Chapter 4 : Scent of blood.
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The moon light shone upon the forest, silver hue spread through every tree and grasses. The coach was cold. As I said earlier, I had decided to keep low profile with not lavishness that’s why the coach was the most common type- for transporting goods. So there was not much– negligible luxury.

But I’m from duke family after all, all my belongings and important things were in the spatial ring except for my spear which I had decided to carry on all occasion unless some external matter is involved. 

The matter of that strange vision, I have decided not to force my brain into thinking it after all there was zero chance I’ll gain anything. So why to waste the time.

“Young master, Should we set our camp here?” 

“Yes,” I replied. 

Night was upon us, the most dangerous time in any wilderness, I’ll not be hasty. After coming to this world the first thing which I had been practicing and reminding myself is the word ‘Calmness'. After all I’m in parallel fantasy world, there would be a lot to surprise me. To keep my common sense in the sense of this world I must not act like a foreigner who is first time seeing a dragon.

I jumped out of the Caravan. The grass was moist.

Surveying the surrounding, there seem no signs of any monster. Well, perfect place.

…... Was something I had thought but.

“Young Master, I smell blood.” The coachman who was also my appointed butler until I reach the Moonstar empire reported.

“Something’s off.” I too have realized but I didn’t think it was human blood after I’m still unfamiliar. “Let’s investigate further.”

“Yes, Young master.” He says as he goes and unties the horses then ties then to a nearby tree while casting a [ Hide ] spell upon them with caravan being at the side

We walk further in the thickness. The smell of blood was increasing, the smell had freshness not of rotting or decay. 

Soon we reached a site.

A caravan crashed in a tree appeared with blood on its outer part. There were blood splattered all over the grass, the smell was thick as if this incident had happened 2 hours ago. The blood was still dripping, though cells had died it was still red. This scene and smell was enough to make anyone puke but–

【 Resisted  】 

I somehow didn’t felt anything as if my blood was made for slaughter, massacre and death.

There were no human bodies by the caravan was of course a human belonging. There were only corpses of goblins.

I checked one of the corpse, it had a slit opened in his throat with perfection seems like a mid-ranked or high-ranked swordsman's work but there were no corpse of humans means they were taken away. Only conclusion, the swordsman was killed. Seems like goblin had a planned attack, this incident is no normal. Yet why I feel my blood throb faster from excitement? Was it because of my first outing from the city?

But the word ‘Calmness' quickly covered it. 

“Young master, what should we do?”

There was no need to ask, “This forest came under the jurisdiction of my mother, naturally this killing must not be first time after all it was organized as the surrounding proves. I had once back decided to never make my mother worry or hurt. So investigating and removal of such case will be my first priority.”

This sounded reckless for a likes of me but I here have a butler who is more than capable of finishing such task.

“I’ll comply with young master’s command.”

“Be it.”

The traces of blood cannot be hidden and was bound to be found by us. There was only two such place within the vicinity of the forest around us which can hold an organized goblin mob. Once was ruin castle while the other was underground goblin passage town. The underground town was not something to be called a town because it was very crude. The chances of the this place was 3 out of 10 while the ruin castle had the rest 7.

Because the underground goblin town was well hidden if not for one accidentally discovery it might have laid hidden for centuries. But the town was abandoned and destroyed the next day by the goblins themselves. So that they can hide their new town.

Because of this, the corpse taken to the underground goblin passage town is negligible which only leaves the castle.

“How far we are from the castle?” I asked.

“Approximately 9 Kilometers.” Came the reply.

I signaled the coachman whose name I remember—ahh Trevor.. .. Yes, his name is Trevor.

We quickly advanced toward the castle. The wind swirled while the grasses paved straight path as we advanced past them. I’ll definitely take care of my mother’s problem.

Did I grew a special connection with mother because of my previous world's .......?

Well it doesn’t matter anymore after all I now have a real- loving mother. I’ll not let her down.

Overcoming 9 kilometers was a small task for us. 

The castle entered our vision. We were hidden in a branch of a tall tree. Castle wall emitted a feeling of loneliness while it shown with the moonlight. Creepy castle of a survival game. 

【 Detection : Monster  】

Was cast by Trevor. He seemed to be combat butler or black butler Sebastian. 

“Life force are weak at the altitude and there seems to be small amount of lifeforms in the underground. Maybe this castle has a dungeon.”

He said.

“Hmm.. Let’s proceed.”

Trevor casted 【 Moon jump  】On himself, I didn’t need physical booster spell after all I have trained one year vigorously under my father and also we have to preserve mana as much as we can. Who knows when might a strong enemy may appear. 

We have stealthily entered the domain. There were slight cracks in the floor while the wall full of it. Its colour had long lost and became a home for small insects behind the tattered painting hung on the wall. There were also at a certain interval a body of armors which had become brownish because of rusting over passage of time.

There was total silence, except for few tremors. Seems like something is going on in this castle. But at this rate it would have long ago become a commotion which leaves only on choice– this case is of resent happening although it was base for goblins before but as Trevor said before we entered the castle ‘there seem to be a small amount of lifeform'. There should at least be mid amount of life force after all goblins comes second after humans in reproduction rate. They have no problem in progeny.

“Shh.. Something is there.” I spoke.


The sound of chains! That’s it!

Soon the horror appeared. A minotaur at least 3-4 meter tall appeared with an Axe in his hands. There something attached to its legs..

Metal ball! He is shackled.

“Now!” I shouted and leaped forwards towards the Minotaur’s head. He was shackled so his mobility must be reduced, I can take advantage of it and smash it in one go. 

【 Flaring Flash  】!!

Was casted by Trevor from behind as if he understood my thoughts, I’m confirm he is surely a war veterans certainly sent by my family to protect me then why will we part in different path later journey.? Not time for this.

