Chapter 8 ~ So This is the Roadblock
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As if water is flowing down on a photo but it's a dark matter instead, it's happening to me, and the view of my vision changes. We have teleported to a new environment.

‘Too dark.’

Igniting the area with Ignition.


“We’re here, guys. Come on.”

“Already?” the old men were confused but I heard relief coming out of their voice. Sighing a sigh of that, “Finally, I can’t believe we’re about to leave soon.”

Morale seems to be improving, that’s good.

The place we went into is narrow and goes one way to a broken wall, “Think we can squeeze through here. Let’s go.”

It’s bright, the place on the other side. Catch me a glance of a wide area with well-done metallic flooring.

‘No doubt about it, that light came from the portal.’

Blue in hue and it’s shaking violently as it whirls, “Get ready, everyone.”

“What’s the plan?” asked Galliano.

“Hmm, I want to have a guaranteed chance of getting out of here, all of us. Unlike last time, you can depend on me this time for real. I’ll take the front. You and sir Boland will assist me on the way and we’ll just go from there.”

“You know what we’re going to face up against?”

“…” truth is, I don’t know, “Not gonna be a problem.”

We’ve passed the hole and entered the area on the other side. On the right, it’s empty as far as the eye can see. ‘Guess, despite being the most popular game of all time. Not many people are willing to try out new things, huh.’

Well, there is none here except me - at least, at this time.

Though, on the other side. One can see, a humongous creature, a Minotaur.

“That thing,” Boland narrowed his eyes down in nervousness as he catches the form of that beast, “Lass, can you feel it?”


Looking back at it, I kind of know what he’s going on about. I can tell, that minotaur is much stronger than the demonic Imp from a short while back.

Taking out my axe from the inventory, “Change of plan, I’ll hold him off. You guys focus on getting to that portal.”

Galliano came with a shocked expression, “What?”

“Lass, you do know that this is not a game. People... human only have one life.”

‘Oh, but it is a game, sir. I might lose this character, but it doesn’t mean that I’ll stop playing just from that.’

Though, this is quite troublesome. I don’t remember squat about that thing. Improvise might be the best thing I can do here.

Galliano grabbed my elbow as I was about to walk, “Hey, we’re in this together.”

Chuckled as I get my arm off of him, nudging him a bit, “I did promise you in getting out of here, no? And that is exactly what I’m going to do now,” turning around, “And that applies to you all.”

Gripping my axe tight, “Trust me on this one.”

I take one more look to the rest of the old men and kept their names in mind.

Taking their silence as a yes, I approach the Minotaur as I’m swinging the axe around and when I’m close enough, “Wall of Stone!”


Two walls at the front side of that thing. Hitting that minotaur is not my goal.

I’m sure the boys know what to do, I just need to focus on that thing. Quickly running towards it, I make more walls covering the side, creating this arena for ourselves.

“Now go!”

As I signaled the men, powerful music started playing.

! {Boss Encounter}

~ {Botokka Makka Lv. 80}

Quickly activating the [Ignition] again as that thing charged towards me mindlessly, I threw the axe away as it disappears into my inventory, I shaped both of my hands and combined them into a hole - I call this move The Ultimate, “Combustion!”


As that thing burns aflame, I quickly chain cast another wall to block its path.


It was destroyed, and it didn’t even stop that thing’s movement at all. “Then, how about this!” taking my axe out again, “Wall of Stone!”


Directly puncturing its stomach.

The minotaur was stopped for a few moments, but I’m not gonna let it rest just like that, “Combustion!!”


As it launched itself again, “Wall of Stone!”


It hits nothing, and the minotaur suddenly reappeared behind me. My eyes widened as I saw it up close. That thing… is not a Minotaur.



Striking me right on my jaw.

*Woooosh *BOOM*


Thrown away straight to the wall I’ve built, “Nngh,” biting this pain on me as my flame faded. “Teleportation, huh.”

I don’t feel as much pain as before even though, the number is higher.

Low-tier Teleportation magic that can be used for players has a massive cooldown, ‘Gonna assume that it’s the same for monsters, that thing wouldn't be able to use it again for a while.’

I take out my axe, and as the minotaur is menacingly walking towards me, “Wall… of Stone.”


Stopping its path, I glanced to the side and saw the old men is sneaking towards the portal but… ‘Where’s Boland… and that handsome is at?”


An explosion behind that wall, and the minotaur fell as it broke them.

“Hey, hey, hey, you all right?” Galliano came and quickly fed me a red potion. Though, it wasn’t really necessary as I am creating a ball of spheres in my hand that can take that job just as fine.

{Heal Array / Intermediate / Create a tiny sphere of light that can be connected to another created sphere to form a healing area once fully connected / Mana Consumption: 30 / Cooldown: None / Requirement: 50 Faith}

I make enough as I’m chugging the potion he gave me.

The balls are circling on its own and create about 2-3 meters field of diameters and beginning on healing me.

"Damn, where in the hell did you get all these spells?"

