Chapter 8.5 ~ So This is the Roadblock (Part 2)
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I couldn’t get away from her grip, and this situation is far from being controllable... get it? A grip on a control- I'll see myself out

Gasping, “W-Wait - hold up, hold up, hold up, please!!” odd, why am I even trying to reason with her, “Please, y-you were going for that man, right? I mean, I wasn’t really helping him so, c-can you—”

Turning me around.

“Hiiiiiiii— no, I mean. Wait, please. I’ll, I’ll do anything, so please! Don’t kill me!” with my hands combined, my senses are increasing and I was itching to blow up smoke onto her but hot damn, I don't think even the Ultimate Combustion can even heat that armor, let alone burning it. My feet tremble as second passed by.


Opening one of my eyes, I can see her head tilting, and then all of a sudden...


'Nuh?' with my jaw fell, 'She talks???'

The voice of a mature woman, shocked me.

“Y-Yes, anything. Anything,” as I repeatedly smashing the Logout button virtually in my mind, but then…

! {Error}

~ {System: Logout – Malfunctioned}

~ {Troubleshooting…}

‘Wh-wh-what is this. Come on, come on,” the woman’s face is getting closer and closer towards mine, ‘Please, hurry up! Come on, man!! I paid for this shit!’

Closed my eyes and prepared for what’s happening next.

“Swallow this.”

“Huh?” I open my eyes and saw a tiny black creature dancing on her palm. It’s like a demonic version of sandworm but it has teeth like a monster and without eyes.

I couldn’t even respond as my eyes keep trembling when she's slowly feeding me it.


‘S-Swallow. I'm not supposed to chew on this. Come on, Siola, swallow it! Don’t bite the disgusting thing. Shit, this tastes like a rotten avocado Kurira used to pranked me once.’


*Pant *Pant

After a minute.


My eyes widened as something suddenly burst within my chest, “Hngh!” my tongue started to salivating itself rapidly, it's overloading.

! {Toxin XII Contracted}

‘Wha…' you can only get toxin when you used too many potions, but regardless, I never heard of that rank of toxin before.

My vision started to swirl, ‘What is happening here…’

! {Error}

~ {Multiple System Malfunction has been detected}

~ {Troubleshooting…}

~ {System Kernel has been affected}

~ {Connection has been interrupted}

~ {Please Logout of the System Immediately}


Couldn’t see or hear what it was, but now, my eyes can only see the person in front of me taking off her helmet.

It was a ‘Beautiful...’ sight.

It’s warm.

Don’t know how long it's been but I feel like I’m about to throw up right now. Opening my eyes, I found myself sleeping on top of a pillow in a room full of weapons I don’t like to see. It’s dark too, this place.

“Mm?” looking down at my chest, I see no clothing, “Wha… where is—” as soon as I turned around, I saw someone behind me.

“You’re finally awake.”

A pale-skinned beauty with a bombastic chest and slender figure, clothed with only a tight wrapping on her chest and a delicate white skirt.

And she’s… massaging my butt with a pair of latex-ish gloves, and they were oiled.


“You must’ve had many questions, my dear. Go ahead, I will answer everything that is weighing your mind.”

Those shattered blue eyes, I feel like I’ve seen it before, “Um, okay so… who are you and… where am I? What happened?”

*Fondle *Fondle

Got me blushing when she did that to my butt.

“Avarice. That is what the others called me, and you should too.”

(Like my friends do) a flash of memories. That man was… Galliano. Right, we were about to reach the portal and get to the surface.

“This place has no name, but we always referred to it as… the Castle. I found you while you were unconscious, so I brought you here.”

‘Hm? So, I’m in a castle inside of the Prison Realm?’

Odd, was there even a castle here. Damn, my mind is quite a jumbled mess here. ‘Mm?’ I can’t help but notice the arsenal of weapons here, "Um, are you going to cut me open or something?"

“Hahaha, what is that. Of course not.”


“Don’t worry. Just ease your mind for now, all right?”

“Uhh, Mm,” I nodded.

Well, I don’t know what is going on here but she doesn’t seem to be hostile to me. Not only that she’s beautiful, but she also seems to be kind and gentle - which I'm most fond of from a woman.

