22. Smut?
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What have I gotten myself into? Still almost nude only in my bra, I've found myself in the unknown apartment. Its furniture in a similar style to her office but the design went even further to modern compared to the rest of the building. It wasn't as 'sterile' as the office the furniture not in the same plain white style instead she choose a light brown wood for everything in the room. I sat down in a chair surrounding a medium-sized table in the middle of the room. 

Opposite of me was a large bookshelf covering the upper part of the wall underneath it were a bunch of cabinets, everything made from the same wood as the table and chair, but with different decorative patterns engraved into them.  Bringing my eyes back to the books I noticed that I could even read some of the names. While even of the once where I could make out the letters most were just gibberish some made sense.

The one that stood out to me the most was titled. My doing. unlike the others, it wasn't neatly arranged by size and color. But instead, it laid on top of the bookshelf its cover black with white letters. No engraving or anything special to make it stand out. While I was interested in why it wasn't with the others somehow I just didn't feel like taking a look. But why? Normally I'm super interested in stuff like this. The kind of thing most others would just ignore. I used to get super invested in. 

Then it hit me.

What am I doing here? How did I get so distracted by this room? The room of someone who I've only just meet today. I know almost nothing about her except her name. And her relationship with Miia. Who I thought was my Miia. Just mine...

But before I could lose myself in my thought again the door opened once again and she steps in. It seems like she has this way and perfect timing of scrambling my thoughts. For the second time today, she just stood in front of me smiling. The source of all my late problems. But even so, I couldn't help but feel extremely attracted. And all I could do was look back at her.

I could feel how my expression change from sad to a slight smile just by meeting her eyes. I was never the shy type. Rather, I was usually the proactive one. But somehow seeing her like that, her slightly cocky smile directed at me made me once again unable to do anything but continue to smile at her.

As expected she didn't have the same problem as me confidently she made her way around the table pulling back the chair next to me. But instead of sitting down, she turned the one I was sitting on around so I was facing her while still sitting.

"I hope you're ok. I bet you aren't used to seeing violence on humans. Or in this s case humanoids. But what that guy did was inexcusable. And worst of all was his timing don't you agree? Without him, you'd have my Gweneveres slutty little mouth wrapped around you proving her worth to you. But down worry even if you calmed down that won't last long." As she said so her index finger slightly tapped against my still exposed privates.

As soon as she made contact a shock rocked my body but not in an unpleasant way, not rather the opposite. And as I saw the point of contact I realized I once again grew just from a single touch from her. I really need to build up a resistance. 

But my compositions still weren't completely gone. And the thoughts I had just a second ago still roamed my mind. Forcefully pulling my mind back I said my first words in a while.

"Miia. It's not that I don't think you are super attractive but this is all going too fast.... at least..... I.... talk......."

As I said those words I brought my eyes back from my body to once again meet hers this time with determination in mine. But when I saw her face it all vanished.

As she started talking she bend her knees squatting down while staying on her feet. While her right hand was still close to me. Her left was tugging a bunch of locks behind her ear. While her hair was always perfect even more so with that small gesture. What really caught me was her expression. The smile was still dancing over her face arrange the muscles to even greater heights of perfection. Her lips reflected it as well but there was more. Her lower lip wasn't completely exposed. Parts of it were hidden behind some of her perfectly white teeth as she bit down on her lower lip.

That combination of happiness and lust was truly one of the greatest things I have ever had the pleasure to witness. It was so perfect once again brought me out of the concept. As I said her secret talent.

The expression better than that was her face in pure bliss post-climax. And now I'm thinking about that. And it seemed like Miia also noticed as my erection grew even bigger.

Apparently as captivated by me as I was by her, even if it was a different part, Miia reacted quite a while later to what I said.

"I'm sorry what did you say? I didn't quite catch it."

"We'll talk about it later..."

"Good. Come it seems like Gwen has finished showering and we can continue in the other room. Come I carry you."

Before I could intervene she picked me up. I wasn't shocked by her strength as she effortlessly pulled me up but I wasn't expecting it considering she was supposed to be weakened. Thankfully it wasn't bridal carry I don't think I was ready to be carried like that just yet. But with her hands under my ass and my breast against hers, it wasn't much better. As I was still in the same attire and she was only in a thin white cloth. I could feel her body all against mine. My breasts against hers and my head on her shoulder.

As we arrived in the next room and she sat me down not on a bed but a large grey sofa.

"Not that this isn't comfortable but why not in the bedroom?"

Standing before me she smirked.

"Gwen only has a small bed here barely enough for two. And I thought we need some more space."

Perfectly as she finished her short explanation a door opposite to the one we entered opened and Gwenevere stepped in. Only wrapped in a white towel her skin and hair still wet from her recent shower. Her style completely different from Miia while she was rather playfully and mischievous, Gwenevere had a certain grace about her almost arrogance that took my breath away. She lost that arura when she interacted with Miia replacing it with happiness and submission. If I hadn't looked at Miia so much just now this shooting realization would've been even more extreme. I was extremely attracted to this Gwenevere. 

Even so, I was the first one to speak up. But what I said was completely different from these thoughts.

"How did you get in here? I mean you didn't walk past me did you?"

"What?" Instead of Gwenevere answering Miia took charge of the conversation once again. "I came in from this side to didn't you notice before."

"I guess I didn't. Maybe I thought you teleported or so. I don't remember."

"No, I didn't I walked. This apartment has two entrances the second one is behind that door. It leads to a small floor which itself is liked to bathroom bedroom and main entrance. After we talked to security we used the other as Gwen was full of blood and needed a shower."


"Ye they took care of the big guy. And don't worry if you want to talk about it we can talk tomorrow. I think we could all use some fun. Now."