Chapter 3 : Awakening ceremony.
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I was quite nervous when the emperor called her to daughter for the engagement ceremony. For a moment I thought that the emperor was forcing her daughter to marry me.. But later did I realize that her personality was just cold.

Even when I wore her ring she didn’t showed any sign of unwillingness nor happiness. She was just expressionless. While I was in such awkward position my dad.. Huff.. Was brimming with pride, going noble after noble to praise the couple.

Wasn’t it the other party who should come to my father and mother to congratulate them? but here it was reverse. Awkward.

…well, since the banquet had long past..

But my nervousness has still not gone—why you say? Ask the person sitting beside me.

Currently I am sitting near the fountain of the royal garden beside none other then second princess, my fiancée.



4 mins passes…


I don’t know how to start conversation. When I looked at her, she started,

“You, what do you think of this marriage?”

Unexpectedly a very critical question came.

“I.. .. Don’t know. But I believe that our parents decided for our own good.”

I weakly reply.

“I meant about the our relationship.” Her voice was cold, devoid of any emotions. Was her coldness inborn?

Owk! I made a mistake in comprehending her words. But this question,

“I don’t know.”

Ahaaaaa! What’s with my unmanly reply!?!???

“Oh.. Then listen, you are not supposed to touch me as well as over friendly with me. Or, never contact me. If not for your father, I would have never even had accepted you as my husband. Don’t meet me unless our parents says to do so. You heard well, I’m leaving.”

Uh? What’s with her and her conditions? 

Was I just stripped off of my privilege and stamped multiple conditions upon?

Isn’t this usual trope of cold female protagonist. It has to be! Well then it doesn’t matter because a beauty is always accepted. 


I grit my teeth as I shout,

“And what if you fall in love with me?”

It was rather loud. The usual dramatic soap opera line which I think would work.

She stopped on her track for a while then continued on walking.

“I’ll make you fall in love. I bet!” I screamed.

Uh? Did I just said that? Seriously?  

Well, what am I supposed to do now. 

Well, then fare you well, fair princess. If thou art not love me. I’ll die.— 

Just joking. I would never die on an icebox girl.

Well whatever.. Phew..


【Name: Axiel Sylvestr     Race: Human     Sex: Male

 Class: (Locked??)     Title: The one**     Rank: Noble (Duke)

 Level: 0

 Strength – 0.1     Agility – 0.7     Vitality – 0.2

 Magic Force – 0   Spirit Force – 0  】

This is my current stats. Except for agility, none of my stats had gone up. If I remember right my last agility stat was (0.5) but its (0.7) now. A total increase of (0.2) points. 

Maybe it happened because I have turned 5 this year. Yes, the most ripe time for awakening ceremony. My knowledge in awakening ceremony was somewhat brief, much better than nothing. Yet, I am getting bad premonition. Something might happen today which will decide whether I’m trash or achiever. I am excited yet fearful, maybe this was something related to my mindset. I can’t be for sure.

I closed the book which contained brief history of other ruling empires. If someday I travel to them, at least I might have a brief understanding. But that’s for the future.

After the matter concerning princess, a year ago, I never met her again. It was only half a year later I discovered that the 2nd princess didn’t lived within the imperial palace rather lived far away in an academy of magic arts and she left right on the second day after the celebration of my birthday. It is said that she could only meet her parent once a year only if she had completed her cultivation to a certain level. After all the academy was strict regarding nurturing of talents.

At first I thought that this was hilarious because why would the emperor need to follow the academic rules? Later did I learnt that about the 7 great schools. And the one my fiancée belonged to was 2nd powerful school of the seven. It was said that the joint power of 3 top schools could rival the power of 5 empires. And if all the seven school joined hands then their power could rival the legendary 6th empire of the history. But it was just exaggerated, they would only gain upper hand in the power. 

Well, first of all...

“When are we going to reach the church?” I asked.

“In another half an hour.” Replied my mother.

‘Just 30 mins more before I awaken and discover my power.’

I said to myself excitedly.

Half an passed in a second…

The church was something which rivalled the duke palace, the magnificent structure, the sculptures surrounding and the exquisite carvings and inscriptions. I was awed. In my previous world never did I see such monumental church, only main headquarters can rival this. But this church standing here was just a part of it. The headquarters, as rumor say, is even larger than this.

“Mother, its so huge.”

My mother only smiled and patted on my head while leading me inside. 

“Axie, can you wait a little your mother needs to do something. Okay?”

I said okay while examining the beauty of it from inside.

The benches where neatly arranged, the dome painting was exquisite which screamed of art.

I was mouth-flustered.

“Hey you bumpkin move aside.” A sudden haughty voice sounded.

“Uh.. Wha–"  A blonds girl, maybe of 5 years, stood behind me. Wait, there’s a whole lot of space beside me. Is she insisting on getting trouble.

