C20: Interrogation(2)
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Thomas's Father: "Very well. It just happens that I have one with me. Chief, can I ask the questions since my son was the one offended"

The chief nodded.

Thomas's Father gave a piece of paper with some strange drawings to Thorn.

Narrator: [If he says something false the talisman will turn red.]

Thomas's Father: "Thorn, Did you attack my son ?"

T: "Yes, but"

Thomas's Father: "Shut up. You can only answer what we ask. If you don't respect the rules you will be executed immediately. Is that what you want?"

Rose: "But Thomas threw"

Thomas's Father: "Guards! She is interfering with the process. Threw her into prison"

T: "Nooo"

Thorn was immediately blocked by Thomas's father. The interrogation continued.


"Did you say to my son the words you don't do anything and just talk about the past and how great you are?"

T: "Yes"


"Did you say that we are the weakest race?

T: "Yes"


To think that the talisman of truth put Thorn closer to death than he already was.

Thomas has told his father what Thorn said in the few seconds when the tower fell.

Were all of Thomas's actions part of his dad's plan. What did he have to gain by framing Thorn?


Thomas's Father: "There you have it. I believe no one has doubts about those criminals' motives. Chief. If you have no objections we can proceed with the execution."


Chief: "I am not entirely convinced by your story counselor. Do you mind if I ask some more questions?"

Thomas's Father: "I don't mind at all. But why must you waste everyone's time? We already have proof. Aren't you tired after all these years of being chief? Why don't you go to rest? Why don't you give your position to someone more qualified? Besides, you should listen to what the people say. You already stopped your citizens once. Do you want to do that twice?"


The chief was unable to answer.

What Thomas's father says was true. The chief had used his mana to stop the stones from hurting the people. If he fought against the counselor right now he would lose.

Thomas's father wanted to become the new village chief and he had the qualifications to.



But he wasn't the only with great ambitions.

A woman stepped out from the crowd

Narrator: [Another councelor]

[The mother of Thomas's girfriend]

[She doesn't approve of their relationship]

[She is very smart]


Second counselor: "First counselor, I am curious about something, can I ask a question to the criminal?"

The first counselor, Thomas's father had the public opinion with him. A question wouldn't matter. That's what the counselor thought.

She simply asked: "Why did you come to the village today?"


When Thorn heard the question he regained his almost lost hope to survive. He forgot about it. He had a way out.

Thorn: "To report about the start of the war. We saw some people at the observatory"


The mob became silent.

That answer changed everything.

There was a law in the village that said that all the verdicts had to be postponed to the end of the war.





After the silence, the mob found what Thorn had said ridiculous.

They thought that he was only making up things in his last attempt to survive.

Only a few people noticed that the talisman of truth didn't turn red.


"How dare you"

The first counselor tried to cut Thorn's head off but was stopped by the chief.


Chief: "What are you doing first counselor"


First counselor: "That filthy brat is making fun of us! I wanted to make him learn his place"


Chief: "The talisman didn't turn red. Didn't you notice ?"

First counselor: "That's because he must be controlled by the enemy. I was making sure he wouldn't make any more damage"

Chief: "We still need to verify what he said. We can't execute him right now. We will take him to prison for the time being."


And so we were brought in the prison. 

I was put in a dark drawer with Thorn's belonging.

I did not see much of the prison but I heard Thorn talking to some stranger for a long time.

After a day we could heard the chief speech in the distant plaza.


"The last time we fought with the demons was 37 years ago. The fight was hard but we managed to kill one of their commanders.

Now... We will go to war again!

This is the time to prove our worth! To prove what we are made of. To make those demons and those humans remember who we are...."


The speech continued like this for a long time until the chief something said that made the crowd ignite.

"I will not be the one to lead you in this war. We will choose a new chief. Furthermore, the one who will pass the test will receive the ancestor's blessing. For this reason, only those younger than 20 years old can participate."


This speech destroyed many people's ambitions including the counselors and made the rest run to buy what they needed for the war.


Thorn and Rose were let out of the prison.

Thorn looked different.

When Rose spoke with him he replied with a smile as if nothing of the past days had happened.

He always smiled.

I think this change is due to the person with whom he spoke in prison. 


As soon as we were outside of the prison a charming woman approached us.

I saw her before in the crowd and I didn't pay her too much attention.

At the time I head her murmuring something and I thought I was mistaken but the fact that she is looking at me now proves it.

She really said: "I have seen those pages before."