23. SMUT! (SMUT)
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Miia was still standing before me, where she dropped me off. Facing Gwenevere Miia beckoned her to come closer. Carefully stepping forward, she brought herself closer to Miia embracing her. But apparently, Miia was no longer in the mood to be lovely Dovey as she quickly pulled out the other woman's towel. 

While parts of her body were hidden behind Miias I could still make out quite a bit. Her body shape wasn't unexpected as her earlier clothing didn't hide anything, the towel even less so. But it seemed like she didn't mind as rather than trying to hide herself from me she just got on her knees.

"Mistress. May I undress you? I wish to be of service."

While that reaction was quite a shock even more of a surprise was when Miia, instead of allowing her just walked away and sat down on my left. Her right arm weaving around my back resting against my waist pressed my shoulder even more into her bust. Her other hand found its way once again around my long fully erected penis. Slowly circling around its head. Making me shudder in anticipation.

Leaving the other woman just sitting on the floor for a while Miia finally answered.

"You may not. I don't think you've earned that reward yet little girl. But considering how we got interrupted so rudely the last time you tried, I have an idea what you can do."

Not even a second after she finished Gwenevere started moving. Staying on her knees she crawled over the grey-white carpet even going so far as to go underneath the glass table. Only to get up from all fours to once again kneel in front of me. Her still slightly wet breast rubbing against my knees as she got closer I could feel her already nipples grazing me.

But before she started with the second blowjob in just a few days she stopped just a few centimeters away. In her eyes a marvelous expression. Something my old self would've greatly enjoyed and filled with pride. Not that I didn't like the thought that my body impressed someone now, maybe I am just too filled with lust and need to care. Especially when her delicate finger carefully felt around it. While I loved her touch that intense spark Miias had was missing. Not that her body touching mine didn't feel great, rather now that I knew Miias nothing could compare.

"It's natural right? Not magic, then how is it so big. How did it even fit into your panties? It should have completely burst them."  The black-haired woman in front of me asked carefully. 

Now that I think about it. That was weird but it seemed like on any other topic Miia knew the answer.

"They are specially produced and even enchanted. Extra durable, soft, and stretchy. Top-notch quality. But now stop talking." As she said that she removed her hand from my genitals. Even though I didn't feel that special spark anymore what she did was a great trade. Her thumb and index slightly sticky from some of my pre-cum found their way to the kneeling girl's lips. Who promptly opened them and started sucking. Not long after Miia pulled her hand back to Gweneveres's apparent dislike because she longingly followed with her head. 

Once there were free Miia used her still wet fingers to comb back some other girls still wet strands of hair, so they didn't cover her face.

Teasingly Miia remarked. "If you like the taste so much maybe you should finally start."

Slowly nodding the headmistress agreed. Using both her hands to carefully grab around its base and make out its girth. She started slowly stocking up and down only a little meanwhile Miia did the same with her hand still in the black hair. While Gweneveres soft hands slowly sped up she started pulling my stiff standing penis down slowly so she could reach its head. That not only caused an additional pleasant straining feeling in its base but mostly made me exerted for what was to follow. 

I didn't have to wait for too long as her waiting lips and tongue quickly made contact with my lower head. Kissing the tip and licking up more precum her quick tongue slivered all over my dick. Just its teasing licking was enough to make me want to cum. Her licking was great even better than Miias. And that's not something I would say without meaning it. Upon a closer look, I noticed that something was off with her tongue. It was longer than any I've ever seen and it thinned out towards the front. Its color was also of as it was a dark almost black red, unlike the normal pink. That was probably related to what race she was. Until now I just assumed she was a normal human but it seems like I need to ask her about it later. 

My current objective was to enjoy her testing. I was enjoying it so much that I leaned back onto my hands. Sharply grabbing the sofas covers. But it seemed like Miia wasn't quite satisfied with her service. As she got increasingly uneasy. 

Speaking up she remarked. 

"That's it? If you continue like that you won't at all satisfy her.  Tsss. It seems like you forgot all our training... But don't worry I will help you out a little." In an almost threatening tone, she added "But only this time. Since it's been so long. So OPEN UP you whore."

