247 Academy Antics Part One Hundred And Eleven – Pleasure Cruise Part One
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As the title suggests, there's some sex play in this chapter. There's also an extra 900 words for you.

I went to bed after completing all six medallions and brought them in a box to the bedroom. I would have to send off another commission to the Montgomery family blacksmiths for more of the blank medallions to be made, now that I had enough for my immediate concerns. There were others that it could be given to, with the only real limitation being that they needed to have someone nearby to activate them.

I put the box beside the bed and stripped off, glanced at the still open doors to Vanessa's bedroom, and climbed naked into bed. I wasn't surprised to find Helena was naked as well and cuddled into her to spoon her from behind.

Mmm.” Helena moaned softly as she felt my erection press between the cheeks of her ass.

You're awake?” I asked in a whisper.

I've been waiting for you.” Helena whispered back and shifted herself up a little to rub against me. “It seems that I've developed a need to feel you inside of me during the night, my love.”

I kissed the back of her neck, because she had left her hair done up in the hairdo, and I reached down to adjust myself to slide into her. She moaned inarticulately as we made love for the second night in a row, my movements slow, as to not cause her body or the growing baby any distress.

It drove her a little crazy, because she begged me with whispers to go faster and to do her harder. We both knew it couldn't happen, so her desire and frustration grew in equal measure. When she came, it was both a physical and an emotional release. I hugged Helena close and whispered to her that after she has the baby, I would be able to ravage her as hard and as much as she wanted. She came again from that, so she kissed me passionately and told me to keep going. I did.

We eventually drifted off to sleep, cuddled together with me still inside of her, just like she wanted.

It felt like the morning arrived moments later and I didn't have anything pressing to do, so I stayed in bed with Helena until the maids showed up to wake us and wash us before breakfast. It was handled with time to spare and Vanessa met us as we came out of the bathroom, freshly dried and still naked.

We didn't coordinate our outfits for today.” Vanessa said and did her best to not stare at us, even though she stood there in only her panties. Her three maids let out giggles and whispered about how cute her shyness was.

Jill, what did you decide on?” Helena asked as she sat on a chair, her poise pronounced, even without any clothes on.

After talking to your other two maids, we chose light and airy with a bit of color.” Jill said and pulled something like a summer dress out of the closet.

I cannot wear a summer dress in late fall.” Helena said.

I've added layers inside to...”

My legs would be frozen on the ship.” Helena protested and then looked thoughtful. “Unless you're planning on stockings or thicker leg coverings?”

Jill smiled knowingly and pulled out exactly what Helena asked for. “Only an inch or so at the top of your thighs will be exposed and that will be covered by the dress.”

Helena nodded and looked at Vanessa's maids. “Can you find something appropriate for your lady in the things we bought yesterday or do you need to raid my closet?”

Both.” All three maids said and made Jill laugh.

I'll give you a hand.” Jill said and handed Helena a very pretty pair of panties. “We won't put on the new bra until you're about to be dressed.”

Helena nodded as she put the panties on and sat down again. “David, a nice travel suit in dark green, perhaps?”

I nodded and Sara and Tabitha made short work of setting it out for me and getting me dressed.

It really is a lot quicker with help.” Vanessa said and then she felt it for herself as she was dressed into a similar manner as Helena's outfit was going to be. “Will they stay up?” She asked and touched the tops of the thick stockings. “I haven't worn these before and...”

There's a trick to it.” One of her maids said and quickly put a garter belt around her waist and attached the stockings to it. “It'll be hidden under the dress as well.”

How have I not heard of anything like this?” Vanessa asked as her hands rubbed over the new articles of clothing. “I mean, I know I've only just started etiquette training...”

Helena chuckled and the maids all had knowing looks. “Second year would have you introduced to the finer details of drawing a man's attention.”

Even if you're already taken?” Vanessa asked, surprised.

Just because you have a love interest, that doesn't mean you don't have to learn how to get their attention.” Jill advised.

Or keep it.” Helena corrected and glanced at me. “As you can see, someone is already trying to imagine removing it from us.”

I blinked my eyes and turned from staring at Vanessa's legs to look at Helena, who also had them on. “I've never seen such things before.” I said and knelt on the floor in front of Helena. I touched the cloth on her thighs and rubbed my hands over them. “It's so soft and yet I can still feel the skin of your legs through them.”

Helena moaned a little and Jill was there to pull her underwear out of the way before it got wet. “D-David.”

