Chapter 24 – How about I serve you in bed tonight?
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Meng Fan had no idea what a Demon Sword was.

But just hearing those two words, he could roughly infer the terror it represented.

Without a doubt, it must be stronger than a normal Spiritual Sword!

"You said if he weren't in the Sword Pavilion, he'd be dead for sure today. Does that mean he can't die in the Sword Pavilion?" Meng Fan asked with a hint of curiosity.

In Meng Fan's view, Dugu Ming's current predicament was undoubtedly a death sentence.

This guy was definitely going to be tortured to death by the Crimson Moon Sword!

The next second, Hong Qi's voice echoed in Meng Fan's mind.

"There's more than just you in the Sword Pavilion. Just because you can't save him doesn't mean others can't."

Upon hearing Hong Qi's words, Meng Fan remembered that there were still people upstairs in the Sword Pavilion.

However, he had never met the big shots upstairs.

Senior Disciple Luo had never taken him up there, and he certainly didn't dare to go up on his own initiative!

Just as Dugu Ming was about to be cleaved in two by the Crimson Moon Sword, Meng Fan felt an immense pressure from above.

He faintly sensed a presence from the second floor of the Sword Pavilion suppressing the Crimson Moon Sword.

But what this presence was, he had no clue.

Whatever it was, it was certainly a big shot from the second floor of the Sword Pavilion taking action.

Dugu Ming really was lucky. If this had happened outside, he'd already be a corpse.

With the emergence of this presence, the Crimson Moon Sword immediately behaved.

It moved slowly to the corner of the room and remained motionless, its malevolent aura dissipating completely.

Dugu Ming sat on the ground, gasping for air.

Just moments ago, he had been a hair's breadth away from death, truly feeling the terror it brought.

"I overestimated myself." After a while, he staggered to his feet, sighing helplessly.

He didn't continue to choose a sword but picked up his saber and Spirit Stone from the table and left the Sword Pavilion.

This guy, call him reckless, and he indeed was.

But once he realized his place, he was overly sensible!

Although he couldn't handle the Crimson Moon Sword, picking a stronger one than the Long Ice Sword wasn't difficult.

Meng Fan shook his head and no longer paid attention to Dugu Ming.

"You need to be careful with this guy!" Hong Qi's voice suddenly appeared in Meng Fan's mind.

"Ah?" Meng Fan was surprised. "What do you mean by that?"

"Although he hasn't interacted with you, he gave you a stealthy glance before he left, filled with a sinister terror and even a hint of murderous intent."

Hearing Hong Qi's words, Meng Fan was stunned.

He had been busy sorting out the roster and hadn't noticed Dugu Ming's parting glance.

"Do you have a persecution complex? We have no grudges; why would he harbor murderous intent towards me?" Meng Fan felt Hong Qi was overthinking.

"Because of jealousy. I'm so blatantly hanging by your side, almost officially announcing I'm your saber.

And Dugu Ming's gaze towards me was extremely fervent!

He, an Inner Sect Disciple, hasn't obtained a Spiritual Sword, yet you, a mere Qi Refining Guarding Sword Disciple, possess one. How could he not be jealous?

But he's quite shrewd, not showing these emotions in front of you, yet I caught them!"

Hearing Hong Qi's words, Meng Fan's expression became serious.

Because he knew Hong Qi wouldn't deceive him about this; it had to be true!

"This guy, seemingly silent and honest, turns out to be such a dark and terrifying person," Meng Fan said with a frown.

If Dugu Ming had openly provoked him, saying he was unworthy of a Spiritual Sword or something, Meng Fan might not have cared.

But pretending to be indifferent, not saying a word, yet secretly harboring murderous intent towards him.

It proved this person was a schemer, who might stab you in the back at any moment!

"For the time being, you'd better limit your outings, especially to secluded places. Otherwise, if he really targets you, he might kill for the sword!" Hong Qi's voice resonated in Meng Fan's mind.

In Hong Qi's view, Meng Fan was still too weak, even with her assistance, to be a match for a True Martial Realm cultivator.

"Don't worry, why would I go to secluded places?" Meng Fan replied.

He didn't argue with Hong Qi. Although he wasn't afraid of Dugu Ming, there was no need to be stubborn now.

Indeed, Dugu Ming was an Inner Sect Disciple of the True Martial Realm.

But Meng Fan had the Supreme Heartless Sword Intent seed, a trump card, and in a real fight, it was uncertain who would live or die!

No, more likely, Dugu Ming would be the one to die!

The Supreme Heartless Sword Intent seed, although a one-time consumable, once unleashed, its power was equivalent to a complete Sword Intent.

Using it to kill a True Martial Realm cultivator was almost overkill!

"However, can't you hide a little? Next time someone appears, don't reveal the Spiritual Sword's aura," Meng Fan said to Hong Qi.

A Spiritual Sword has its own consciousness; if it deliberately hides its aura, ordinary people wouldn't be able to detect it as a Spiritual Sword.

Of course, those who have condensed a Sword Essence Soul can't be described as ordinary people.

"Alright, I'll be more careful in the future," Hong Qi agreed cooperatively.

Moments later, Senior Disciple Luo returned.

Meng Fan didn't mention Dugu Ming's incident; he couldn't share a concern and speculation with Senior Disciple Luo.

Even if he did, Luo couldn't help him much, and it would also make him seem cowardly and afraid.

At night, Meng Fan quietly cultivated.

With the support of Qi Gathering Pills and Body Tempering Pills, plus the aid of the Essence of the Sword, his cultivation speed was like riding a rocket.

Through Hong Qi, Meng Fan also learned the name of the Sword Essence; it shouldn't be called Sword Essence, but rather "Essence of the Sword."

Late into the night, Meng Fan's aura surged.

The second level of Qi Refining!

After days of hard cultivation, he finally broke through to the second level of Qi Refining.

"Congratulations, you've reached the second level of Qi Refining," Hong Qi's phantom floated out from the Hong Qi Sword and congratulated Meng Fan.

Meng Fan smiled and said, "It's just the second level of Qi Refining, nothing to mention."

Hong Qi looked at him in amazement and said, "Although it's only the second level of Qi Refining, you absorb the Essence of the Sword from the Sword Weapon every day, using it to bolster your cultivation, making your speed almost comparable to someone with an Excellent Spiritual Root. You're truly a monstrosity!"

After a thought, she continued, "If one day you truly cultivate an Innate Sword Physique and continue to absorb the Essence of the Sword, wouldn't you be comparable to a Heavenly Spiritual Root?"

A Heavenly Spiritual Root was already the pinnacle in this world.

As for a Divine Spiritual Root, that was a legendary existence, only theoretical.

No one has ever possessed a true Divine Spiritual Root, and even historical records don't clearly document such a person!

"I really didn't misjudge you; there's hope for revenge with you."

Hong Qi's face was filled with excitement and elation, happier about Meng Fan's breakthrough than he was.

Her face flushed, she floated up to Meng Fan and said with a smile, "Master, to celebrate your breakthrough, how about I serve you in bed tonight?"

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