C21: Oak furnace
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The woman which I later learned was called Dorothy hugged the two kids.

"I was so worried about you. That bastard counselor, and his son. What did he do to you?"

The two kids smiled, Thomas said: "Thank you."

Then he stepped back:

"But we are outcasts. You should not be seen talking with us or it will affect your business."

Dorothy: "I don't care. You are more important than my business. Do you know what I would have done if you were judged guilty?"

Rose and Thorn smiled.

Rose: "You would have blown up the execution ground with your [explosive talisman]s, rescued us, and escaped with your [flight talisman] am I right?"

Dorothy was taken aback: "How did you know?"

The two kids started laughing: "You never change! haha"


We then went to her shop. Which was of the reasons why we went to the village.

The kids needed to sell some herbs and I needed some equipment.

The store was called "Oak furnace" and sold a wide range of things from talismans to herbs, to pills and even meals with various effects like replenishing mana or strengthening the body.

After they finished their trading Thomas pointed at me and said: "Do you have something for h"

Dorothy: "shhh. Not here. Come into my room"

She locked the room

Dorothy: "I was waiting for you to ask. I can't wait to touch it. Can you let me take a look?"

Thorn: "Book-san, she is an ally. You can trust her"


Dorothy: "Kyaa !!!, I knew it! Peak Grade Paper!!! Peak Grade Paper !!! I am so lucky. I can't believe it! I want to draw a talisman Can I? Please ?"

Her pen was hovering over on my pages waiting for confirmation.

Rose stopped her: "You should ask him"

Dorothy was taken aback and then she abruptly knelt.

"Oh, exalted one! Ancien one! This peasant could not see your light and dared to touch you. Please don't punish them. They did nothing wrong. It was only me who offended you."

I had no idea how to react and even if I had I couldn't speak.

After a long silence, the laughing Thorn told her.

Dorothy: "Oh, exalted one! Ancien one! Please accept my humble gift. please let me draw a [communication talisman]"


After my confirmation, she immersed her brush in the ink and began to draw on one of my special pages.

The ink emitted light, was it some sort of magical ink?

Two minutes later the drawing was finished. At that moment it emitted a stong bust of light and then disappeared.

Wait, what? Why did it disappear?


She was surprised too. She had never worked with peak grade paper. She explained that the ink should have solidified.


The ink of talismans was a path for the mana to follow.

If the paper was not strong enough the mana current would eventually burn the paper.

Peak grade paper was a legendary kind of paper that could withstand even with the strongest mana currents.

Dorothy in all her years of work had never seen peak grade paper.


She tried to draw different kinds of talismans but nothing worked.

Each time the drawing was more complex and it would take a fraction longer to disappear.


Dorothy: "Maybe a more complex talisman will work!"

She moved her desk and pushed on a wooden plank 

"It might be its destiny"

She took a small box from the hidden place that had appeared.

"It was passed down from my ancestors"

She began to draw on the box

"It is worth more than Oak furnace and more than this village, maybe even more than a kingdom.

To find something of similar worth you have to reach the center of the [Crash site of Le Roi Soleil] that nobody has ever reached or find the extinct divine fruit, the divine pineapple" 

She infused her mana in the drawing and the box opened, I could see a metal stamp.

Drawn on it were two points facing each other and a line diving them like the % character.

[Narrator] showed me the name of the corresponding talisman: [Divide et impera]

It would allow me to detach my special pages from my body and give each page a function based on the talisman on that page.

I would have a lot of possibilities. I could put pages in trees to eavesdrop on conversations or make pages that exploded when one stepped on it and everything else achievable with talismans.

Dorothy was willing to give this expensive gift to me but I was afraid of this much responsibility.

What if the stamp didn't work? It could be used only once and would be destroyed forever. She would then lose it forever.

Dorothy said: "Investments carry risk" and pressed the stamp.

Would the ink disappear like all the other times?


It didn't. We all breathed a sigh of relief.

Now I only needed talismans for each free special page.

But I could not equip any other talismans, my pages seemed to only accept talismans on the level of [Divide et impera]

What was I supposed to do? Go to the center of the [Crash site of Le Roi Soleil]

What if I tried to use a talisman that my authors gifted me.

So I looked at the comments:


You received:

Communications talisman lv5 (one-time uses) from Pachman312

You can speak.

Your voice volume depends on the amount of mana used.


It is a one-time use talisman but should still work as a normal talisman.

I assigned the talisman to one of the pages. Then detached it and gave it to Rose that moved a few meters away.


Then I spoke for the first time:

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Thorn, Rose, Dorothy

I am Book-san!, Nice to meet you!

If you didn't know I am a book and I can speak. It's crazy? Isn't it?

I know. Right!

Odd-head monk. Am I still weak for you?

[laughing Barrafishes]! Now we will see who laughs last




And that's how my first speech ended.


I had depleted all my mana.

But why did it consume so much? Didn't I just talk for a few seconds?


Then I realized what was going on around me. Rose, Thorn, and Dorothy were on the ground and the page that contained the talisman next to them, blank. They had almost fainted but I could still hear Rose murmuring:

"book-san... please lower your voice"

I am sorry. I am really sorry guys. One day I will repay you for your kindness.

Book-San is back!

You, the author will write his story.