Chapter 6 ~ So This is my New Flow
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Someone facing down the ground, it was one of the old men.

! {Kenmartha – Party Member}

“Thank god, he’s still alive.”

“Let me take a look at him,” inspecting him, “Looks like he just fainted from exhaustion. He should wake up soon.”

“All right, let’s take it slow now.”

Though, I noticed a slight discomfort on his face. Was he expecting someone else? Maybe it’s that rogue, or maybe he’s just worried by the fact that the others could be grouping without a damage dealer or worse, individually split.

He assisted him, “Let’s go.”

I nodded.

We left in a hurry towards the destination that I was pointing about, “There it is… the Mini Gate.”

Quite an odd layout after passing through the giant gate from before, this place doesn’t look to be so friendly at all for something like a giant, so it’s possible that the large gate was originally intended to be used as a teleportation device…

… and this is the separate area that the system wanted us, players, to be teleported.

But I don’t have time to be thinking about that. There’s a more pressing issue at hand and it needs an active resolving quickly.

And just as I expected, there is indeed a boss waiting at the gate. A black matured version of that demonic undead monster we fought. I doubt that thing can fly but the size of a monster can somewhat be translated into power, so I shouldn’t underestimate it.

‘I can spam that spell and actively avoiding its attack, but I don’t know the exact patterns of its movement nor do I know what that thing is capable of.’

Maybe I should rephrase it as I “don’t remember” instead of “I don’t know” because I sure as hell feel like I have fought that thing before.

‘Riiight, I can use the axe as the catalyst for my spell. Enhancing it, but will it be enough? I won’t be able to find out if I don’t try, but trying is a risk in of itself…’

‘… and I don’t want Boland or anyone else to be involved… the reward it gives might be bi—.’

Boland silently asked, “What do we do now, lass?”

“Hm? Ahh, um…” I’ve decided, “Please guard uncle Ken, I'll go and take care of that thing for us.”

A small shred of doubt in his face, “Are you sure you can do it?”

My eyes are locked onto the squishy part of the monster’s body, its abdomen, narrowing these beautiful eyes down, “Just leave it to me.”

Using the axe as the catalyst made the range of the target location improved, but not enough to do it this far away. So, I went closer and closer until it’s just enough for me to bring the earth to that monster.



Its physical resistance seems to be thicker than its smaller counterparts too, ‘Heh, just as I expected.”


A symphony of battle music started playing.

! {Boss Encounter}

~ {Gargantua Imp Lv. 20 – Undead}

It took a low leap and dashes straight towards me. ‘Fast!’ my heart beating as I swing my axe again, summoning that wall in an impulse to stop its track.


But not only that it dealt no damage, but it was also got instantly destroyed. Though, it did manage to halt the monster a little.

‘So, no way I’m winning this shit with this strat. Seems like the only way I can beat that thing is to actually damage it, and the most efficient way to do that is by using this spell… right below it with the right timing.’

It leaped forward once again and as I took a step back. I waited for the opportunity to swing my axe again, “There!”.



The monster is stunned by it but quickly recovers 5 seconds later.

“Ohohoho, I’m not even gonna bother to riposte that thing with that kind of window.”

I have a 10s cooldown on this spell, so I should be using the time window to encircle or get as far away as possible from that thing.

It went at me again but I did the same to it.



My accuracy is just unfathomably accurate, all right. ‘No way you’re beating me out of my own game, baby.’

The boss did not have a second phase, and as soon as the health bar – that I cannot see – goes down low enough, I went to close the gap between us and do a finisher move.

In the time window, the System gave me, I can do whatever stylish thing I can think of without worrying about any limitation outside of the reasonable visualization, and it went exactly as I imagined it.

Flipping the axe around in a circle, I threw it straight to the monster’s head.


Tightening my posture, I stomped the ground and releases the Wall of Stone underneath the monster, and sent it flying to the air.


With the magic of inventory, I recalled my other weapon, Boland Stone Shiv, back to my hand and fling it, impaling the monster’s head whilst in the air.

As it goes down to the still conjured Wall of Stone.


The monster crashes.

{+15.000 Exp}

! {Level UP}

! {Level UP}

! {Boss Defeated}

~ {Loot Obtained: 2 [E-Grade Random Item Box], 1 [F-Grade Random Item Box]

~ {Special Loot Obtained: {Wings of Gargantua Imp (Undead) / Rare / Effect: Triplets the length of travel distance for all leap-technique abilities / Requirement: 60 Agility}

Ahh, the sound of those ding (!) notifications is quite the music to my ears, ‘But an accessory, really? Could’ve just dropped its materials, that would’ve been better.’

‘Wait, I wonder if I can just…’

Walking towards the corpse, I stabbed the area around the chest and took out its dark silver heart.

! {Item Obtained}

~ {Heart of Gargantua Imp (Undead) / Rank E-Uncommon}

“Hm, no details or anything. Maybe I need an appraisal for it or something. I’ll keep it for now though, why not.”

As I finish up the stats allocation from leveling up, Boland walked up to me.

