24. SMUT2! (SMUT)
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Miia moved down from where she was sitting on the wide sofa. Standing in front of Gwenevere, she picked her up the same way she picked me up earlier. But instead of placing the black-haired woman down the same careful way, she did me. She just threw the vampire next to me, her exposed breasts jiggling delightfully. Landing, she let out a small screech before wiggling around a little to make herself more comfortable.

Getting back on the sofa next to the two of us, Miia once again took control over the naked woman positioning. The read-head quickly got a hold of Gweneveres legs dragging them on either side of her own head. Being put in such a restricted and revealing position caused the woman in question to let out a drawn-out moan before Miia cut her off and locked her in that position. She did so by roughly positioning her perfect ass on top of the moaning mouth, the other woman's upper body, head, and legs lock in between her own.

Soon after she sat down, her clothes disappeared into nothingness. Revealing her gorgeous body to me once again. Not a second after she did so, I could hear a slipping slabbering sound coming from the buried head. Right after it started, Miia's closed her eyes as her smile grew even wider. And once the lower woman's hands found their way onto Miias ass cheeks spreading them to allow better access. I could see Miias legs clench, pressing her down and together, becoming even more restrictive. Resulting in another muffled moan escaping from between them.

As Miia opened her eyes, she instantly made contact with mine, as well as my still erect member. Her smile quickly changed from a blissful to a wicket one. She bent forward towards me and placed both her hands on Gwenevere's ass and spread it apart, just as the owner did to her. Hopefully, vampire pussy doesn't need to breathe either, as this one was basically drowning in her own juices. 

As she did so, Miia spoke to me in her usual teasing tone.

"Like I said, let's get ready for the second part. And I think now is the perfect time for you to test out this lewd little hole?"

Super horny but still unsure, I had to ask.

"You sure she wants this? Isn't she in love with you?"

Her expression not wavering, Miia quickly responded.

"Don't worry about her. All she wishes is to be of use. Wouldnt you agree, slut? How about you beg a little?" 

As she said that, she moved up her ass a little, revealing the equally wet and messy face of the once so proud vampire.

"Yeeeesss. Pleeease fill up my tight pussyyyy. I'll be a good girl. Please, mistresses, use to me to satisfy yourselves."

While pleading, she tried to wiggle her ass, but as Miia still had an iron grip on her entire body, the results were quite limited. But with the consent given, I didn't waste any more time. I quickly got on my knees in front of the exposed pussy. Once Miia lifted the pale ass, I put in my dick. After a few slips as my dick was still covered in Gweneveres saliva, I satisfyingly stretched her out. I planned to insert as much as possible without allowing her time to adjust, trying to be more assertive as Miia requested. But as soon as I completely buried the tip, the headmistress lower body started shaking. The little I could feel of her insides flexing and relaxing rapidly. Apparently, she came from just its much. It seems like all the teasing was worth it.

While Miia appeared displeased as she released the ass that she was spreading till now and bent back, she quickly grabbed onto the other woman's erect nipples as she sat back up straight. Then, while pinching them roughly, she said.

"I'm glad this cock sleeve enjoys herself. But don't forget your other job."

Her expression returning the pleased one from before she released the nipples. At the same time, the slurping sound, which I didn't even notice disappearing, returned. Miia's now used her hands to massage the breast whose nipples she just painfully squeezed. After which, she looked back to Miia, giving a new suggestion.

"Just go all out. Like I said, she can handle It. Don't hold back. Ride her through her first orgasm and quickly deliver a second. And while you're on I,t take this job from me so I can focus on you."

Leaning once again forwards, her hands quickly left the breast, finding themselves roaming all over my upper body. After her hands made quick work of my bra, she tossed it to the side and gave my breast the same treatment. It was a weird feeling having my breast played with. While I touched mine myself as well as others, the sensation was still completely new. While just contact with my soft boobs felt good, the real winners were easily the moments when one of Miia's fingers came in contact with my nipples. Each time it sent an impulse throughout my body, just like when she touched my lower parts. While I couldn't tell how much it was Miia's special kind of feeling and how much was normal, at least now I knew that I enjoyed being touched almost as much as touching.