I looked up and saw her flushed face and her dripping womanhood. I knew it was because of me, so I leaned in and licked and kissed it. She gripped my head with both her hands and moaned loudly as I took care of her condition, then she almost screamed as she came. Her body shivered and shook as the pleasure went through her.

My lord.” Jill whispered.

I stopped what I was doing before moving away and nodded.

Jill cleaned Helena up and sat her down on the chair to rest while Sara cleaned my face, mouth, and chin off for me. I glanced around the room as I sat on the bed to wait and saw that every single woman had a red face and were doing their best to not look at me and to stare at me at the same time. It was pretty interesting to see eight women act that way, actually.

B-breakfast is ready.” Hope's shaky voice said into the room. Her face was red as well and didn't look at me at all.

We'll be down as soon as my lady can stand up without assistance and we can get her dress on her.” Jill said with a blush.

It's going to be a few minutes.” Helena said with a lazy smile. “David, you can go ahead.”

All right.” I said and stood, went to her and gave her a kiss on the lips, and picked up the box beside the bed before I left the room. I wasn't surprised that none of them moved to follow me as the bedroom door shut behind me, leaving me all alone in the hallway.

My lady! You're so lucky!” One of the maids gasped. I couldn't tell which one it was, so it was probably one of the new ones. When a heated discussion started, laughs and giggles soon followed, so I went down the stairs to wait in the dining room. I figured they were going to be a while and drank some tea and nibbled at some toasted bread.

It took twenty minutes for them to show up and they all had normal expressions on their faces, even Vanessa. She and Helena sat on either side of me and gave my cheeks a kiss, then the rest of the staff came into the large dining room and breakfast was served.

It was a quick meal and then it was time for Helena's planned relaxing ship ride for us. She had booked passage for us and our maids on a passenger ship, had everything we needed packed, and we were off to the docks. We had the biggest cabin they had onboard to stay in with the adjoining one for the maids, and we were quickly unpacked for the two day long leisurely trip.

After that, we all went up on the deck as the ship sailed out of the harbour and Helena and Vanessa leaned their heads on my shoulders as they hugged my arms. We didn't speak as we watched the other ships be left behind, then I felt a kiss on both of my cheeks, just like that morning.

We spent the day walking around the deck of the ship, out of the way of the working men, and observed the countryside as we passed it. We talked, cuddled, sat for a while and relaxed on the top deck for an hour, had lunch in the mess hall, lounged around for several more hours, and then went to our cabin.

Unlike at home, there was only one large main cabin for the three of us to share. Vanessa looked a little nervous about it until Helena reassured her that she wasn't going to beg me to have sex. To both of our surprise, Vanessa had a different opinion as to why she was nervous.

If you want to make love to the man you love, I don't want you to stop on my account.” Vanessa said to Helena, quite boldly. “Although we didn't share the same bed the last two nights, I did watch you both. I wanted to see...”

Helena's eyes widened slightly and Vanessa blushed.

Not that... well, not only that.” Vanessa admitted. “I wanted to know if you really did love each other or if it was all a front to present to the public like my parents do.”

Helena opened her mouth to speak, then closed it, her face unsure how to respond.

I've only had sex with three women and I've only said I loved them to one of them.” I said and both women looked at me. “Can you guess which one?”

D-David.” Helena whispered, her eyes tearing up. “Only me? It's just me?”

I nodded. “You've done so much for me and accepted me for everything I was, even my murderous killing sprees than no one knows about.”

Vanessa snorted and then laughed. “If no one knows about them, how would Helena know about them?”

So easily caught in a lie.” Helena chuckled and hugged me. “Yes, David. I know how ruthless you are. Even if you had killed the several people that you only maimed, I wouldn't have thought less of you.”

You could have killed so many students when you started at the academy.” Vanessa said and hugged both me and Helena. “You didn't. In fact, you didn't maim anyone, not even those that could have been.”

You've accepted it, too?” Helena asked Vanessa, who nodded.

He only does what's necessary to keep himself safe... and now to keep us safe.” Vanessa said and looked at me with adoration and love. I could tell, because it was similar to how Helena looked at me. “I can't think of anyone else willing to do what he does to do it, which was why I petitioned him.” She gave me a quick kiss. “I'm so happy that you love each other enough that I could add myself into this without causing a rift or upset.”

I'm sure that we would have been good friends if we had met anywhere else.” Helena said.