==== Quick Status ====

Name: --- / Level: 8 / Class: Mage

Primary Attributes (900)
Max Health: 700 | Max Mana: 2500 | Max Stamina: 1300
Health: 700 | Mana: 2500 | Stamina: 1300

Secondary Attributes (10)
Strength: 20 / Dexterity: 10 / Endurance: 20
Vitality: 0 / Agility: 20
Intelligence: 50 / Faith: 0 / Luck: 50

Physical Attack: 20 (+10) | 7 (+5) / Physical Defense: 0 (+10)
Magical Attack: 15 (+25) / Magical Defense: 0 (+10)
Health Regeneration: 1 / Mana Regeneration: 6 / Stamina Regeneration: 1

==== Quick Status ====

“Good work, lass.”

I nodded, “How’s Ken doing?”

“Nothing for you to worry about. I’ll stand guard by that tree over there. And if there is something you can’t manage on your own, just shout out for me.”

“Got it.”

Dashing onward. Wasting no time in searching for the rest of the group, and whilst on my way, I opened the item boxes that I received from that boss.

I love this mechanic. The fact that you can have the chance to earn some amazing things without paying anything? Oh please, sign me up.

But it doesn’t change the fact that the game still has this VIP Store where you can shell out real cash to get a chance to obtain some dope overpowered items from it.

Yes, a micro-fucking-transaction.

Can’t stress it enough, and I still remember how I got my first paycheck then blew it all on those boxes, only to get some trash summoning gems that I can't even use.

The only way to access that store is to receive the VIP ticket, and to get that ticket… well, there’s a lot of different ways, and since the item is a single-use pass… I mean you get it, not easy to obtain either.

‘First, let’s open the F-Grade one. This time, let’s just automatically open them just so I don’t need to cling on a hope to get some good shit.’

! {F-Grade Random Item Box – Unveiled}

~ {Health Potion / Tier 1 / Recover up to 10% of Maximum Health}

~ {Healing Potion / Tier 1 / Recover 1% health per second, up to 15% of Maximum Health}

~ {5 Lockpick}

~ {Shovel}

~ {Black Devil Book / Common / Contains the story of the undying flame that sparked through the gate before the heaven and hell, the Purgatory Realm}

“I’ve heard of the story from that book in the second year I started playing when I went to search the demon king’s bed…” it was so cringy, “Heh, fuck off. I’ll take the Lockpick.”

Never actually met the real deal though, and there’s not a single person that has seen him, the demon king, even back in my previous life. So, I just really don’t care about it that much.

! {E-Grade Random Item Box – Unveiled}

~ {Firebolt Spellbook / Tier 1}

~ {Air Cutter Skillbook / Rank E-Rare}

~ {Tear of the Goddess / Rank S-Legendary}

~ {Summoning Mark Guidance / Uncommon}

~ {Mana Control Guidance / Rare}

My steps halted, “Hmmmmmmmm???”

Tilted, “You’re telling me that a fucking legendary item actually dropped from a damn E-Grade Boxes? How??!” oh, I know the answer, “R.N.G!!!”

The god is on my side, baby! It boosted my morale to the point that I almost brush away the matters at hand, I quickly snap back to it while assessing the item list.

Let’s start from the bottom, these Guidance things are related to the chosen class. Learning each of them will give a different result and thus making them a different type of item, one is a class-changing item, and the other is a class ability item.

If the Guidance item is too far off and mostly incompatible with the class that I have, it will result in me changing class.

Summoning Mark is a skill of a summoner where they can control their summon with a more direct method, and it’s essential for them to have this ability. The same for Mana Control being essential to a Mage.

So, what I’m saying is, not only that it won’t change my class, since it’s pretty much essentials and only useful for a summoner, mages won’t get much benefit from having the Summoning Mark skill in their arsenal.

But… the Firebolt and Air Cutter books look enticing for me. If only I can have them all… still, I can’t pretend that I didn’t see that golden/orange color item.

[Tear of the Goddess] is one of the common but rarest potions out there. It can be used for many things and it’s usually being sold for a million dollars each.


Not that it really that much in Sky Sect, but if I have that kind of money now, “All right, I’ve decided. Gonna be taking the Goddess’ tear, please.”

! {Item Received}

“Now then, the last one. Not gonna expect this to be as good as that box but let’s do it anyway. If I can have another diamond… that’d be awesome.”

! {E-Grade Random Item Box – Unveiled}

~ {Silver Ring of Steadfast Horse / Uncommon / Effect: Increases the balance of the user’s posture while riding a mount}

~ {Blue Jelly Potion / Tier 2 / Recover up to 30% of Max Mana, the leftover portion will be used to heal both Health and Stamina for up 10% of their maximum capacity}

~ {Stamina Potion / Tier 1 / Recover up to 10% of Max Stamina}

~ {Combustion Skillbook / Rank F-Common}

~ {Firebolt Spellbook / Tier 1}

“Hm? Another Firebolt? Nice…” no, wait a minute.

The other 3 are useless for me and I'm not playing Vitality build right now, so the effect of recasting that spell needed requires me to have good Stamina Reserves. So, maybe I should get the Combustion instead? While it is significantly weaker than Firebolt, the thing is… it’s a Skillbook.

“… it won’t take up any of my Spell slots.”

That alone is enough compelling reason to go for that item instead, “Hmm… all right, I’ll be taking that one then.”

! {Item Received}

Taking out the Skillbook from the inventory, “Hoho, look at that sick-looking pyromancy book, baby. I swear the devs are so biased when it comes to designing these books.”

This should help me out a lot in helping those rusty old peeps, “Heh, wait for me, boys. I’m coming for you.”