Too concentrated on my breast, I completely forgot the main meal, but after swiftly grabbing on Gweneveres soft mounting bar in the form of her large round breasts, I got back on track. While I didn't ride her through her first one as Miia suggested, I wasn't gonna miss it on her second orgasm of the day. And if I had any say in the matter, I was planning on pounding her pussy till it overflooded not only from her juices by my cum. 

This time I didn't hesitate and sheathed myself completely inside her in one quick thrust resulting in a big bulge on her belly. Seeing what I do to a pussy will always be a turnon. Her insides felt as incredible as I hoped. While she lacked Miias specialty, her tightness and massaging qualities were probably even greater than Miia's. As soon as I sheathed myself completely, Miia's expression changed again but this time only for a second. It seemed like the hungry vampire knew to take care of both her jobs.

The satisfied smile on Miia's lips returning. She pulled me closer towards me, whispering into my ears.

"Yes, darling, just like that fuck her brains out. I want to feel her scream into my pussy. "

As soon as I heard those words, I let myself go. Catching Miias lips into a deep kiss thrusting my tongue into her mouth, at the same time, I started doing the same to the submissive pussy I pulled out of for just a bit. 

French kissing the most beautiful woman to exist while going balls deep our shared lovers. My hands roaming both their bodies. From Gweneveres clit to Miia's back, no place was left unexplored by my hungry hands. Always searching for a new place to make her tight up or moan into my mouth.

My pleasure rose and rose, never stopping. Riding Gweneveres pussy through orgasm after orgasm, never stopping, and never releasing Miias lips. After one particularly heavy orgasm, which made the vampire pussy squeeze harder than before, she clamped to an almost painfully level, I felt myself about to cum. Pushing in as deep and hard as I could one last time, I dub my fingers deep into Gwenevere's breasts. I came immensely directly into her womb. I came so much I felt it overflowing. Leaking down from her raised pussy onto her flat stomach.

As I was about to pull out, Miia intervened, her mouth now free from mine.

"Stop. Don't pull out. Stay inside her. I don't want any of your cum to go to waste. And since we're going for round two, let me just clean up her belly a little. Keep your cum inside her, mixing it with her fluid."

Saying so, she got up. Making her way next to the two of us, bending down and slurping up all my spills. I could feel her tongue through The freshly fucked belly. If I weren't hard anyway, this would've gotten me there for sure. While watching Miia eat my seed was super hot, I was interested in what happened to Gweneveres's face, so I looked up. Seeing her like this almost made me scared. And if it weren't for her obvious state of bliss, I would've jerked back for sure. 

Her entire face was drenched. Her hair was just as wet as when she came out of the shower but not from the water this time. Her tongue was hanging out of her wide smiling mouth. Still moving and twitching from time to time. Her eyes were just pure white. There wasn't even the hint of iris they rolled back so far into her skull. Her legs still in the same position, locked next to her head as Miia left them. Even further out were her arms, laying unmoving. If it weren't for her pussy spazzing around my dick, I would've thought she was dead from coming too much.

Also, noticing what we did, Miia got up and noted.

"How disappointing. It seems like we almost broke our toy. I don't think she will get back up today. So just pull out, and the two of us have some more fun. It seems like your huge cock finished her. "

In a quieter voice, she added. "How sad I didn't even get to use mine."

Positioning herself on the passed-out woman once again, Miia started sucking the top side of my dick while I slid out. Closing her moth around the destroyed pussy, sucking and eating anything spilling out.

Starting with a cleanup blowjob, the two of us enjoyed each other's for hours till the sun came up. The headmistress never woke up. Passed out, she didn't even notice us carrying her to her bedroom, where the two of us fell asleep cuddling next to her.

Part 2 is done. I hope you liked it. Consider voting and rating. Thx

Not so long as yesterday but more condense smut.

I hope nobody is disappointed with their dynamic so far. I will extend further soon. (Even outside the bedroom (But also inside. (Or Living room in this case.)))