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Oi hello, hello! Sorry that this book has been dead for a while. i was trying to figure out what to do with it. It just kinda hit a point where I didn't actually feel like it was my story anymore. It was my first story, and I failed on a lot of things, from plot/characterization/ Classes and most importantly the MC. However, instead of just giving up on it completely, I decided to rewrite it, in a way that makes this story into something that it should have been from the start. The rewrite has already commenced and is due to drop in the next week or two once I get a significant backlog built up for it. There will be a fair portion of it changed, and a lot of things retconned. The cast will remain roughly the same, albeit a bit better written. The plot will be changed to better represent what I had envisioned from this novel at its birth. Any and All contests will remain as is and will be folded into the new book. Thank you guys for the support! The book will be renamed to Codex-Administratum so be on the lookout for it when it drops. I failed as an author and threw too many ideas into the book and once and let it become a bit too convoluted, so hopefully, this new one will iron out all the kinks, and make it much more enjoyable. If you want any specific input about things you don't want to be changed, please leave it in the comments below! Otherwise, I will be changing up a vast amount of A.C's lore, to make it much more enjoyable. Consider joining my discord, as well, the link is in the Authors notes. Thank you, guys :)