14. Recap
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"I mean... I would like to..."

I wasn't sure what to do to clear this misconception. But it seems like I don't have to.

"Don't worry I was just kidding. It not that I wouldn't want to but sadly I can't right now. I don't have a body."

"What do you mean you don't have a body. If you don't have a body who did I sleep with yesterday?"

"No no. Don't worry that was me. Like I told you yesterday that was magic. I've created a temporary body but as that's a very complicated spell it uses a lot of mana. And as I am still severely weakened I will need some time to collect more. That means I can only take on a physical appearance every few days for a few hours. And even them that body is quite weak so I am sadly unable to help you in that form, for now. "

"For now? I guess you refer to your body parts?"

"Correct. The only reason I was able to create this body at all was that I had a point of stabilization in form of my eyes. So if you find more parts I can stay longer and channel more mana. So eventually I will be able to aid you."

"While we're on the topic the whole eyes thing."

"OMG. You are so right. I'm a fool once again for not apologizing earlier. I just didn't find the right time at first you were totally out and then after we fucked I didn't want to ruin the mood and... I'm so sorry. I've put you in such danger. I'm so sorry. I promise it won't happen again. But I knew that with my eyes I could meet you in person and I was just so excited and I couldn't wait any longer and I put your life at risk. It's just back then I was almost so all-powerful and now... Now the world is covered in all those monsters and I don't know a thing about them and the only reason I even knew the few things I did was after a lot of research. To be honest... This may be my Univers but I am almost as new here as you are."

"Don't worry... Or you know what! Do worry I'm glad you are worried about me. And about then placing me in the path of danger. I kinda did that myself when I came here. In the end, you saved me and without you there... well I wouldn't be there but if I were there without you I would've been dead by now. And if those eyes made you able to have a body. I have to say any risk was worth it."

"Thank you..."

I was seriously sad that I didn't see her face right now. I bet her blushing face was damn cute. 

After an awkward pause of neither of us saying anything, I felt like I should just drop or current topic and tackle a new one.

"By the way. What happened back then I can't remember anything after me running from the horde of rats. And also what happened to the giant one. You didn't make it explode did you?"

"Ok, so one after the other. First, what happened to the rat. For that, I have to go back a little bit. The local government knew that there were some rat populations in some old tunnels. But as they weren't a danger they were only taken care of if they exceeded a certain number or started wandering into the newer tunnels. As it now tuned out there was this one group who lived in an old tunnel close to the temple and where my eyes ended up. As I already told you my body parts sprayed mana all over the worlds and even after all these years they still do. And so it turned out these plants were infused with mana and the more the rats ate them the stronger they got. Thankfully competition and greed killed off almost all of them. And over the years one emerged as their apparent king."

"If that is so and it grew stronger and apparently bigger over time how did it get through that small hole?"

"Well that's still not certain but we think this it was somewhat like this: The rats sensed the source of power so generations dug tunnels through the stone and at one point they almost got to my grave. And as they got closer they couldn't build a hole bigger than it is now. So they would probably get the mushrooms out for the king. And when the king's new son was born he entered it. Or maybe one day a worker decided to just stay inside. Who knows. But maybe as soon as they breached it or maybe later one of the rats found and ate my eyes. It could be that that triggered it to grow this much and stay inside. It doesn't matter now. The grave is once again sealed."

"I guess that makes sense but what is your grave? Like an actual grave? I thought you 'died' in space?"

"I did but I told my followers what I was planning to do. So one day they found my eyes. They instantly recognized them and even though it was a hard decision they decided I died or at least my body did. So they build this grave and buried it with it. The grave was mostly ceremonial except for my eyes of course. Many people saved their favorite memories with me down there in the hope that I will see them when I return."

"Did you?"

"No... Not yet. As I wanted to do that with my body. And as you hopefully remember I used my 'charge' otherwise. Back to topic. Back then they didn't know about magic so they only made some sensory machinery into the walls. But somehow dug the tunnel just perfectly between them we still wonder how they managed that. Anyway, after my people discovered magic they instantly build a new security system. But from day one it noticed strange magic inside and close to the grave. They concluded somewhat right and after some more testing just recalibrated them to ignore it judging my eyes were the source. As they didn't want to defile my grave they just went with it. Over the years nothing bad happened except back then when you triggered the rat so much that it crashed into the wall. And that not only triggered the new magic system but also the old one. And that one made some hidden metal plates smash close to secure the graven. And that was what smashed the rat."

"So I was saved not only by you. But also by a security system defined to protect memories of you."


"Damn... Well, I guess I got seriously lucky back then."

"Not only that you also showed bravery and strength so don't be too harsh on yourself."

"Thanks... By the way all this time you said we? Who are the others or are you talking about yourself? Like a monarch. And how do you know all that?"

"No. Hahaha. That would be so creepy. No that's where your second question comes in. What happened. After the tunnel collapsed you were buried. But as security was already alerted it didn't take too long to find you in the rubble. Luckily with modern technologies, you were out of danger soon. But as it turned out thanks to all the magic you were exposed to as well as the things you did your body was, as you put it, ready to evolve. Even though in reality it is more metamorphosis than evolution or even something in between. Anyway normally entering this process tís a voluntary process as it takes weeks if not months for such complex creatures as humanoids at this size. On top of that, yours is a very rare case where a non-humanoid changes to a humanoid, On top of that you changed from a race that would be regarded as below average in intelligence and only seen as food or pets in society. To what equals to your average human. But I've been told that that's a heated topic of debate you don't want to get into. Anyway, as for the stated problems, your evolution would've taken months and a lot of energy. Unluckily for you, it was somehow triggered either by an unnormal intake of mana or the shock of the situation. But it started and there was no going back. Thanks to modern medicine once again we could stabilize you as in the wild this process would've definitely killed you in your state back then. Also as thanks to my 'somewhat high' status, I got you a super high-quality evolution chamber which speeds up the process. So it took only two and a half weeks."


"Yep. I mean if you think about it. For completely restructuring your body that isn't long at all. Without any help, your specific case would probably take around a year. And you would obviously need to be completely stacked up in mana and fat when you begin. Still, while you were in there I used that time to research and sort out some things. That's also where the 'we' comes in."

"You know what I guess that makes sense. Wait if you had so much time. Where were you when I woke up."

"I was ordering you some breakfast as I can't use the local telephone I had to do it my way. Come to think of it, it should be ready by now you wanna go? "