Oh yeahh, her hands really are so gentle.

I rested my head back on the pillow.

“Do you have a name?”

“Mm?” is she referring to my in-game name? Then that means, “No…”

“I see.”

*Fondle *Fondle

I don’t think her movement is that of a massage though, she’s pretty much treating my butt like an expensive cushion she just bought for a limited-time sale - at which of course, not a discount.


“Oww, hey what are you…”

“They jiggle,” said in disbelief as if she was about to laugh, “You really have a cute one, did you know that?”

“Well, of course. I never allowed a soul but my family to touch my butt like that.”

“Hoho, I’m happy for this special... permission, but a family? Hmm, I see.”

Stunned me when that word being repeated.

Ahem, but anyway, she was happy she said. Hehe, saying that makes it feels so weird for me to even said it, what is this. I’m actually blushing. Anyway, I’m in a castle and this place is inside the Prison Realm, but where is it exactly?

My good eyesight usually works well in the dark, but I can’t really see far from here. Doesn’t look to be a room and more like a hallway or something.



*Lick *Lick

“Wha-wha-what are you doing! No, I’m not ready for this! Wait—”



Her tongue actually went in! “Wait, y-you’re sucking on the wrong hole. I’d allow my nipples or something, but please, n-nooooooo!”

Several minutes later


Laying my head on the pillow, ‘I don’t know how deep she went, but that tongue really is something. Only Kurira have done that to me when she bought that Licklacious kit that cost her two months of our all salary combined.’


“Did you like it?”

Glanced, “Yes, miss Avarice. I like it very much, thank you for licking my - ahem, sorry.”

“Fufu, just call me by name. After all, you will be one of us soon.”

Glancing at her once again, “N-No, I’ll keep calling you by… wait,” my eyes have gotten heavier all of a sudden, "What do you mean by..." it kept heavier as I keep asking more questions.

Oh well, just rest for now. I still don’t know what she means by that though.

Maybe like, joining her faction or something. Don’t really mind it that much since I will be making a new character to maximize my comfort zone in playing, but if becoming one of them can also make me closer to her… then, why not?

She’s hot, that alone is enough reason for me to join.

I remember back then when I confessed to a princess in one of the kingdoms. If I remember correctly, it’s called Lorkhan. But sadly, it didn’t end well as I actually got sentenced for months in prison just because of that.

Breakout in the end, but that's still quite a traumatizing memory - not really.

‘Hm?’ suddenly feel something tingling inside my stomach.

*Step *Step *Step

Sounds of footsteps coming from the front.

“Ahh, you’re finally here. Malice.”

A gorgeous woman stepped out of the shadow, wearing a gothic version of the outfit similar to a priestess serving one of the most influential factions in Ekolia, the #1 Faction of all, the Holy Divine Order.

'Heh, when one of the sentients of that faction met her, she could be hunted down for all eternity. Well, I mean, if she dares to wear that then that means, she's confident in her strength.'

Her eyes are wrapped in a transparent black cloth full of odd patterns, ‘No wait, that is… the Word of Power.’

I know of it because I once hold one of them.

(Why did you…)


Another flash of memory. I saw a dying skeleton reaching out to me.


‘Hm?’ the woman actually felt up my head, what am I? A cat or something?

*Stroke *Stroke

‘What is this…’ her touches actually feel so warm... and comforting. The person in front of me, Malice, took the pillow away and replace it with her groin.


*Stroke *Stroke

I don’t know what the hell is going on here. I got my butt being caressed like an expensive cushion while my head being stroked like a pet. Goodness, her thighs are so plump and soft, but most importantly, she smells nice. So nice to the point that I’m basically breathing on them right now, and it's making me feel so cloudy inside.

Why do I have to resist something like this?

My eyes feel so heavy, I hope they don’t mind… me, sleeping like this.

I’m walking…

Opening my eyes, I saw the view of an armored white knight in a dashing armor of a dragon with a tail behind their back.

A flash of memory came up to me.