“Don’t you have any manners to leave open the path for a lady.” 

Lady!? You?

“What’s with that expression on your face? You are disgusting!” she looked at as she said.

“Another kid.. Haa.. Sigh..” I sighed lowly. I can’t get myself indulged in spoiled kids much less a haughty girl.

“Wait! You called me kid? Kid? You!!!! Are you insulting me!?” Seems like this girl heard me. Haa.. I’ll not get involved.

I simply walked away from her.

“Hey, you wait!! Hmmm you have to apologize.. Come back!” She screamed.

“Go away kid.” I simply replied. But I’m I also not a kid? Well, I at least I’m cultured.

Hehe.. if it follows usual trope then she will become my greatest foe.


Seeing the retreating figure of the boy who insulted her. She clenched her fist.

I’ll take my revenge.


There were at least 20 something kids waiting for their turn. Currently a boy was sitting in the formations drawn by the priest, who was chanting some sort of ritual. 

I much less interested now, its boring.

“WHAT!! This a miracle! You are the child of destiny!!” suddenly I heard loud screams of the priest.

Seems like the boy had succeeded in his awakening ceremony and got a very powerful power.

Another round of cheers followed.

After the clamor calmed down. Anther kid went for the ceremony, this kid was someone I just met. Yes, she was the same haughty girl.


“WHAT!?! Another!! Unbelievable you have got the blessings of goddess Altia. You are also child of destiny..,!!! Oh god, is this the generation of new emergences of talents.”

Wow, that girl.. She.. Is she looking at me.

What’s with her provocative eyes? Is she challenging me?

That’s when I heard my name being called out “Axiel”

Out of curiosity I decided to use my appraisal skill,

【Name: Trisha Winston    Race: Human     Sex: Female

 Class: Altia's Agent   Title: Favored one    Rank: Noble (Duke)

 Level: 1

 Strength – 0.5     Agility – 1.0     Vitality – 2.0

 Magic Force – 4.0   Spirit Force – 4.0  】

I remember there only 3 Duke families out of which one is mine while the one of other two of them... Is here. This girl.. She is much powerful than me.

“Are you afraid kid?” The priest asked me.

“No!” A Resolute reply.

“Well then, let’s begin.. *@$$$*@#$$#@” he spoke some strange words after that.

My body felt dizzy, a bit hazy and my vision dimmed. An acute pain spread through my brain, but why is this happening? Wait it can’t be.. My awakening ceremony...

“Wow! Its Grade 5 talent!” the priest shouted. “Maybe another chosen one going to come out.” His eyes were full of expectations.

The surrounding also grasped their breath because a grade 5 talent was the highest level of innate skill which whoever possess is deemed to be successful and powerful but—


A light explosion occurred. Destroying the formations.

Science crept everywhere. Almost everyone knew what this meant ‘the destruction of formation'.

The priest sighed, “Well, kid your luck was bad.”

Wait this can’t be!?

“Is he a cripple?”

“Wasn’t he a grade 5 talent? How can this happen..?”

“He failed..?”

Short murmuring spread through the hall. I did not notice that my mother’s eyes were wet.

“Hahahha.. You humiliated me.. This is payback from the gods.” I heard certain someone's haughty laughter.


“Axie, you don’t need to be sad. When you become an adult, you can take over my city lord position.” My mom consoled me.

That night I quietly sat in my room, my mother and father were in the main hall- talking about today’s occurrence. Probably making a decision about my future. Well, guess nothing can be done since they both loved me dearly and wanted me to live a comfortable life. But my plans are different…

I’m currently excited as because..

【Name: Axiel Sylvestr     Race: Human     Sex: Male

 Class: (Locked??[11 years remaining for unlocking])

Subclass: Magus(lvl 1 apprentice)     Title: The one**     Rank: Noble (Duke)

 Level: 0

 Strength – 0.1     Agility – 0.7     Vitality – 0.2

 Magic Force – 0.5   Spirit Force – 0.5  】

The reason why the formations broke was because my main class took all the awakening energy to start the countdown for unlocking of my main class which was maybe.. Given by that grandpa. As for why the people- when they check my main occupation- didn’t got anything was because ‘what my main class was became second class' which people awaken only after crossing level 50. But some people, genius and gifted, may unlock second class even before reaching level 50. They are highly sought and trained by the organizations.

So, guess I have to play the role of cripple or else I’ll be assassinated by any opposing empire, after all am a royal-in-law.

As for magus class.. .. I don’t know about it. 

Library. In a certain corner.

‘They were the magus.. End' I read the last lines with which the book came to an end. Seems like I underestimated my magus class, its unlike wizard class where one can only use the magic of his element aptitude is. A magus can use all types of magic but it needs a base element before engaging in other elements. Wizard’s have levels while Magus have ranks that’s why the level stat is cut off in my status. And most important difference is wizards are easy to advance but magus, it’s difficult.

