Chapter 9.5 ~ So This is Who I Will Become (Part 2)
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My eyes opened and I found myself staring at an unfamiliar ceiling, turning left, I see Malice tending to her sharp long nails in front of a mirror.

‘Ugh, I feel like a bloated sea urchin that is about to burst.’

The system function is supposed to be online now, but should I log out? I don’t really feel like playing, but I need to.

‘Let’s take a trip a bit. I also need to allocate my points.’

I led the group of those old men to reach the portal, fought the boss, and found myself unconscious in the care of Avarice, one of the guardians of the West Gate.

‘And another one of the guardian of that place is in front of me now…’

===== Profile Status =====

Name: --- / Level: 19 / Class: Mage / Faction: Purgatory

Primary Attributes
Max Health: 1000 | Max Mana: 9000 | Max Stamina: 2000
Health: 1000 | Mana: 9000 | Stamina: 2000

Secondary Attributes
Strength: 20 / Dexterity: 10 / Endurance: 20
Vitality: 0 / Agility: 20
Intelligence: 140 / Faith: 140 / Luck: 50

Physical Attack: 20 (+10) | 7 (+5) / Physical Defense: 0 (+10)
Magical Attack: 15 (+140) / Magical Defense: 0 (+10)
Health Regeneration: 1 / Mana Regeneration: 29 / Stamina Regeneration: 1


Active Effect
- (Once a day, at random time of the day, you will receive a permanent stat boost based on your contribution to the Purgatory Faction} ~ Blessing of the Purgatory
- (Experience gain has been reduced by 95%) ~ Unending Contract of the Abyss

===== Profile Status =====

Lifting my upper body and sat on the side of the bed. ‘What is this contract… and Purgatory?’ If I remember it correctly, the Purgatory Realm is in the third rank of the highly inaccessible area before the Divine Order and Hellblade Realm.

Not that I really care whether I got a shit group or not, never been before, so I’m not gonna start it now. Faction, Clan, Guild, they’re all the same anyway. Always troublesome.

But whatever, as long as I can get close with Avarice AND this babe, I don’t mind.

‘Gonna make a new character to have fun later.’

I got something else from that exchange too.

==== Quick Status ====

! {Innate Ability}

~ {Ignition / Rank E-Uncommon / Tier 1 Spell / Coat a part of oneself in flame, able to active Combustion at will once the spell is in effect / Mana Consumption: 100 + 10/s / Cooldown: None / Requirement: 10 Intelligence, 10 Faith}

~ {Immortality / Rank 1 / Defy death upon reaching 0% Health}

! {Skill}

~ {Abyssal Touch / Weaken the target and slightly drain all of their Primary Attributes until it fully depleted / Potency: 1 / Primary Attribute Consumption: None / Requirement: None / Next Potency Requirement: Kill 100 Living Creatures}

==== Quick Status ====

Immortality and Abyssal Touch, huh. I wonder how this Immortality works, bet it's not gonna be the same as my [Absolute Reverse Point State] though - which kept the Majority of my excess healing into an unlimited source of second Health reserve -, and as for this skill… meh,  I guess. Doesn’t look to be that strong and I never been into touch spell in the first place, so I’m not really keen on making a "Tank Build" out of this character.

‘Right, what about that Email?’

Opening it…

===== Compensation =====

We would like to apologize for the error that has occurred during your playthrough that has shut many functions of the system down.

Many of the said issues have been resolved, but we will continue monitoring your condition to patch a permanent fix on the rest as soon as possible.

We hope for your patience on the matter.

===== Compensation =====

‘Uhuh, let’s see. Advanced Black Gold Pack contains two Rank A cards and one Rank S card. Gee, what a cheapskate.’

Guess it doesn’t really matter to them for a nobody like me reporting that there is a bug in this game, ‘Damn it, even though there’s a lot of bugs in Ekolia, they wouldn’t acknowledge it at all.’

! {Items Unveiled}

~ {Serrated Jaw of Leviathan / Rank A-Rare / Physical Attack: 1000 / Magical Attack: 1800 / Innate Ability: Can be used as a Catalyst / Requirement: 500 Dexterity, 500 Agility, 1000 Intelligence}

~ {Deserter Cape / Rank A-Common / Magical Defense: 500 / Requirement: 100 Dexterity, 100 Agility}

~ {Sovereign Ritual Skillbook / Rank S-Rare}

‘Now I feel stupid for not taking the Summoning Mark back then.’

There are only two differences between a normal summoning and a Ritual. But the difference is significant.

One is time. Summoning is limited to however long the summoner can hold it while Ritual is permanent. Second, unlike summoning, which only summons the specter of the real self, a ritual will summon the real deal.

