18. On the way through the city
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The entrance hall to the temple was unlike any I've ever seen in my life. It was a gigantic hall most of its open floor mainly made out of some kind of white stone, maybe marble judging from the characteristic marbling. A few black strips running like rivers from the left side to the right side broke up the white tiling. Also quite noticeable was the huge F in the middle of the hall. The logo looked like it was also made from some kind of stone, but this one was a dark red color and its texture was rather rough than shiny.

On the left where the black stripes opened up reminding me of river delta was the entrance. Or rather entrances as rather than one entrance door the hall had several all different sizes. The main one was gigantic even more so than everything else in this place. It was at least three times my size maybe even bigger than that. It was currently wide open with people streaming in constantly. 

To the other side where the black stripes ended were lots of people lined up in front of counters similar to the one, I came out of. Presumably, those were public entrances. And next to them closer to me was the same but exits. 

The walls were from the same kind of stone as the floor and the black stripes were represented in form of black columns reaching to the ceiling. Where then started to bend and form multiple domes whit one big one in the middle and smaller ones near the sides. Decorating the without them blank walls were red banners. Some of them presenting the F others phrases I couldn't read.

The only thing over the banners were big windows on every side but the one I came from. They were so high I couldn't see anything but the sky outside. Still, thanks to their size the sun lit up the entire hall. And at night there were chandeliers decorated with precious red and clear stones hanging from the center of the bigger domes to light up the room.

As I made my way towards the exit I noticed that quite a few people were staring at me. I just hope it's because I'm coming out of the Vip exit and my relation with Miia hasn't been exposed yet. While I don't think that's what happened as if that were to happen the media would instantly surround me, the thought still somewhat scares me.

"Maybe it's because you look like a snack."

I don't think you need to say it like that.

"It true tho."

... thanks ...

"Or it's cuz you're basically a catgirl. They are still the number one cute demi-human. And they're also super rare. Most of them are beastkin it almost never happens that Catlike species evolve to humanoid levels. And beastkin in itself are super rare. Anywhere let's get out of here."


As I push open one of the smaller exit doors the same city that I saw before still shocks me. While the sheer amount of people and the enormous skyscrapers made it inherently clear that this was the inner city. There was a surprising amount of greenery. From grass to bushes and trees covering the park to leaves covering the sides of buildings. As I could already tell from Elizabeth's apartment this city was nothing like the concrete desert that I was used to. As I made my way down the stone stairs to the main level and across the large open area in front of the temple I could see in between city blocks to my left and right. The streets were equally as populated and full of greenery but to my surprise, one thing was missing. Cars. 

Cars are still a thing here after all I've ridden on one three times so far. But yeah if I think about it back then whenever we were inside the city we never saw any buildings or streets we were always in tunnels. 

"The streets busses and train run exclusively underground. Up here is just for pedestrians and specific areas bikes."

That explains why trees so much room for plants. Sounds nice...

But getting back to the topic where am I gonna meet that friend of yours and more importantly how am I gonna get there?

"You'll need to take the train or better subway since it's underground in the city. The station is also underground. To get there just go down the stairs near the end of this plaza."

Once I went down the stairs I stood in front of a crossing on either side hat something written atop it. While I knew the letters as they were the standard roman once the words themselves didn't make any sense Why cant your cool magic eyes translate that for me.

"What? I don't think you understand how this works. While I could see everything with my eyes it's not like they have a processor or anything. They can't process the information they just detect it. Every little bit. Still no need to worry I knew this problem would arise. And while this isn't a permanent solution if you need to read anything now just scan it with your wristband and it can read it to you. Also to your left is a car park and to your right is the subway station aka your current 'objective'. Also also you should probably hurry as your train is currently in the station and about to leave. It's the first one you see once you enter."

While I was about to try the scan thing as she said that I started running down the second flight of stairs to the station. I didn't have a lot of time to survey the station but on a quick glance, it looked like the ones I was used to only a bit cleaner and a lot less crowded. Which was weird considering the amounts of people entering with me. 

I instantly spotted the white red train waiting and just as I slipped past the doors they closed behind me. I luckily found an empty seat and quickly sat down as the train build up speed. While it was hard to tell how fast we were going as it was a smooth ride the occasional light inside the tunnel flashed by very quickly.

As I leaned back I thought about it. This was the first time in the last two days that I could take a break and think about what happened. But before I could fully relax I hastily stood up as I realized I had forgotten to buy a ticket.

"Ah don't worry about it public transits are completely free. I guess someone responsible played City Skyline. And they said gaming is a waste of time. Anyway, you don't even need to sit back down this stop is your exit."

As soon as she said that the train decelerated and came to a stop. I quickly hopped out and found the nearest exit. As I found myself under the sky once again I realized where I was. The university.

"Yep, the person your gonna meet works here. Specifically in the big building behind you."

As I turned around Another big building was in front of me. But this one rather than modern had an older feeling almost like a castle. With towers on its corners and a slighted roof in the middle. As well as smaller windows. just in front of me was a large entrance door nowhere near as big as the temple one but still quite the chonker. Over it was a word written in big bold letters and to my surprise, I could even read it. 


"The reason you can read this is that this has been build before the big language shift and thus the signs are still in English. Back when the portals were first established English wasn't good enough as a universal language as only, back then earth, spoke it and it was too weird and not logical to force others to adapt. So a group of specialists came together and produced the UL a language easy to learn, write and pronounce. It uses Latin symbols but apart from a few words is newly created. While other languages are still widely spoken most texts and signs are in for general usability."

That's crazy so people just accepted that cant really imagines that. 

"Na of course not. But the project's aim was long time progress and nobody expected everyone to only speak UL in a few years. Still today almost everyone speaks it to some degree. Thus it has been generally regarded as a success. And after all, if someone doesn't speak it translation isn't as smooth but it's always an option. Anyway, let's go. Just talk to the receptionist and tell her your first name and that you have an appointment with the principal."

Seriously I have to see the principal.

"Yep. And you'll love her trust me"