Well, think about it later. First.. I should…


1 years later...

A loud ‘bang' sounded.

I was thrown off. The shaft was broken though it was made of metal. The spear shaft.

“Well, Axiel this the last day of your training from me.” My father said, his face didn’t even leaked a sweat yet here I was soaked wet all down my back.

“I know dad.”

“Let’s go back your mother might be worrying. Tomorrow I’ll have to leave for the borders again, don’t forget to practice and exercise.”

“Your son knows.” I said.

“Well, get going. I’ll be behind you.” He said. 

I left.


Looking at the back of his own son, Ren Sylvestr sighed. He still remember the day when his son was found cripple and next day when his son with resolute eyes came asking him to teach him spear technique.

“Time is cruel.” He said lowly and added, “After this last mission at the Forgotten land, I’ll stay back home. Hidden forces are coming up.”   

His father was not in military but even further than that. The most respectable and highest authority under only emperor, Magic Executors.

The 3rd Magic executor, The Magus of Death and slaughter, Renirius Sylvestr.

He was confused, why didn’t his son obtained his blood after all not everyone can become magus, only those with primordial blood can become magus Or their lineage but its long lost, only few remains. He thought his son would also a magus just like his siblings but..

【Name: Renirius Sylvestr   Race: Humanoid     Sex: Male 】


It’s been an year since I is started training. But how can I raise my magus class rank, there is not such thing as magus advancement books present in the library. Seems like I have to stop thinking about it and raise my physical stats.. I have a feeling that in future I may come across with some technique to increase my magus rank.

【Name: Axiel Sylvestr     Race: Human     Sex: Male

 Class: (Locked??[9 years 10 months remaining])

Subclass: Magus(lvl 1 apprentice(0.000%)     Title: The one**     Rank: Noble (Duke)

 Strength – 0.5     Agility – 0.9     Vitality – 0.5

 Magic Force – 0.5   Spirit Force – 0.5  】

Well, even after which rigorous training for one years has not made much difference in my stats. Well, since I’m 6 years old it suits me pretty much.

I don’t how to increase my magus rank after all the advancement technique is something I don’t possess and I also can’t talk about it with my family. Seems like I have to got with spear technique.

【 Basic spear technique (lvl 8) 】

After 2 more levels, basic spear technique will automatically upgrade into. Intermediate spear technique. But I’m still far from gaining more proficiency. Life is hard.


I was lying down the bed when Pianel summoned me on behalf of my father. I am already refreshed and my fatigue had gone, I followed her to my father's study room.

When I entered the room, I saw father and mother having intense conversation. My father was the first to notice it. 

“Oh, come. Sit here.”

I did as I was told.

“Son, what are your future's plan?”

I was silent..

“So you have yet to decide. *sigh* Son, I have a proposal for you. Are you willing to walk in the path of spear?”

“Yes!” a resolute reply came out from my mouth.

“Good! Son, do you know Moonstar empire’s Starlight city?”

I nodded.

“What do you think of that place?”

“A very good and cultured capital city with a well planned structure-print-made.”

“Hm.. Do you know of Imperial starlight academy?”

I got think I am getting a clear picture.


“Well, tomorrow I’ll be leaving but 1 don’t want you slacking off in training. So travel to Moonstar empire’s and search for Mr. Saladin Tyler, he is an instructor there. Go under him and train hard. Take this letter.”

He said passing a sealed letter.

“Dad, is he a warrior.. Specialized in spear?” I asked.

“Half-yes, half-no.”



And so, I left my journey to Moonstar empire with some coins and my spear wrapped in a tough cloth made of unknown material in an adventurer's clothing. After if I go lavishly dressed god knows who will attack me, there were no less numbers of bandit. Seems like it would be 3 month journey in a carriage.

Currently we are passing through a forest. Their were only two people, coachman and me.

Unknowingly I fell asleep..


Blazing light filled my vision making me almost blond

Uh? Where am I?  What’s with this place?

What’s this evil energy? 

The light disappeared and vast darkness filled the surrounding. Suddenly a huge pressure fell unto me.

Agh!! What’s this?

—You reject me. So I reject you though your are stronger but here you are weak. I will never let you awaken.

I heard an extremely powerful and terrifying voice. Was it talking to me?

Agh!! My conscious!!

I can’t retain much longer.. I heard another voice..

—……… changed..

I was only able to make out few words before I fell apart. My body was torn and smashed apart.



The coach suddenly stopped. The coachman said “What happened young master?”

I .. I. 

My body was intact.. Not a scratch.. What the hell did I saw earlier..?

“Nothing...agh..” I found my conscious fading again.

“Young master!? Young master…. okay? Are you… okay?”

Broken voice of coachman were transmitted to my brain but I no longer had any strength left.