244 Academy Antics Part One Hundred And Eight – Winding Down
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Slightly late. I actually dozed off and missed my normal posting time. LOL

This is your bedroom for now.” Hope said as she led Vanessa, Helena and myself into the room beside the main bedroom.

What do you mean?” Vanessa asked as she looked around at the opulence and looked unsure of what to say about it.

Well, soon Lord Drake won't be able to sleep in the same bed as my lady.” Hope said with a twinkle in her eye.

Vanessa blushed a little and wouldn't look at us.

We were going to put another bed into the main bedroom for you; but, the staff would have to change too much of it around to accommodate two large beds.” Helena explained with a shrug. “This was the best compromise.”

The adjoining doors to the main bedroom are there.” Hope said and pointed to the two large and innocuous doors that looked more like the wall than anything else.

Vanessa walked over to open them and saw that most of the wall would disappear if she folded them back. “You... you didn't have to...”

Helena laughed softly. “I told you what I had agreed to when I made my proposal to David.”

Yes, but... this is...” Vanessa ducked her head a little.

No, don't mistake that with what we've agreed to.” I said and Vanessa lifted her head to look at me. “I wasn't planning on signing anything if Diane had agreed to come along. She really would have been 'the woman on the side'. Known by Helena and the staff and completely unacknowledged officially.”

Vanessa started to say how unfair that would have been and Helena walked over to her and ran a hand through her styled hair. “H-Helena...”

We would never have done that to you.” Helena said and moved her hand down to lightly touch her cheek. “Why else did you think we brought you to the king's birthday on our arms?”

To show me off?” Vanessa guessed and both Helena and I nodded. “Um... wow.”

Helena laughed softly. “It was the best way to let everyone know.”

Even the first princess knew that this was the best time to show everyone what had happened.” I said and it was Vanessa's turn to nod. “I'm glad you understand.”

I do.” Vanessa said and looked from me to Helena. “I can't thank you enough for what you've done.”

Agreeing to the terms and not asking for anything outrageous when the negotiations started, was enough to convince both David and I that you were serious.” Helena said and took her hand.

My father wanted to ask for half of your potion business.” Vanessa said with a bit of a blush.

I laughed. “I'm glad you convinced him not to, or we wouldn't have worked out the other business.”

I know.” Vanessa said. “He tried to convince mother that I was worth at least that...”

David meant that you were worth a lot more than only half of the potion business.” Helena said and waved at the bed. “That's why we're only backing the new business venture and only getting a small share of the profits, even though we could have done it all on our own.”

Vanessa sat down on the bed, her eyes wide as she stared at Helena. “You did that for me?”

Helena sat down next to her. “Of course we did! We're not heartless nobles that are only out for the next big score. We told you right away that we wanted both of our families to benefit from this union.”

Vanessa put an arm around her waist and gave her half a hug. “You're too good to me.”

Just wait until David makes that creme for Lady Marks in the morning.” Helena said with amusement. “Your account at the bank is going to become significantly larger than it already is.”

What do you mean?” Vanessa asked. “I thought you said...”

It's all in the details.” Helena said. “David, please sit while I explain.”

We need to get you to bed. It's been a very long day.” I said and sat down next to her.

Yes, dearest.” Helena said and gave me a kiss, then she turned her head to look at Vanessa. “Once the contracts were signed, you automatically get a percentage of any money that the family makes while you are a part of it.”

Wh-what?” Vanessa asked, shocked. “But... but...”

No, not your family. You personally. Anything that's made, traded, or sold, is partly yours.” Helena said. “We would never leave you without any income.”

Vanessa looked at her face and then at me. “You knew this?”

A Lady has a certain role to play in society and needs the associated monies necessary to maintain their appearance and their presence.” I quoted from my lessons about the nobility. “Helena and I knew you wouldn't accept it if we just handed part of our wealth over to you.”

Of course I wouldn't! I didn't earn it and...” Vanessa started to speak hotly.

I reached across Helena and put a finger on Vanessa's lips to stop her. “That's why we are doing it this way.” I moved my finger and cupped the side of her face. “You helped me immensely the other day with all the engraving you did and you knew there was no monetary gain from it.”

Well, yes. You needed help to get the enchantments done and...”

You've already proven that what Helena and I chose to do was right.” I said and let her face go.

But, the contracts aren't in full effect. How can I benefit so much from them?” Vanessa asked.

It's the same as your family.” Helena said with a smile. “There was no way that they were going to settle for anything less than what they believed you were worth in their eyes.”

You gave them an exclusive business that's going to make them rich!” Vanessa said, almost as an accusation.

Yes, we did.” Helena said and put her arm over the other woman's shoulders. “What does that tell you about how much David and I think you're worth?”

Vanessa opened her mouth to respond, then she blushed deeply and ducked her head.

Exactly.” Helena said and tugged on her shoulders a little, which gave Vanessa the prompt to rest her head against hers. “Tomorrow, you're going to be interviewing the maids to pick one out for yourself.”

Wh-what?” Vanessa moved her head back to stare at her. “What?”

