20. What the f*ck is happening?
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Miia was once again in her physical body, standing there before me. Bu t instead of hugging me she was hugging this woman who she called her friend. But somehow she did it in a caring almost motherly way. Oh fuck... don't tell me. She didn't really tell me too much specific about her past yet...

But as soon as I even thought about that Miia turned to me smiling.

"Don't worry darling. I'm not a mother. Especially not to this little girl."

While the 'little girl' was snuggling into Miias neck like a little girl, the fact that she could just normally stand while doing so made it clear that she was only a few centimeters shorter.

"Still you're right," Miia said her smile slowly fading. 

"I owe you an explanation. To both of you. But I didn't want to tell either of you alone so I thought it would be best if we were all together like this."

Carefully pulling the professor off of her she sat her down on the chair opposite to where I'm sitting. She herself sat down on the bean bag, rather than next to either of us. Taking a deep breath and folding her hands on her lap she started talking.

"As you already know this cute catgirl here is called Lucy. Her last name... well you could say it is still in work. And on the other hand, we have Yennifer Feathersligh. Yennifer Lucy. Lucy Yennifer. Ok, so now that you know each other we can move on with the plan."

After she said that line she clapped her hands once, stood up, and just turned around. I was confused but before I could even say anything Yennifer as I now knew her as spoke up. Her tone was surprisingly angry again compared to how cutesy she just was.

"What? I already knew her name. I wanted to know who she is and how you know her not her fucking name. And which plan are you even talking about???"

Miia slowly turned back to us, a big cheeky grin on her face. I once again realized just how beautiful she truly was. In a wild unbound kind, you just want to admire as well as the traditional conventional beauty kinda way. Just taking your breath away when you see her. 

"I know I know. I'm just kidding. I'll tell you all about it."

Before Miia could continue Yennifer interrupted her. Her tone still spiked with a little anger.

"Honestly, I don't even care about all that. What I really want to know is why did you vanish and now your back with her?"

She made a small pause calming down and once she continued she spoke a lot quieter.

"And how could you just leave me like that."

As she sat down her smile shortly faded and I swear I could spot a glimpse of uneasiness on her normally so composed face.

"Your right I own you and explanation. And I'll tell you both the whole story. Since you both know the beginning I will skip that. As you already know I tried to live with the humans. And obviously, I soon learned about romance and sex but I wasn't really interested in anyone specific. So I mostly just observed, yes is the kinky kinda way. Anyway as you know I always dreamed of finding my soulmate and I wanted to be prepared. But in the end, as you know I never found them. While I always had a lot of friends and was obviously very popular. I never had a true connection with, someone I could call family. One day I came across a burning house I instantly rushed in trying to help the best way I could. Sadly I came too late and almost everyone died the only survivor was a little girl, as you can guess she's the same one that sitting here.

Normally I don't like to get too close to specific humans and pick favorites. But something about her was different, as I already said most people like me even after meeting me the first time. Still, somehow she was even more attached to me than normal.

For the first time, I settled down, and I did so with her. As she grew older she became more and more attached to me even in her teenage phase. We were more friends than mother and daughter. Especially once she reached adulthood, the fact that we looked to be the same age didn't help either. And before I even realized she fell in love with me. While I rejected her at first, after a while I gave up. At that point in my life, I gave up on finding my soulmate and was just too curious about human interaction. And then one thing lead to the other and we started dating, we never made it public for obvious reasons, but she will forever be the first person I ever loved.

Now that I told you how I met her I can tell her how I lost her. "

While Miia explained what I already knew I completely zoned out. This just came out of nowhere. 


It's not like I expected to be Miias first like she was for me. But I didn't expect to end up as the third wheel in this relationship. And if I ever end up in a harem situation I definitely don't want the be the one who has to share. And I never wanted to end up in a harem, to begin with. Honestly, this is way too much for me I knew there had to be a twist somewhere, this all seemed too perfect. And if I think about my relationship with Miia I don't even know what we are. Are we dating? She kept on claiming I'm her soul mate but we only know each other for two days and we already fucked like rabbits. I literally know nothing about her. I don't even know her favorite color or food.

While I started having a small meltdown over Miia she was busy explaining the past events to Yennifer. And it seems like she reached the point where I came in, as she screaming.

"Don't tell me. SHE??? SHES YOUR SOULMATE?"

"Yes, she is and even if you don't believe me I already know I love her." 

As she said that she turned to me. Smiling she put her hands on my cheeks, her skin as warm and smooth as I remembered. Then she leaned in for a quick but passionate kiss. As she moved back I, without any thought, followed her movement until she stopped me midway. After she did so she released my left cheek and moved her hand onto Yennifers.

"But still I love you too." 

As she did so she also kissed her.

It was a strange feeling, seeing the girl you love? have a crush on? that is your soulmate? Seeing that girl kiss someone else was something I never wanted to feel again. But this time was different maybe it was that the person she kissed was someone I would feel attracted to normally. I'm not going to say I like it. Instead, I want her to stop and kiss me again. But I wasn't filled with the expected pain and anger I expected.

Just like she did with me she didn't keep the kiss for too long and quickly broke it off. And remaining the only one to speak.

"I love you both. Equally."  



Ok. I get this may not be what yall expect BUT please believe me this will end the way yall hope. (If you hope what I would hope. )

Also sorry to dump so much exposition onto you but I'm just not a good enough writer to do this differently.

I tried to reveal as little of her backstory as I needed to, to make this make sense.

Hope you had a good time reading.