Even with me so young?” Vanessa asked.

We live a long time, so yes. I'm sure we would have eventually crossed paths.” Helena assured her. “How are your potions holding up?”

Vanessa looked a little embarrassed. “I'll be out by the end of the week.”

You've been taking them constantly?” I asked and she nodded. “When we get back home, we'll spend the day stocking you up and you won't have to worry about running out for a while.”

But... but...”

Yes, we'll teach you the proper recipes to do it on your own. I'll even give you my own catalyst to ensure you have the best potions.” I said and tears came to her eyes.

Th-thank you.” Vanessa said and kissed my cheek, then kissed Helena's cheek. “Thank you both.”

We're family now.” Helena said and used her hand to dab a handkerchief to Vanessa's damp eyes. “We do everything we can for family.”

Speaking of which.” I said and let them go to retrieve the box. “I made these for you.”

Both women gasped when I handed them a gold medallion each. I told them what it did and how to activate them.

Wh-when did you... oh, my god!” Helena gasped when the mage shield popped into existence around her. “How did you do this?”

Remember the containment enchantments in the cells I told you about?” I asked and her mouth dropped open. “I reversed it.”

You did NOT change a prisoner confinement enchantment into a physical mage shield!” Helena said loudly. “You can't be more amazing, David! You can't!”

Vanessa laughed and reached out to touch it. “I think he has to be.” She rubbed her hand over the energy barrier. “I've never seen one this thick before, not even from combat mages.”

It's because it's confined to a smaller space.” I said and explained what I had done to change the normal dome shape to make it fit closer to a person.

He's even more amazing now, isn't he?” Vanessa asked as the shield disappeared.

I can't really answer that.” Helena said, her face going red and she put her hands down onto her dress below her pelvic bone. “David, I need Jill and...”

We won't need the maids.” I said and led Helena over to the bed, then I very carefully took off her dress, her enchanted bra, and pulled off her panties while leaving the garter belt intact and the stockings in place. I looked at Vanessa and she already had her own dress and underwear off, which left her with just the garters and stockings on.

Without a word, she crawled onto the large bed and then pulled Helena onto it with her. She sat at the headboard and held Helena in her arms in front of her, so I crawled up onto the bed to kiss Helena between her legs. She moaned and writhed as I pleasured her, then she suddenly pushed my head away from her and rolled onto her side and lifted her leg to present herself to me.

I didn't need any more prompting than that and I was naked and inside of her before she could ask me to do it. Helena hollered her pleasure into Vanessa's shoulder and hugged the younger woman. At one point she had even bit into the flesh and left teeth marks.

Vanessa didn't notice, because all she did was stare into my eyes the entire time. Our faces were practically in front of each other, because I was having sex with the woman she held in her arms. I moved in and out of my fiance and stared right back at Vanessa. Helena let out a particularly loud and pleasure filled moan, which made Vanessa look very happy.

In the next moment, Vanessa moved her head forward slightly to kiss me. We stayed that way, our lips locked passionately, as I kept going and made love to my fiance. None of us were sure how long it took for me to finally finish and none of us really cared. The three of us laid in the bed, cuddled together, and none of us wanted this time to end.

I can't wait to be next.” Vanessa whispered, the potions having worn off a while ago. “I hope that... that we can...”

As soon as the contracts are in full effect, right after David and I say 'I do', our bed will become our bed.” Helena said as she leaned over me to look into Vanessa's eyes.

Then... then this... tonight was...” Vanessa didn't want to say anything else, just in case she was wrong.

To show you what was to come, even though you didn't have sex.” Helena said and turned her head slightly to give me a kiss, then she looked back at Vanessa. “As soon as I am unable to fulfill my wifely duties...” She rubbed her belly and smiled happily. “...you will need to stand in my stead.”

Wh-what? But... but isn't... the contract...”

You really do need to read the whole thing, my dear.” Helena said and turned her head towards her to give her a feather light kiss on the lips. “We have clauses and sub-clauses for everything.”

Vanessa laid there, a stunned look on her face, and Helena chuckled.

Goodnight.” Helena said and touched her cheek, touched mine, then she settled down and cuddled into my side.

Goodnight, my love.” I whispered and turned my head to look at Vanessa. “Goodnight.”

That seemed to shake Vanessa out of her stunned state. “Y-yes, goodnight.” She said and gave me a kiss, then she settled down as well and went right to sleep.