Chapter 1 : The old monster
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Uh..? The child does not seem to cry..? Its weird..” I heard a voice but I didn’t understand its meaning to me it was no simpler than some strange noise.

“Whether he is crying or not, it doesn’t matters to me. He is a precious treasure to me.”

The sound seemed very familiar, very appeasing. Although I didn’t understand a bit of what was going on but I knew this was the voice of my mother. I was still a newborn child that’s why I was unable to open my delicate eyes. I know if I forcefully tried to open my eyes it would damage my eyes permanently.

“Madam, have you thought of his name?” an excited voice echoed out.

“Yes, his name will be Axiel..”


1 year had passed..

Currently I was held in a maid’s lap. She was snoopily looking at me as a hungry dog.

Please stop! 

Since the day I was born. Unlike before, my tender self had grown to somewhat extent. I was now able to understand this world's language but I wasn’t able to conduct speech nor able to write or read. I am in no hurry since I’m just 1 year old baby, there still was much time for my growth.

From what I have observed, I am currently living with my mother with 3 additional maids who worked in the house. Although I haven’t seen my dad till date, I knew he was alive and out. In addition, I have somewhat gained a little information about this new world which I currently live.

In my old world, it would be medieval era or something..

My name is Axiel, which my mom every now-and-then calls out. 

Gerere.. Gurgur..

A sound escaped.. …

My stomach! It can’t believe its been just 2 hours before I was breastfed.. How can it be .. Oh? I am forgetting again.. I’m just a one year old child..

No choice but to use my technique to call for food..


“Uwawauaa ... Wauaua.. Uwa…...”

“Madam, the baby is crying.” The maid said. “I think he is hungry.”


2 years had passed..

I was now able to walk and talk simple words and had a somewhat understanding of the world..

After my third birth day, A strange phenomenon occurred due to which I was able to see my status window …

【Name: Axiel Sylvestr     Race: Human     Sex: Male

 Class: (Locked??)     Title: The one**     Rank: Noble (Duke)

 Level: 0

 Strength – 0.1     Agility – 0.7     Vitality – 0.2

 Magic Force – 0   Spirit Force – 0  】

I was surprised to see such stats. No not stat.. But my class.. According to my knowledge which I have collected over past years, until awakening ceremony no one was able to obtain any class. But here, in my case it was already present and locked. My heart was beating excitedly. But what does(??) Sign means? that was what eating up my curiosity.

In my previous life, I didn’t live a long life instead died young by a mu- strange incident.

This life I want to live to fullest that’s why I must become strong. Stronger than anyone else so that I won’t leave any regrets than last life.


“Axie, where are you?” I heard my mom’s voice. Soon she entered my vision. “Uh? You are still climbing up the window and sitting there all the time. Come on, come to mama's embrace.” She lovingly said and caught me up.

Yep, it was my curiosity due to which I made a habit in which I’ll somehow crawl up to window and and watch blue sky and surrounding.

“Today’s a little surprise for you?” she said with motherly love.

“Supise??” I asked. Well although I have learnt to conduct speech but that didn’t mean I would be able to pronounce words correctly.

“Yes, surprise.” She held me firmly in her hands and left out of the room which I stayed for 3 years.

After climbing down the stairs, my mother held me down and caught my fingers. I cooperatively walked by her side to main hall.

There was an unfamiliar yet familiar man sitting on the something. I had never seen that man but I still felt familiarity from him. I had a rough idea for who he was..

“Liliana, why were you so late? I’m dying to see my son.” The man said impatiently seems like he had not noticed me by my mothers side.

As I thought, he is my father.

“As impatient as ever. You never change.. Not even to visit on the day delivery.” My mother said.

My dad looked somewhat guilty, “Its my fault, this time the border was heavily attacked and king ordered me to take care of it but who thought that a demon general would be behind that large scale invasion. Because of that it took me 3 years to settle things..”

During the time my dad was my apologizing, I thought that if my dad was that impatient why didn’t came to my room but later I noticed my dad's legs were heavily bandaged and was sitting on the wheel chair.

I was somewhat ashamed of my earlier thought. I’m proud my dad, in previous life I didn’t had a dad nor a loving mother. 

“Dear, come greet you daddy.” 

I am somewhat embarrassed, this feeling of having dad is new thing to me. I don’t know what to say. I can only see warmth on those firm and rigid eyes. That’s what dad is called.

