Chapter 145 My Grandfather Knew Young Voldemort
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Andy frowned.

This question had touched Andy's knowledge blind spot, even if Andy rummaged through his memories, he couldn't think of any snake that could be powerful to such an extent.

Human energy is limited, and Andy used all his energy to improve his strength, so naturally, he would not bother to read those extracurricular miscellaneous books.

But there was no need to panic.

Andy also had Hermione Granger, who was known as Miss Know-It-All.

There were so many collections of books in Hogwarts' library that if one wanted to look for them, one could always find them.


Andy thought, 'Whether it's a big or small snake; if it appears in the castle, it's bound to leave a trail.'

'How did it hide from Dumbledore?'

It couldn't be possible that the Headmaster Dumbledore already knew about it and ended up deliberately concealing the truth, sitting back and watching Headmaster Dippet resign, leaving Hagrid to be wronged and aggrieved, could it?

Dumbledore wasn't that kind of person.

'Are there still secret passages at Hogwarts?'

Andy slowed down his steps, secretly pondering in his heart, 'Sixty years ago Voldemort opened the Chamber of Secrets, killed a student, and in the process he placed the black pot on Hagrid's head ...'

'It seems like I need to find out who died sixty years ago, and then find out what kind of snake that really was.'

'Maybe that student died at the entrance of the Chamber of Secrets!'

When he thought of this, Andy already had a preliminary judgment in his mind.

'Dumbledore didn't find the Chamber of Secrets, the Chamber of Secrets may be hidden deep, and a special method must be needed to open the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets as well.'

Andy walked home quickly and wrote a letter to Hermione asking if she knew of any snakes that could kill without being seen.

Andy judged that the student who died sixty years ago must not have had a wound on his/her body.

Otherwise, it wouldn't have incriminated Hagrid.


The door of the room was pushed open and Isabel stuck in her small head, "Andy, what are you doing?"

"Don't you know to knock before entering?" Andy said without a trace of anger.

Isabel stuck her tongue out, "Grandpa was the one who told me to come straight in, he said you might be in your room doing something bad."

"What bad things can I do?" Andy was instantly speechless.

Isabel was also a bit puzzled, "How do I know what bad things you did? I heard from grandma and grandpa that you locked yourself in your room in broad daylight and wondered what you were doing. And Grandpa said you've reached puberty, so maybe you have your own secrets."

Andy: "..."

No way ... they are talking about that, right?

Andy could be sure that this little brat must have lied, how could Grandpa let her barge right into my room?

In case he is really doing that, will it not give the little lass a scare?

"I'm writing a letter, okay?" Andy raised the letter in his hand before placing it in an envelope and sealing it.

"Writing to Hermione?" Isabel had a mischievous grin on her face.

"Uh-huh!" Andy didn't deny it.

Using an owl from his grandfather's house, he mailed the letter to Hermione, and when Andy returned to the living room, he heard Isabel blabbering on about how he got a girlfriend.

"You guys don't know that when he's at home, Andy writes to Hermione almost every day."

Isabel said proudly, "I've also seen Andy's girlfriend, she's not bad looking, she just can't dress up, she looks like a nerd, the same as the devil Andy."

"Isabel!" Andy had a dark aura rising all over his body.

This bratty sister really lacked discipline.

The little girl looked back at Andy and spat out her tongue, without being scared at all.

"Andy, come over here, tell grandma how you and that little girl met?" Veronica had an auntie smile on her face, already ready to eat melon.   

"Grandma, we are just relatively close friends," Andy said helplessly.

Norman instantly transformed into a life coach and said in the tone of an experienced person, "It doesn't matter if she is a close friend now, after another couple of years, won't she become a girlfriend then?"

"Little Andy, when pursuing a girl you have to take the initiative, thinking about the years when I was with your grandma ... and your dad ..."

After being forced to listen to half an hour of 'thinking of the past', Andy's entire body has been numb.

Isabel, on the contrary, ate melons and ate them joyfully, the elders' melons were the most delicious.

But ...

When he heard the time of his grandfather's enrolment, Andy's whole person was instantly shaken.

"Grandpa, do you know Tom Riddle?" Andy asked directly.

There weren't many people in the magic world who knew that Tom Riddle was Voldemort, so Andy didn't have to take anything into account.

"Tom Riddle...?"

Norman quickly recalled the person and said with a somewhat regretful tone, "He was a genius wizard, when I went to Hogwarts, he was already in the fifth year and was the most famous student in the school."

"It's just that by the time I graduated, there was no more news of him in the wizarding world."

Norman sighed, "From what I heard, it seems he joined Grindelwald's camp and died in the war."


Is there such a claim?

Andy calculated the time, Voldemort graduated in either 1944 or 1945.

Joining Grindelwald's camp at this point in time?

Seeing Andy's expression, Norman guessed what he was thinking.

"Grindelwald was very powerful at the time, and his defeat was actually quite sudden."

Norman explained, "When he was as powerful as ever, he suddenly agreed to a private duel with Dumbledore, which led to the defeat of the entire camp."

"In fact, many people couldn't figure out why Grindelwald wanted to duel with Dumbledore."

Andy spread his hands and said, "Don't look at the fact that Dumbledore at that time was only a Professor ..."

"He was already a Headmaster by that time." Norman interrupted.

"Well, Headmaster."

Andy repeated, "Don't look at the fact that Dumbledore was just a Headmaster, all he had to do was step up to the plate, and he would have countless people supporting him against Grindelwald."

Norman nodded, "You have a point with this argument."

Just like how the Death Eaters' camp would be unstable once they were without Voldemort.

In Grindelwald's time, it was the same thing.

As long as Dumbledore held off Grindelwald, those minions of Grindelwald couldn't make waves.

This was the deterrent power that a great wizard like Dumbledore and Grindelwald had.

"Grandpa, have you ever heard of Slytherin's Chamber of Secrets?" Andy finally asked the point.

Veronica was surprised, "Little Andy, why are you suddenly asking about this?"

Isabel looked innocent, "What secret room? Is there a treasure inside?"

"There is no treasure inside the secret room, there is only a man-eating monster there."

Norman intimidated the little girl before explaining to Andy, "The year I enrolled in school was the year the secret room was opened. There was a student who died in the school at that time, I think her name was... what was her name?"

"Myrtle Warren!" Veronica added.

"Yeah, that's her!"

Norman slapped his thigh, "A very withdrawn senior; if she hadn't been killed, I don't think many people would have known her."


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