Helena chuckled. “It should be more for a lady; but, you're only allowed one at the academy.”

Vanessa blinked her eyes. “I... well, I... a maid? My own maid?”

You're going to need the help.” I said and she gave me a surprised look. “It saves so much time getting ready that it's not funny.”

It's true.” Hope said from the doorway. “Speaking of which, you all need help getting undressed and changed for bed.”

Helena chuckled. “Yes, yes. Let the little scampers loose.”

Hope turned to the hallway and let out a low whistle. Jill and two maids came in for Helena with Sara and Tabitha right behind them.

Hope, can you take care of Vanessa until she picks a maid tomorrow?” I asked as Sara and Tabitha took my hands and led me into the main bedroom through the large double doors.

She'll be well taken care of.” Hope promised.

I was brought into the large bathroom and stripped of my clothing and items, then I was dunked into the bath. “I didn't ask for...”

You've been dancing for hours, my lord.” Sara said and splashed some water over my chest. “Asking in some cases is not necessary.”

Lay back and let us work.” Tabitha ordered and I could only nod and let them do what they wanted.

Helena was brought in and while she was naked, her baby bump was quite a bit more prominent.

It's beautiful, isn't it?” Jill asked as her hand lightly rubbed it before Helena was carefully lowered into the tub next to mine. “Our lord's and lady's child is going to be so handsome!”

Helena laughed softly. “We have several months of me expanding before that reality comes to pass.”

We all will love you that much more, my lady.” One of the other maids said and started washing her.

The bath went on for a bit longer than normal, because the maids wanted us to soak and relax for a while. Neither Helena nor I discouraged them or asked to be removed from the water before they were ready to let us go.

We really shouldn't let you indulge yourselves like this.” Helena said jokingly as she was carefully helped out of the tub and dried off.

You can't help it because you know we love you.” Jill said and made Helena laugh.

It's so true.” Sara said as she observed Tabitha doing the ritual to me. “I don't think any of us ever expected to get so much enjoyment out of our lives.” She looked up at my face. “I hope you know that we appreciate that you both are willing to do what you do for us.”

What we do for you?” I asked and then had to close my eyes briefly as Tabitha received her reward and moaned loudly.

You don't fuss, or object, or tell us to restrain ourselves when we show up to take care of you.” Sara said and touched Tabitha's shoulder. She moved over and Sara took her position to do the ritual as well.

It's so nice to not get any resistance to our work or even see a bit of reluctance on your faces when we do everything we can for you.” Tabitha said and the other maids nodded their heads. “We've been telling everyone we know how these are the best jobs we've ever had.”

I think that means Vanessa won't have any trouble finding a maid tomorrow.” Helena said and the maids around her laughed softly.

They are eagerly lining up for the chance to personally serve, my lady.” One of the other maids said.

Being chosen for a newly minted lady is a great honor.” Another maid said and led them out of the bathroom. “She might have a difficult choice, actually.”

Helena looked happy about that as she was dressed into her nightgown. It was light, and airy, and practically see through. Her breasts were left unhindered by a bra and her panties were little more than a triangle of cloth to cover her. She turned to me with a huge smile on her face, as if she knew I had been staring at her, then I had to grip Sara's head as I finished the ritual and stared into Helena's eyes.

Was my choice of nighttime attire effective, my love?” Helena asked with a laugh.

See for yourself.” I said as Sara moved aside, licking her lips, and I was still rock hard.

Oh, my.” Jill said. “I think some privacy is needed.”

Tabitha cleaned me off and dried me, then she and the other maids made a hasty retreat.

They didn't even dress you, David.” Helena said as I walked towards her, completely naked.

They knew it was a waste of time.” I said and took her hand. “My love, our bed awaits.”

You have to be careful.” Helena said and lightly touched her baby bump.

I'll kiss and hug it as much as you want me to.” I said and laid her down on the bed, then slipped off her soaked panties and made out with her glistening womanhood. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who was turned on and she moaned and writhed as I made her orgasm several times.

D-D-David!” Helena gasped as I quickly rolled her onto her side and entered her from behind. “OHHHH!” She moaned as she had another orgasm, just from me entering her.

I went slowly as we made love over the next hour and her passionate moans filled the room. I rubbed her belly and massaged her breasts, kissed her neck and bit her earlobe, and kept the same slow pace until the both of us were on the brink of something spectacular.

D-D-do it! Do it!” Helena begged and I let my magic join with hers, then I thrust into her one last time and made us both come at the same time. “OH, GOD!”

We laid there for several minutes and enjoyed just laying there together, joined like we were.

I... I never want to lose this feeling.” Helena whispered and held onto my arms that were wrapped around her. “I love you.”

I love you, too.” I whispered back and gave her a kiss.

After another few minutes of silence, Helena spoke. “If I wasn't already pregnant, I definitely would be now.”

That would be two for two of inseminations for me.” I joked and she laughed softly.

We drifted off to sleep with me inside of her because we didn't want the night to end. It always does, though. The best part about that was there would be another night for us to enjoy tomorrow.