“He-helo Fathr..” I choked out the words one by one.

My dad frowned, “Whats with those formal words.” 

I was scared to hell out of it.

Then he continued with a warm smile and picked me up and sat on his lap, “Call my daddy, my boy. You have grown much. Forgive your daddy for not being with you for 3 years.”

Hugged me tight.

Uh? Dad I’m still young.. Please.. 

He was hugging me so tight that it almost pained. Fortunately, my mother saw my expression and grabbed me out of my father’s embrace.

“Hoho.. Are you going to choke our son?”

“Ops sorry, I was too excited. So where are the other 2?”

Uh? Other two? I was getting a strange feeling.

“Oh, Emilia is with Jessica and Arnold is with Leo.”

“Oh? So they are still in training. Good.”

I was getting confused, so asked “Othr twu?”

“Liliana, you haven’t told our son about his elder brother and sister?”

“Sorry, I was busy taking care of him so much that I forgot about telling him about them.” Then she looked at me and said “Axie, you have to an elder brother and an elder sister. You are my third precious treasure. “

What?!? I had an elder brother and elder!!!!?? Why didn’t I heard about them??

“Wher are they? Whn vill I meet them..??”

I really want to see my elder brother and sister.. I’m so happy I always wanted an elder brother and sister in my previous life. Even younger brother was no less demand but alas! I didn’t had my father alive.

“Child, you will see them in you 4th birthday.”

1 more year than I will see my precious elder brother.. Yes! I was inwardly joyed.

What I didn’t knew was after 4th year my life was going to be changed. My destiny.. As she said.


3 years 8 months old. That’s my current identity. Dad has already left for better treatment in the capital, currently I was alone in my room. I had learned to walk-talk on my own. My mom was out and the other three maids were doing their usual household works.

Well, my mom has never left my side- out from home. Since I had turned 3 years old and showed some signs of maturity, my mother was finally able to leave my side to turn back on her old timer. She was a warrior. Unlike her graceful appearance, she is well skilled in arts of swordsmanship and other combat arts. She is also a magician. If I were to describe her word, paladin would suit her much. 

She can’t always spoil me after all I am now grown enough to take care of myself (not seriously).

At this time of day, the door bell ranged.

My room was in second floor and was closer to main hall in the sense, so I heard the sound.

I thought my mom has returned so I crazily ran to open the door but to my surprise what I saw was an unusual young stranger.


“Who are you?”

“Hoho.. You must be Ren's third son, right?”

Ren Sylvestr was my fathers name. I still suspiciously asked,

“Sir, what do you want? My father is not at home.”

“Sir?? I’m your uncle. I’m here to meet your mother. You not invite me in.” 

Uncle?? This stranger looked like 20 some year old. How can he be uncle? Well, I forgot to invite him in. Even if he is a stranger but basic hospitality must be given.

I invited him to the main hall and sat opposite of that young man.

“My mother is not at home, she will be returning after some time.” I told him.

“Oh? Is that so? Then let’s start with introduction. Well boy, what’s your name?”


“Axiel.. Hmm good name. Well my name is Alcides. I’m your mothers old friend.”

“Alcibiades.” I was confused with his name in the sense of pronunciation.

“If it’s a problem then you can call me Alc.”

“Alc. Hm.. Sounds good. Then Alc uncle.” I cheerfully said.

“Fufu.. Good. You exactly look like your mother.”

This uncle didn’t seemed bad, he was very cheerful person.

That’s when Pianal came. She was one of the working maids.

“Oh, its sir Aques. Well, madam is not at home.” She too said the same thing which I said. But she seemed like she knew this uncle.

“Pianal..? You in maid's uniform?? Its greatly surprising. Did you leave your old job?”

“You can interpret it so. But I like to work as house maid.”

“Hmm.. This.. Well its up to your choice. One of the three Valkyrie working as maid.”

At the same interval, the door opened.

“Axie, where are you? Mama has brought you candies. Ooh!—“

That’s when she spotted us. No, she spotted that strange uncle. What she said next almost made me choke to death.

“Oh, Uncle Alcides, is that you?”



“What happened to you, Axie?” as soon as I fell down my mother ran towards me. 

Softy caressing my leg which now looked little pink. I can’t keep myself control any more and finally stated,

“Mother, why did you call uncle Alcides, Uncle?”