“Hiyaaa!!!” I was almost successful when —


It shoved me from the back of its hand. My body merciless smashed on the wall.

“Pueok..! Damn my tiny body.”

Seems like my real fighting experience is not enough. My body development too.

Seeing me beaten, Trevor casted another spell 【 Fire bolt  】!!


Minotaur’s head was caught up in blazing flames. But somehow this minotaur seemed different wait!

【 Appraisal  】

【 Monster : Mutant-Evil - Minotaur      Race: (??)  Specialty : Spirit defense

      Level : 14 : A minotaur with mutated spirit. Has a grace of god. 】


A level 14 existence is nothing in front of my mother but for me.. ..

And there is also spirit defense. According to what I remember spirit defense can block both physical and magical attacks up to 200 degree. My total attack power is 60 degree, even if I put everything into a single attack it will not cross 80 degree. 

Degree is a measurement for damage points.

As I gripped my spear, I heard a voice —

“Young master, retreat!” As if my instinct automatically acted upon, I jumped back. 


The wall broke where I just stood and  strange bats entered. Blood bats. Yes, I remember they were the known to be blood suckers after vampires. But how can this ruthless beasts be present here just in the beside a flourishing city. This matter is not simple something sure is up.. Something dangerous is cooking off or else it would have long ago became a commotion.

There were at least 10 of them.

【 Appraisal  】

【 Monster : Blood bat(Infant)      Race: (??).   Specialty : [Drain]

      Level : 2 : it is said that they have bloodline of (???) And can only be found in extreme ends. Has a grace of god. 】

So even infants are stronger, alas, it only level 2.


My arms pulled all its force, gathering in my palm before.. BOOM! I took off in the air and stabbed blood bats..


【 Fire bolt  】!!

The finisher finally came and blasted those little blood suckers off.


“Young master, maybe we should retreat. Its not something we can handle.” He said.

I have already considered, no matter what I’ll not back down. 

“No! Its my chance to advance to next level. Or else I’ll be weak throughout my life.” I shouted.

“Uh? Advance level..? Aren’t you cripple and don’t have a class.?.    …… sorry young master! Its my fault.” He muttered in strange manner, realizing his speech he then quickly apologized.


I almost forgot. For now I don’t have any class to others how can I advance. He seems to give a strange gaze.

“Of course it’s for my mother.”  Maybe lying is inherent talent for me. 

"Young master doge!!"

Before I knew, a bat had already bit me. 


I slapped the bat off before stabbing it to death. 

【 Hollow Flash  】!!

Suddenly the whole of the corridor flashed in a deep blue before a figure as swift as lighting caught me and took me away. Dammit! The pain slowly surged at my shoulder where that bat had bit me. The infection shouldn't spread but somehow I feel that its beneficial to my body. What's happening to me!!? Dammit!



Knock.. Knock..

The door opened and a graceful figure appeared.

"Uh? Trevor what are you doing here..? Don't tell me Little Axiel don't want to go?"

"Uh?? Miss, young master never appeared." The man called Trevor answered before.. "Don't tell me.."

"But I sent him off with you? I also comfim--e...d.. Dammit!! Trevor follow me now! Its emergency. Pianal guard the house."

"Yes." A voice came from inside.

Soon a pair of a man and a woman departed towards a familiar path.


Soon consciousness covered myself. 

【 Absorbtion complete 】

【Name: Axiel Sylvestr     Race: Human     Sex: Male

 Class: (Locked??[9 years 10 months remaining])

Subclass: Magus(lvl 1 apprentice(18.978%)     Title: The one**     Rank: Noble (Duke)

 Strength – 0.5     Agility – 0.9     Vitality – 0.5

 Magic Force – 2.0(Up)   Spirit Force – 0.9(Up)  】

【 Due to absorption of a dark lifefore MF and SF are increased. 】

First thought which came over me was 'What the hell!!! When did increasing stats became so easier?'. I trained a lot with my father yet my stats increased only by an inch with much hard work and persistence and yet here... 

Discarding why it happened I'm more inclined towards how it happened. When did I suck someone's life force? 

Wait the blood bat! Yes that's it! Nothing other than the blood bat is a creature of dark. But it bit me? Does it means that when it bit me reverse happened instead of it, my body sucked his life dry!?

"Young Master, are you fine?" Asked 'Trevor' as he saw me waking up.

"What happened in time while I was unconscious?" I asked before adding "How much time has passed since I went unconscious?"

"Almost half an hour had passed and Although i didn't left your side But I did here multiple sounds of footsteps."

"Oh is that so?" 

"Well, young master?"


"Can I ask you of something?"


"Please die."

For moment I thought 'Did I hear wrong?' But—

【 Fire bolt  】!!

As swift as lighting my instinct upon its own but it failed to resist the blast. 


My body smashed against the wall. Due to ice-cold bracelet's protection I didn't burn.

"What a surprise you didn't burned out. Well, I guess its still fine. Your blood  is fine so it won't much differ.kekekeke kekehehehe!!"

"Why are you doing this Trevor? Is this some kind of test that my mother put into?"

"I'm not Trevor. As why I'm doing this? Since you are going to die it doesn't matter. We want your soul as sacrifice to our lord. With your blood and soul we will achieve our aim.hahaha kekekekeke!!"

"So everything till that blood carriage was planned wasn't it?"

"No. Except that carriage incident rest was planned but thanks to it, you yourselves decided to come this castle of El' mersa sherlom. Hahaha kekeke only our people can make this castle appear and can enter.haha kekeke!!"

That must be it! 

That's why a castle like this exist even under my mother's jurisdiction! 

"You will regret doing this!"

"From the moment you stepped on my carriage it was decided that your life will be our lord's. Now, die!!"