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Damn... Couldn't she just be her child... I literally don't even know how to respond to that. Compared to me it seems like Gwenevere doesn't have the same problem. As after only a second she came back with something I never expected.

"Sure I don't mind. "

After only a short moment where neither I nor Miia said something as we were both taken aback by her response, she went even further. 

"I'm not gonna pretend that I like it but..."

After a short thoughtful pause, she continued.

"I would do anything for you, but more importantly I would do anything to be with you. And after all, you always told me how much you wanted to find her. If I'm being honest a deep dark part of me never wanted you to find her, just to satisfy my own selfishness. But now that you did that doesn't change how I feel about you. But still, if she isn't ok with the arrangement I would leave you too together." 

After she said those words she sat there looking at me, a subtle smile on her face but somewhere in her eyes I could spot a hint of sadness. But that part quickly vanished once Miia move beside her and started hugging her tightly. Returning the hug she adverted her eyes off me and locked them onto my Soulmate. For the second time in a row, I had to watch someone else kiss her. 

But this one was way more fierce not so innocent as the first one. After what felt like minutes Miia even found her hands into the other's long black hair. Making me squeal even more Miia pulled back released Gweneveres lips and trailing her own down the other's neck, causing her to moan quietly.

After moving down even further and leaving kisses all over the principal's slightly exposed nape she suddenly stopped seemingly realizing that they weren't alone in the room. She stopped assaulting with her lips and loosened the grip on the black hair causing a small whimper from her target. 

As she moved her head the naughty smile on her lips quickly vanished as her eyes meet mine. I just noticed after I saw her shift in expression but my eyes have become all teary. I wasn't at the point of crying but I wasn't far. Noticing the same Miia quickly got up and after moving around the table sat down next to me quickly embracing me into a tight hug. But instead of placing my hands onto her softback or down even further I just let them hang down. My mind filled with way too many thoughts to do anything with my body.

Her Head next to mine she pulled back a little and quietly whispered into my ear.

"Darling please don't cry, I know this probably wasn't what you expected and I'm deeply sorry for not telling you earlier. But at first, I didn't even know she was still alive I thought she was dead, and once I found out I didn't know how to tell you. I'm sorry. But please remember that I love you more than anything." 

Pulling back but still keeping her arms locked behind my neck she kept on talking but this time with a smile on her face.

"And I think you should get to know the positives for you if you care to entertain this relationship. Gwenevere come over here."

Quickly standing up and moving next to Miia the black-haired woman listen intently to what Miia now whispered into her ear. She started blushing immensely halfway through. After she stopped talking she loosened her arms around me and slightly clapped her behind. She started walking between the couch and the table but instead of walking past me she pushed the table back and to my surprise got on her knees in front of me.

I instantly realized what was happening here and quickly tried to back off but as I was with my back against the backrest the only thing I achieved was bumping the base of my tail against it. 

Putting her hand on my jaw she turned my head towards her quickly sealing our lips together again. Once she released me Gwenevere already pulled down my pants. Miia with her hand now slowly caressing my cheek started talking again.

"Relax darling I felt you poking me already you don't need to hide it. Just let your sexuality let loose. As I said I know this is weird but just try it you can always change your mind later. Here let me help you out of your clothes."

She carefully pulled up my t-shirt, as I already discarded the coat when I came in I was left in only my underwear. At this point, I want even sure what to do anymore I don't even know this woman and now she's about to blow me. But I trust Miia so I guess I just follow her lead. But before  Gwenevere could pull down my panties the door burst open once again.

Judging from the reactions it seemed like neither of us expected that to happen, it seems like even Miia was distracted. But what shocked me, even more, was who came in through the door. It was the guy the giant guy. The one who was eating with the cardinal. 

The second he burst in he started screaming. 

"Where is that bitch who didn't let my son into college."

Too startled or taken out of the mood neither of us even said a word while he scanned the room. Once he found us his expression quickly changed from anger to smug. But right after that yet another person came in making me feel even more exposed. Thankfully it seemed like Miia noticed as she positioned herself shielding in front of me. The person who came in this time was no one other than the secretary. On her face an apologetic expression. But before she could even say a word Gwenevere who stood up started talking.

"Aleen dear you can leave don't worry about this guy, but please close the door on your way out."

She quickly left muttering a quick apology on her way out but it was overshadowed by the giant's booming voice.

"Yeah, you can come in once I'm done with these three. And while we're on topic ladies how can you three have fun if you don't even have a man with you. But don't worry I am here now and I even brought you a nice piece of meat to play with."

As she said those words that will forever haunt me he pulled down his pants. Revealing his gigantic and fully erect dick. 

Honestly, while I feel like vomiting even thinking about it, its dimensions were frighteningly impressive with at least 30 cm in length and immense girth it was indeed quite the piece of meat. As I was, as much as I hate to admit it, still observing his penis it suddenly just kinda fell off.

Not even a second later an ear-shattering and surprisingly high-pitched scream erupted from the man who was just before proudly showing off his manhood. As the man still screaming and now clutching his crouch fell on his back I finally noticed what just happened. 

Gwenevere was no longer standing in between me and the table instead she moved, in the block of an eye, from me to the left side of the man. The fingernails on her right hand were elongated to almost 10 cm each. Their tips were still slightly glowing. As thoughts of what happened crossed my mind I scarily looked down on the ground where I saw somewhat worst than any nightmare.

The member who just stood proud before me was now laying there on the ground. While he was somehow still erect he was also chopped up like a hotdog into multiple pieces. The edges were burned and the room was filled with the slight scent of burned meat. I don't think I can ever eat meat again after this.

While I was still contemplating every life choice I ever made to end up in this situation Miia started talking, the man had since quieted down a little but not out of his own choice rather because Gwenevere was holding his mouth should. Allowing only muffled screams to leave while his body still rocked in pain from time to time.

"I really don't think know what you thought you were doing. But you can honestly be glad if you get out of here with your life. I mean don't you even know who the person you wanted to speak to is? Honestly, I don't even care, and by the way for your size that your dick wasn't even that impressive. Do you want to see a really impressive one?"

As she said that she suddenly pulled down my panties revealing my own much smaller one, What the fuck is she thinking there is no way I can get hard after seeing another once chopped into pieces. 

It seems like Miia noticed the same as a small pout appeared on her face. But it was quickly replaced with mischief as she bowed down and took it in her much. While using her right hand to fondle my balls. And once again even though the situation could be any worse I could feel my dick being filled to the brim with blood not even ten seconds later Miia popped it out of her mouth before watching it grow before her eyes.

And the size that It grew to honestly scared me. I had to guess that I was too caught up in lust and Miias body that I didn't notice my own after all I also didn't even notice my tail and ears. But my size was truly enormous now fully at mast it stood up halfway up my breast. That meant if with the body size difference mine was around ten centimeters bigger. And the girth was equally as impressive. Even while pressing as hard as I could my fingers still left a two-centimeter gap from closing around it.

Averting my eyes from my organ they meet the only man in the room. His eyes were now completely empty of all emotions fixated on my enormous tool. Seconds after they closed as it seemed like he passed out from the pain.

After a while of silence, Gweneveres voice refilled the room her voice filled with an emotion I couldn't decipher.

"You two go to my apartment here in the Uni it's just past that door."

Not wanting to see the guy any longer I quickly got up and after somewhat covering myself with a t-shirt I quickly left. 

I heard the two others still talking for a little. Followed by a scream from the secretary. Before they joined me in the apartment.


Writing about lots of dicks.

I should probably get some help.