13. New new Body
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When I awoke I was alone. No one to snuggle against no one close to. But that wasn't something I wasn't used to. Rather it felt normal as if this was a normal everyday morning. But this wasn't what I hoped I'd see when I woke up. I could clearly remember what happened yesterday. I'd wasn't just a dream right? No, it couldn't be. I was still in the same unknown room that apparently belonged to me. And what happened with Miia wasn't in my imagination either. Otherwise, I couldn't explain these wet spots on the bed. But the question remained why wasn't Miia here? 

For now, I guess I should probably just get up. Maybe look around the area a bit. As I got up I felt something was different. My vision was changed somehow better, sharper, more precise. It wasn't that I had a problem seeing before but still... I couldn't exactly tell what happened probably something related to my new body. My new body!! I need a mirror.

There were only two doors in this room one of them lead to the floor I came in from so. Bingo. The other one leads to a, just like the main room, rather large bathroom. It was made completely from a white marble-like stone but I didn't bother with looking at anything. Rather I wanted to gaze at my own body so I got in front of the large mirror.

As soon as I saw myself my jaw dropped not because of my womanly features. Tho they were quite impressive what caught my attention where my inhuman features. To be specific my feline features. The two most striking ones were my ears. Instead of human ears, I had two cat-like ones. The base of which started around the top tip of my old ears and then went further up my head for a few centimeters. They stood up for at least ten centimeters with little fluff tears ontop extending even further. Their outside was covered in white hairs the inside was covered as well but it was covered thinner so the light pink flesh below gave it a slight tint. Also different from human ears I could move then. Right now I couldn't move them as I wished but they definitely moved a little while I concentrated on different directions. 

As soon as I accepted my new ears I lifted my hair up to see what happened to my ears. I don't know if I should be relieved or scared but my ears were gone. And where they once were was coved in hair it created a hairline between the top and back of my head. While I was on the topic of hair mine was white not that bleached blond white but rather almost a silver. Just like the color my fur had back when I was a cat. It was long straight and reached around to my hips. Right above them started another one of my weird new body parts. My apparent tail.

There wasn't that much to say about it. It was about a meter long and maybe two centimeters thick. The entire thing was covered in the same fur as my ears. And just like them, I could move it but it a lot easier making any specific movements was still beyond my reach but something basic like swaying it from side to side was easily done. The most interesting thing about it was its connection to my body. It started just above my ass but that wasn't what intrigued me rather how flexible the connection was I could press it down between my ass cheeks and wouldn't even notice it while sitting on it or press t flack against my back. On top of that press, it to the right or left and even turn it a little without feeling the skin stretch uncomfortable.

To be honest I wasn't sure what this thing was good for. The ears sure they were probably better to hear but this tail. All I could think of was that it's cute. Yeah, it was cute. The ears and tail I guess that's what I am now: cute. There were a few other things about my body that were new mainly in my face. My eyes more resembled cat eyes so instead of being the blue orbs with pupils I was used to they were red once with black slits. Come to think of it this color is remarkably like Miias... Also, my irises were a lot larger almost covering my entire eyes. Now that I look at It my entire eyes were larger. It wasn't so much that it seemed unnatural but just a bit. 

Another thing on my face were my whiskers and nose. I didn't see them at first because they were white as well and I didn't feel them so unless I got close to the mirror I didn't even know they were there. They were probably close to ten centimeters in length and they grew out left and right of my nose between my nose and lips. As I slightly touched one I sensed what felt light a small burst of electricity rush through my face. It reminded me of kissing Miia but it obviously just triggered the memory. My nose on the other hand was almost the same the only difference was that the tip was a little bit pinker than the rest of my face. Also as I touched it I noticed that it was a little wet.

The last thing was with my teeth. all of them changed from squares to almost spikes. The ones in the front were just a little sharper than before but my canines, especially the ones at the top, became literally spears. They were still the same in thickness but now they were almost trice as long, the lower once 'only' twice. I kinda expected that after the rest but not to this extend. Now I just hope I don't have to become a carnivore because if I'm honest I never really liked meat. 

Something else changed but I didn't quite know how. My fingernails. I thought they would become like the claws of a cat but either I couldn't get them to work, again... or they weren't. Still, they were longer than I was used to and also quite sharp. To be honest I wasn't too bothers with this. The thought of using my current hands as claw made me cringe. I just couldn't but think that the claws would just break out if I'd try and cut something with them. And if they didn't I would probably just break my fingers. 

After analyzing every part of my new, exciting and unknown body it was time to appreciate the equally as exciting but not quite so new ones. My height was around the same as Miia that much I knew from yesterday. But I wouldn't get an exact height without measuring it. Overall I'd say my entire body structure was quite similar to Miias, excluding what's between my legs. My breasts were just like hers if a bit smaller the same was correct for my hips. The major difference in our bodies was our skin color. While Miias was almost white mine was like a milk coffee not quite dark but rather a slight tan. Creating a nice contrast to my white hairs.

I spend quite some time examining every nook and cranny of my hopefully final body. Hopefully as in I was quite satisfied with its once. Back on earth I never disliked my body, to be honest, I did like it. But this one. It was just on a different level. It wasn't just that I was smoking hot now rather than my somewhat cute back then, though I definitely won't complain. No this just felt right. 

As I got used to it some more my mind once again wandered to a place I wasn't too comfortable with. But sooner or later I'd look at it anyway so why not use this time. So I sat down and spread my legs to get a clean look but before I got the chance...

"Hey, Lucy I'm back."


"Oh... I see... seems like you are quite busy. Do you want me to leave or give you a hand again?"

"It's really not like that."


Ye. I know short chapter. But I thought the last ones were so long and this is a nice breaking point soooo.

Spend way more time on fantasy cat girl biology than I should've.