be the best time while everyone else is fighting, busy,y and I have this area to myself. My first act would be to see what my dance sequences do now.