‘I’ll take the last one, please.’

! {Item Received}

Sighing, ‘Hm?’

Just catch a glance at the view in the mirror, I stood and walked towards it and find that my eyes have changed. Only my irises, multiple numbers of ones and zeroes are going up and down infinitely.

I can even see them from my eyes, and the overall brightness I have is quite dim, 'Not the biggest fan of dark, but I can get used to this since it’s so cool.' I mean just look at these eyes, man, they're like one of those phrases when, 'Um, what was it?'

'Right, when you stare at the Abyss, the Abyss stares-'


"Gahk," chest tightening all of a sudden, "Mmph, Ngh - Haa... Haa..."


Malice laid her hand at the top of mine that is sitting on the table, and my chest has suddenly gotten better. She’s stroking it slowly, and I  can't help but notice that she hasn’t spoken a word at all.

She raised her index finger and then pointed at the wardrobe in front of the bed. Come to think of it, this room doesn’t seem much like a bedroom. It’s small and cramped, the same as the rundown house I was in, but this one feels spacious somehow.

‘So, she wants me to go in there?’ made me slapped my own head, ‘Clothes for me is in there, baby. Come on now. God, I really need to stop playing and get proper rest.’

‘I’ll dip out after this. My body feels so tired right now.’


Black priestess robe, the full outfit that is the same as hers. Not really the official name of the clothes, but can I really use this? Does it not have a requirement?

! {Item Obtained}

~ {Ul’ Sejidah / Rank S-Unique / Physical Defense: 0 / Magical Defense: 0 / Innate Ability: Can be used as a Catalyst for Dark Miracles / Additional Innate Ability: Bypass all requirement of all Dark Miracles up to Supreme Tier level}


But a lot of compromises. The last time I got hit, it took 4/5 of my total Health.

‘Oh well, I guess.’

There's no way I can wear something of the same size as that busty and tall lady, but as soon as I wore it, the clothes automatically adjust themselves - which I take as an insult.


Unlike pieces of armor, this one comes in full parts but I still able to put something on top of it. Though I don’t think it’s a good idea, aesthetic-wise that is.

I care about looks more than functionality.

Okay, that might not be 100% true, but I think my point is clear, no?


Avarice came in with a bang when she opened that rusty wooden door.



Her eyes shifted towards malice, narrowing down as she walked towards her, “Come here,” parting her lips closer, “Mmph!” Malice closed that mouth with her hand before she reaches her lips as she glanced at me.

I can’t really see her eyes clearly, but that look is really enticing.

“Oh-ho, I thought you've already handed her to that bitch already.”

Malice shook her head slowly, smiling at her.

"Goodness," leaning back, she walked towards me while assessing my body from top to bottom like an artist viewing a piece of art, “You're so fine indeed, Nameless.”


“Well, yes. Since you don’t have a name yet, why not call you that in the meantime? At least until you decided on one or make a name for yourself.”

She meant once I do something significant to the point that I got a nickname, huh.

Moving her hand, “Heheh, I’m just kidding, my dear. Come,” in a posture as if she wanted to hug me from the side as we walk?

‘Uwu, that’d be so embarrassing, but she’s hot as hell.’ Nervously, I went into her arm and she hugged me tightly.

“See you soon, honey.”

Malice waved her hand as we walk out of the door. ‘So, they’re a couple? Wait, if that’s true, does that mean, I don’t have a chance at all?’ nah, no way that's what is going on. I mean, I was literally sniffing Malice’s crotch directly not too long ago.

Gonna harem them both anyway, doesn’t matter if they’re lovers or not.

‘Wait,’ just noticed it that the whole castle is well lit up now, not by lights or anything, I meant the shadows from before are gone now, “Where are we going?”

“A special place.”

“Um… okay?”

She chuckles, “There are trials and steps that need to be taken before we can call you one of us. Something essential. To make sure that we are on the same page, you feel me?”

I nodded, “Mhm.”

When she smiles, Avarice is really beautiful and just outright stunning from head to toe. There are not many women IRL that can make these eyes staring at them for long other than top models, but she is definitely up there.

*Rub *Rub

“Hm?” something is feeling me up from behind, ‘Geh, her tail is groping my ass! Fine, if that is what you want, then take this!’

We stopped all of a sudden.

*Fondle *Fondle

Sweats running down my cheeks a bit, my left hand is feeling that cushion like it’s the last piece of artifact in the world.

Avarice chuckled a bit and then we walk again normally towards the intersection, ‘Doesn’t look like she minds it, but this is so damn weird.’ So, I put my other hand on the other unoccupied titties.

Blushing heavily at this outcome.

Me groping her tits as her tail groping my butt.