*Cough *Cough

“What are you doing, you should’ve—”

“Shh. Like hell I’ll leave you alone like that. Got a pride of my own as a man, you know,” he said as he offered his hand.

“Hmph, rare to see a man like that in this game nowadays.”

I took his hand and our eyes have locked onto the minotaur once again.

That thing felt as though it has styles. Not in a hurry of beating our asses, he slowly gets his body up with the speed of a snail.

I was right for it not being a minotaur. The shape of its body is similar, but the skin of that thing looks like a mix of many different animal skins and it has no muscles at all. Just a bunch of bones nudging its meat.

“Get ready.”


It turned around and launched itself at Boland. The old man catches it and was about to rotate, but I move first and create a blockage for that thing.

“Wall of Stone!”


Propelling myself to the side, “Ignition,” when I go far enough to create a distance, “Combustion!”


The minotaur is aflame once again, “We need to kill that thing before it can teleport again!” backing away a bit, I created a wall in front of me and thus, an incredible idea has hit my mind at the same time this notification popped up.

! {Quest Updated}

~ {Creeps of Bones / Rank B / Objective: Bring all of the 6 NPCs in your Raid Party to the surface / Reward: None / Penalty: Permadeath, you will have no chance to regain your life through the Limbo}

! {Quest Updated}

~ {Creeps of Bones / Rank B / Objective: Bring all of the 5 NPCs in your Raid Party to the surface / Reward: None / Penalty: Permadeath, you will have no chance to regain your life through the Limbo}

! {Quest Updated}

! {Quest Updated}

Good, it looks like my boys managed to reach the portal. Heard the sound of clashing and smacking, it came from the minotaur.

Galliano teamed up in fighting that thing, and the fight is so breathtaking to watch.

I created two more walls for me to assist them. Sniping that thing with the Combustion’s flame is probably the best option here. While it’s not going to be as strong, it’s enough to damage it, but then I saw the minotaur teleported and is about to hit Boland directly with its fist.

“Wall of Stone!”


The emerging wall struck its jaw and managed to stop it, “Get out of there!”

Boland and Galliano are strategically backing away as the wall got destroyed with a loud roar coming from behind it.

As it showed itself, the minotaur got struck not by a wall, but by my flames again, “Combustion!”


Boland went from the side and uses his skill to send a wave of decapitating air towards it and Galliano came from behind ready to dealt his deadly puncturing attack.

This synergy, 'Heheh, I feel like I’m going back in time.'

But then…

*Crackle *Crackle *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM*

The deafening sound of thunder comes alongside the explosion created by the lightning. Pushes Boland to the portal as the lightning destroyed the walls I have created, and they repelled me and Galliano away.

! {Quest Completed}

! {Level UP}

! {Level UP}

! {Level UP}

A familiar music started playing as we are getting up on our knees.

*Pant *Pant

The music intensifies as we saw the figure that has suddenly appeared at the location of the minotaur with a bunch of lightning violently striking around it.

*Pant *Pant

“What is this,” I said.

Galliano was in such disbelief of what is in front of us, his legs started to tremble as he muttered, “It’s her.”

As the figure slowly turns itself around, slowly revealing itself. The music played like the thunder itself.

! {Ethereal Encounter}

~ {The Alpha and the Omega, Avarice | Lv. ???}

Such an impactful white pattern in a solid uncommon shape of armour, the eyes in its dragon-like helmet glow in dark blue colour as it shifts them towards me and Galliano.

*Pant *Pant

“D-Does she always plays that song?”

She is the one who has been hunting him all along.

I can tell, the figure is taller than even Galliano himself by a quite significant margin. And her jagged tail suggests that she is not a human.

‘Shit, just what exactly did he do to make an Ethereal rank monster onto him. I thought the thing that he pissed off was something else.’ Should’ve asked him in detail, ‘No, it was my fault for not paying attention.’

‘Damn it, this is bad.’

The monster, Avarice, stepped onto the Minotaur that we were about to beat and then caresses it… before killing it.

*Crackle *Bwooooooosh*

With just a flick of thunder, the monster turned to ashes.

“…” swallowing down my saliva with the sight of terror in front of me, ‘Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, this is not what I signed up for!’

Galliano clamping out is not good either. Smacking his arm, “Hey! Focus, I’ll distract that bitch, you go and—”

*BZZzzzzzzt *WoooooooosH*

The powerful wind brushes my hair forward, many sparks of lightning started to appear around me, and when Galliano is shaking as he’s looking past me. I know that at this moment, we're fucked up.

All of a sudden, my sight goes up when something lifted me by the armpits, as if I'm a doll. My eyes widened as fear creeping up to me. I instinctively combined both of my hands in a triangle, “Wall of Stone!!”

Slashing half of my MP to create a wall around me, imprisoning those who are within, including myself.


Repeatedly sending him messages over and over again, ‘Shit, you better not wasted this, you son of a—’

My body, tingling.

I can see that my feet are no longer on the ground, and these claws-like fingers are wrapping my chest tightly.

Turning my head around, and I can see, the figure in full view… up front and center.