Chapter 6: Dinner Together
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People who saw Haruto immediately started whispering and talking about him, especially about how he had been abandoned by his family. This had become widely known to the public.

As a result, many people became braver and were no longer afraid of Haruto like before. This annoyed Haruto a little because he was constantly being talked about, but he couldn't do anything about it and chose to eat without caring about the others.

After finishing his meal, Haruto continued his journey to his dorm room. When he arrived, he immediately fell into a deep sleep and didn't have time to take a shower.


The next morning, Haruto felt refreshed and started the day by taking a shower. After showering, he quickly put on his clothes before rushing to the library. This time, the library was already open.

"You came early again, I bet you haven't eaten yet, right? Come, have this bread first, and then we can start looking for the book." Mei said as she handed a piece of bread to Haruto.

"Thank you!" This time, Haruto accepted it right away. After finishing his meal, Haruto immediately started searching for the book with Mei.

They searched carefully and patiently. Their search continued until lunchtime, when Mei invited Haruto to take a break and have lunch.

They ate peacefully. Mei had brought rice with spicy grilled fish as their lunch. After not having spicy food for a few days, Haruto ate eagerly. On Earth, his favorite food was spicy soup, which he considered the most delicious.

Therefore, Haruto really liked this meal. Seeing Haruto eat so eagerly while enjoying the spicy food made Mei smile. After they finished eating, they decided to continue their search.

Time passed, but by the time evening came, they still hadn't found the book they were looking for. This disappointed Haruto, and seeing his disappointment clearly on his face, Mei raised her eyebrows.

"Don't be sad; it's okay if we can't find it." Mei tried to cheer Haruto up, but it only made him more disappointed.

"You usually have dinner at the cafeteria, right?" Mei asked Haruto.

"Yes?" Haruto answered hesitantly.

"Then, how about joining me tonight?"

"Huh? Where are we going?"

"Just come along!"

After accepting Mei's invitation, Haruto left the library building with her. They headed towards the exit gate of the City Academy, which confused Haruto.

Haruto and Mei continued walking on a busy street, where many people were passing by, until they finally arrived at a house not far from the City Academy. The house wasn't too big, but it wasn't too small either.

"Huh?" Haruto was surprised when they arrived at a house.

"This is my house, come on in." Mei invited Haruto inside, and despite his doubts, Haruto decided to enter the house.

"Have dinner at my house tonight," Mei said as she walked towards the kitchen.

"What? But you don't have to go through the trouble!" Haruto tried to refuse.

"No, I don't mind. Just sit at the dining table." Mei quickly rejected his offer, and Haruto couldn't argue.

Not long after Haruto sat at the table, someone entered through the door. It was a woman with short black hair, purple eyes, wearing a black tank top and a dark blue jacket, as well as a black skirt and black shorts and blue shoes.

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