Right after the quick warning, she used her left hand, which was still massaging the other woman's black hair, to quickly, in one thrust, skewer her throat onto my dick. The sudden unexpected sensation made me clench my hands and thighs harder than I ever had before. While waiting for the sudden surge of pleasure to ripple through me. 

While Gwenevere wasn't completely surprised as she thankfully opened her mouth as wide as she could, which was quite impressive as I thankfully didn't meet any of her teeth. her hands also grabbed onto my thighs as she quickly deep-throated me. But even with her mouth and throat full of me and her nose buried into my hairless belly, she didn't seem to mind. As soon as I cleared my mind from the sudden sensation I could feel her tongue move again. Still slivering around a now lower part of my penis. As well as her throat and mouth to suck on its entire length. 

But even with that much work, Miia wasn't satisfied as she not only gripped onto her head but her hair itself. She used it as a handle to push the sucking head back and forward on me. She didn't pull back even close to far enough so her throat was free and she could breathe. Rather she only ever pulled back a few centimeters before she slammed her down again. To my pleasure, that whole ordeal continued for a few minutes. 

While I was in great pleasure and just seconds away from coming I couldn't help but worry about Miia suffocating her on my dick. So I tried to interview.

"Miia don't you think you should let her catch her breath?"

Not worried and continuing in her motion Miia responded.

"That cute of you. But don't worry she's fine. She's a vampire after all."

"SHES WHAT? While that explains her Tongue and the air. DON'T VAMPIRES HAVE FANGS?"

"They sure do but like their and your claws, they only appear when they want them to. You shouldn't worry about something like that. I know everything about my girly. Including you."

The way she said that last part made me shutter. It felt like a predator talking to her prey. Apparently, the last time we had sex she only let me have control I didn't take it. That thought didn't make me feel worse rather It made me want to submit to her. And that while I had another woman kneeling in front of me full of my dick.

Just the thought of Miias dominant side made me aroused even more. It also pushed me over my long-awaited climax. My hands that were mostly used as leverage quickly moved next to Miias on Gweneveres's head. Pushing it down with as much force as I could muster. I came straight down her throat directly into her stomach. After an incredible orgasm that lasted over a minute. I let go of her head. Miia removed her hand as soon as I took over her job of pushing the apparent vampire's head down. As she instead found her place on my balls cupping them and once again slightly pressing onto them while buckets of cum splatter out them.

Once I finally finished I just released her head letting her fall back onto the carpet. I fell back as well onto the sofa. My mind still clouded and exhausted from the mind-blowing orgasm I just experienced. 

Laying there I didn't see what the other two did but without any sort of pause, I heard them talking. Miia once again engaging the conversation.

"Not bad bitch. Even though you've let yourself go you still know how to suck cock properly, but next time don't expect any kind of help. But before we do anything kiss me and give me some of her cum. I haven't had any today and my body is thirsting for her seed."

Obviously exhausted Gwenevere responded.

"I'm sorry Mistress. It got all directly into my stomach I don't have any to give. Lucy pulled me down I had no control"


After that, I heard a loud slap. I quickly got back up to see what happened. As Miia continued.

"Don't you dare talk back? And If you ever talk back of your new mistress Lucy ever again you'd wish you weren't immortal."

The Vampire's normally white check was now glowing red. Miias hand still in the air. But to my surprise, her just slapped face didn't show anger, pain, or sadness. Instead, her expression was that of a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar that realized it did wrong. Underneath the guilt maybe even a hint of lust. 

Noticing my lock of shock on my face Miia quickly leaned to my ear and whisper into it.

"Don't worry I'm not some abusive bitch. This little girl is just a huge masochist under her thought surface. That why you need to treat her a bit rough in the bed. As long as you make up for it afterward she loves it." Turning back around the person in question she continued.

"I will forgive you one last mistake today but make sure something like this won't happen again anytime soon. And considering how much Lucy enjoyed your work you even earned yourself a reward. But remember just this time. Don't expect me to be so considered next time."

The other woman's expression instantly changes to happiness as she heard those words.

"Thank you mistress Miia and don't worry that won't happen again. And thank you Mistress Lucy for enjoying me and I'm sorry for what I said."

Being kinda taken aback by what just happened I didn't know what to say.

"Don't mention it."


The classic almost 2k word blowjob scene. HAha

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