Now it was my mothers turn to be surprised and rattle.

“Why are you calling him uncle? He is above your grandfather's age.”

“Because said me to call— heng!! What he is this old!?!? Don’t lie to me mother. He clearly looks so young.”

My mother pondered for a moment and gestured her thumb as if she understood the whole play.

“Oye old codger. Even at your hundred and above age, you still go around fooling people to call you uncle.”

To this that uncle, no, grandpa Alcides only gave a weak laugh. What I didn’t notice was at the corner, pianal was laughing.

I was bewildered, hundred year old?? Isn’t that the limit of my old world’s lifeline.

“Mother, is uncl- grandpa, really that old?”

Before my mother could reply, unc- grandpa flared feigning anger, “Boy, who are you calling grandpa!?!!”

Now, Pianal was even more laughing her belly off.

:4 mins later:

“Oh, so grandpa is really hundred years oldie.” I said as if I understood after my mom explained me in details.

“Hey brat, who are you calling grandpa, call me uncle.”

“Well, Axie. You can call him grandpa.”

“You..” Grandpa Alcides was speechless.

“Joking joking. Axie, call him uncle. If in public you call him grandpa then surrounding people will surely throw strange glance.”

I pondered for a moment then replied, “Mother, it means I can call him grandpa when we are alone.”


“Pianal, go bring some snacks.” My mother ordered her because from beginning pianal was laughing her head off. She had noticed that Alcides mood was getting worse that’s why she gave her a escape route.

“So, oldie uncle, why have you came? Is something up?” my mother asked.

Grandpa Alcides no longer refuted as he had long given up the hope.

“Well, Falcon VI was stolen yesterday’s evening. Since your husband is out, I can only hope for you to take up the task.”

My mother’s expression took a quick change. It was unsightly. In low mood, she said, “Is it because of him?”

“I don’t know about it. But there a 50-50 chance that it may be.. “

“Why don’t you go? Given your strength, you can uplift the entire world if you want to. Retrieving that thing will be more easier for you than anyone in this whole world.”

“Well, what you said is true. With a flip of my hand I can retrieve that thing but I have sworn that I’ll never use my power. You also know that I have long since given up the on the empire. I’m an old generation, I can’t meddle in the business of younger ones.”

“Isn’t that simply an excuse.”

“Well, it might be but Liliana, I can only put my hopes to you. It also my last day in this world, after that I’ll never ever appear.”

“The time is already up?” rare teardrops were forming in my mother’s eyes.

“Yes, I have 4 hours more left before my last inheritance is complete after that. I’ll leave this world. Paradox had already burned her... I'll return back with her and live in previous world after only she immune to the curse.”

Although I wasn’t able to understand anything, but a single word was rattling my mind which grandpa spoke.


‘Leaving the world’

That’s when grandpa looked towards me and said, “Well, I don’t any gift with me now but I can give you one of my title.”

He easier his hand and touched my forehead “Uhh? What!.hmm it’s a rare surprise. Well, this good.”

【Nemesis's Acceptance : received】

【Appraisal Unlocked】

Strange box messages appeared on my mind. Isn’t these notification pop ups, same as the ones which I received in my third birthday.

“Well, kid we will meet again in other world.” [ said in earth's language ]

With that he vanished. He just now... Spoke in old world's tongue!!!! He was an earthling same like me.

But before he could vanish, I had already used appraisal on him.

When he said , I was completely shocked. Does that mean he too was from there? Or else, how could he know about earth?

I was so much intrigued that I almost forgot that a appraised results where in my vision.

【Name – Aques】

【Tittle – Otherworldly person, nemesis tamer,??,??,??,??,??,??,??,??,??,??,??,?.,?........】

【Lvl – None】

【Authority 】


【Age – 13996 years】

【Magic executor】

I almost choked over, 13996 years old. He is even older than what mother said. How is this possible??

But his name it showed Aques. He lied or is it something else.

My guess was right, he is from earth but how can be he so powerful? This is already terrifying enough. Even though I wasn’t able to perfectly read his level, I had a vague guess that he must be strongest man on this world or strongest man in universe. Other than his age, what had left a deep remark was【Otherworldly person】 What does this means? 

Answer right before my eyes, 


What I didn’t know back then was when the legendary figure  granted me 【Nemesis's Acceptance】

My path became destined to be unordinary and full of dangers.

The path of an….