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"Now this just isn't right, right ??"

Maybe it's because I've been awake for what feels like 20 hours, and I can't see right, but my wall didn't have this black circle a few minutes ago. Now I'm sure this isn't normal. After observing it a little closer, I noticed it isn't just a black spot on my wall, but it is curving in a little and not at all static; instead, it's moving. Just a little like small waves on a nearly windless day, but unlike on a lake, the waves aren't moving from one side to the other but outwards from the middle until they slowly fade away near the end. It radiates heat, but somehow it didn't feel like the heat of a radiator, and neither did it feel like the heat of the sun. It feels different, like a kind of heat I've never felt. The whole thing feels like someone pasted a weird tar-like substance on a hot day but somehow different. And also, like molten tar, why do I want to touch it?

I know it could be dangerous. I mean, nothing should suddenly appear on a random wall in my bedroom. The best thing is probably to take some pictures and call the cops even though I don't know what they would do. Maybe it's just some kind of super-fast growing mold. But if it is, then why do I feel like touching in. More than wanting it, I NEED to touch it. A little scared and unsure, I'm slowly getting closer. I feel the heat getting stronger. When standing close enough to touch it, my entire body feels like it's burning. Not yet painful, but unpleasant.
The closer I get, the more I realize that my Back is cold. It's almost as it is sucking up the heat in my room. Taking a quick step back, I am sure that my body was getting used to the heat quickly, and my perception changes, or the black thing is absorbing the heat somehow. My room is noticeably colder than before. What kind of object could absorb heat so effectively? Those questions can wait. Quickly my mind wanders off, but as soon as I lay my eyes back on the thing, my priorities change to touching it. This time, sure of myself, I rush up to it. When I am about half a meter away, I extend my hand to touch it.

The heat is getting painful, nearly unbearably so. My fingers feel like they are about to catch on fire.


Just centimeters away, a voice calls out to me. I couldn't make out the gender, but it sounded pretty ragged like the owner had an awful cold or wasn't used to speaking. Still, it was the most beautiful voice I've ever heard and different from any other, somehow inhuman, but in a good way. Just then, I realized what I was about to do, and I instantly pull my hand back. My mind no longer clouded with thoughts of the back thing brought back to reality by the voice. My palm, still burning from the pain, was nearly unbearable, spreading to my upper arm. Somehow I don't scream out in pain. I was about to run into my bathroom to cool it in water, but I thought back to the voice. Strange, yet familiar, like it was made only to be heard by me and no one else. Even though I've only listened to a single word, I knew whoever the owner of this magnificent voice is. It couldn't be an average human.

I still wasn't sure where it came from, but my best guess was it. Its mysterious nature was fitting the one of the voice. Still clutching my arm in pain, I stumbled back, sitting down on my bed, my eyes still fixed to the circle on my wall. Then suddenly, it started pulsating ever so slightly. Now I was sure it was the source. And I hoped that the new movement meant I would hear the voice again. But instead, something different happened. Like a trampoline, it dented in and quickly snapped back, darting into my room nearly a meter until, as it comprised from rubber, it reverted to the original. But now it wasn't black anymore. Instead, it started to glow in a light blue, almost white, light.

The voice again, this time clear and somehow even more beautiful than before. Now I was sure what gender it belonged to. The owner was female. She sounded relieved, I presume, because of the color change of whatever I was looking at. I guess it was her creation. Still, I was unsure what exactly it was that now illuminated my room. Also, I was wondering if the connection was one-sided or if she hears me as well. Not saying a single word or even scream since it appears I couldn't be sure. Even though it seemed like she could see me somehow, after all, she stopped me from burning myself by touching it, which also meant she at least somehow know what it was.

But I guess I had nothing to lose. The woman speaking could probably answer my questions, inching a little closer. So quietly, I asked carefully:


Seconds passed nothing happened. I was about to speak up a little closer and louder when suddenly...

"Haha, I so happy to hear you aren't freaking out, and don't worry, I don't intend to harm you."

Oh man, now I don't know how to feel about this. I didn't even think about how dangerous this could've been... or better, how dangerous it is? I mean, she could still be hostile. I do not know, and if I've learned anything from horror games and movies, it's that someone claiming they are friendly doesn't at all mean they are. On the contrary, the fact that she thought about that made me extremely uneasy.

Be she sounds lovely, and if someone can summon a portal or whatever in my room, I feel like they could've killed me easier. Probably. I guess, for now, I will talk to her, trying to find out her motive. And maybe she can answer some of my questions about whatever this is.

"Hello, are you still there?"

I was so caught up in my thoughts I completely forgot to answer.

"Sorry. Who are you? And what is that thing on my wall?"

This time the response came quickly.

"I don't have a Name. But most call me something related to Fystra. So I guess you could say it is my last name. And that 'thing' on your wall is an Interdimensional-Portal. I created it so I could talk to you."

So I was right. It was some a portal. If I didn't see it in my room, I would call bullshit, but I can't explain any of this, so my best guess is to trust the woman from the other side of the portal. I don't see why she would lie. But why would she want to talk to me? I'm just some guy.

"A Portal Huh? Interesting, but why would you go through that presumable trouble to create it to talk to some stranger?"

"Stanger? Oh, Quite the contrary, I know a lot about you."

"You know me? Though I am sure, I never meet someone who could create a Portal. Especially if you are from a different DIMENSION?? "

"Well, you are correct. We never met before. Nevertheless, I know everything about you?"

Yikes, that sounds like an interdimensional stalker. "How so?"

"I'm a goddess, and you are my soulmate."

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