(! {Ethereal Encounter})

(~ {The Alpha and the Omega, Avarice | Lv. ???)

'Goodness, there's no way my high IQ brain would actually start forgetting things. I'm not that old to go senile yet. Come on, Siola. Get it all back together - piece them up!'

Behind me, is a black knight wearing a similar armor, but instead of a tail, this one has multiple bone-like structures coming out of their back, they’re holding a metal structure that holds different bladed weapons. Some look to be made with materials that I’ve never seen and some even have an odd element to them, ‘That black flame… dripping like water.’


The black knight strokes my head, “Miss Malice?” all of a sudden, I instinctively muttered her name and she nods. So it is miss Malice after all and she looks absolutely terrifying in that getup.

Her finger slides on the middle of my lips, and now... she’s telling me not to call her like that. Telling me the same thing as Avarice, wanting to be called without the formality.

But how can I know all this?

“We’re here.”

My feet suddenly stopped themselves, I feel like I’ve been having no control over my body until now. We’ve been walking through a massive hallway, and it’s dark as far as the eye can see.

As the woman in front of me wiggled her dragon tail when she opens the large door in front of us, I was astonished by the view inside.

“This is…”

Avarice chuckled as she walked in. Opening her arms wide and say, “Welcome to the Throne Room.”

It’s dim, but the light from the blue moon outside has shed a light on this place. It’s beautiful, but what is uncomforting me right now - actually, terrorizing me - is the fact the people contained within are not people… but monsters. Undead.

This hall seems so wide with this few numbers of them here, two of them to be exact.


Malice put her hand on my shoulder.

I nodded at her and we walked in and join Avarice close to the throne where the two entities are waiting for us. The one who is standing on the front, a Draugr, donned a majestic armor filled with jewels and accessory fitting for this place. Dread is the word for it.

And the other is a skeleton. Wearing a simple black robe, and yet, it’s sitting on the throne itself despite its modest appearance.


As soon as I catch a glance at the symbol on the forehead of that skeleton, several flashes of memories appeared.

Black dragon, my friends, the last battle before my reincarnation, the skeleton I’ve defeated…

(Why did you… do this to us… Traveler…)

… the Demigod.

“Lord Ludtleth, this is the Traveler that I mentioned before. Cleaned, and cleansed. A pair of hands on the upcoming matter shall be many times lighter to handle with such... brilliance, around.”

My eyes are still locked onto the skeleton, and he too, at mine. Though, his are not an eye but a radiating dot in a silver-colored flame, it's waving as it stares at me.

Suddenly, the depth of field changes close to the Draugr that has entered my vision.

“Hmm…” his dreaded voice snapped me back to reality and fueled my danger meter, I can feel my feet shaking right now. “Yes, splendid,” he muttered to himself.

Grasping both of my shoulders with his extended fingers, “Child, I see great potential within you, and here, we can bring out the most of your potency - that is if you decide to join us.”


“How about it? If you refuse, you will simply be banished from this hall and will never be allowed to enter this place again.”

“Um,” my feet shaking like crazy right now!! I think I’m about to piss myself here, man, please get off me!

“We will not force you into this.”



“My lord, I think it’s best if you—”

Malice tapped her shoulder and stopped her from saying anything.

“What is this, I can sense fear within you, child. Don’t be… you will be one of us if you accept, and none of our own can touch you without the permission of his majesty. What do you say? Or perhaps, you want to see it first hand? As your Travelers friend said - see what we’re all about? Hmm?”

“A-Ahh, no, um. Yes, I’ll join. Hehe, there's no need for that.”

“You sure?”

“Mhm, mhm,” nodding twice.

I can’t really tell how he talks because his mouth is so broken to the point that his lips are no longer there, so his teeth are in full view but his tongue can’t be seen because… it isn’t there.

“Very good. Now, look deep into my eyes, and tell me where your soul belongs. Is it in you? Is it in us? Or is it… in another place?”

My mind is so cloudy right now.

His eyes are the same as that skeleton, I see something beyond the vast world inside his eyes. Something sinister.

I heard him asking where my soul belongs? I don’t know what that means, but everything I carry, always stays with me.

As it should be.