25. The morning after
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Waking up the next morning, I could still feel Miia's soft body cuddled against mine. My head placed softly against her bust. Her arms around my head and back pressing me lovingly into her. One of her thighs laid over my waist, my entire body, held into a tight embrace.

Slowly becoming conscious more and more I managed to free only of my arms from her tight embrace. Trailing circles over her lower back and shapely ass. Wasting away the morning trying to get closer to my lover and just relaxing in her warmth. The sun was already up way longer than I was. The window was right behind the headboard, the morning rays caressing my body only adding to my delight.



Don't we have a vampire next to us in the bed?

Slightly worried I tried to escape Miia's comforting body.

Moving my head back slightly to get a glimpse of my surroundings I looked up. Meeting another pair of red eyes loving gaze. But to my surprise, they weren't Miia's beautiful ruby once. I would recognize her fantastic eyes everywhere and while these were still a beautiful shade of red these were darker, with an almost black undertone.

There was only one other person with me in this bed. Pushing myself back even further I exclaimed:


Her expression completely ignored my panicked backing and remained a happy smile.

“Good morning mistress. Also, all of my friends just call me Gwen, or you can just call me however you want to.”

It seemed like Miia was once again gone in the morning. It made sense after all she needed to save as much energy as she could. After all, manifesting a physical body was a heavy burden on her still weakened self. Still, while awaking with a hot vampire embracing me was nice, I am surprised that she didn't revert to her stoic character. Voicing my concern had to I ask her.

"Why are you still in this mood. Miia is long gone. And we are still basically strangers. The only reason we are here is because of Miia. Honestly, I still can't believe you are so ok with Miia sharing you like you are her property." 

Sitting up on the white bed I had a good look at Gwen's. While I had obviously seen her naked all evening, seeing her with my mind free from the clouds of lust and desire made her appear much more gracefully. She prodded herself on one arm the other draped over her body its hand resting on her upper thighs. The thin white blanket up to her waist pressed tightly against her body, accentuating her curvy hips. Her skin was still perfectly white not the slightest sign of abuse even after a not-so-soft night the hopefully light bruising probably internal. Noticing my roaming eyes her soft smile breaking into a toothy one she answered. 

"I know why you ask such questions. You don't know Miia as well as I do." 

While it kinda hurt she was right. I only knew Miia for a few weeks and only a few hours in her body. Furthermore, Miia's old lover added.

"Miia would never choose me over you. I hate it but even though what we had was true love, she was madly obsessed with finding her soul mate. And now that she found you she won't ever give you up. Not even for me. Thankfully she is very open about love and doesn't mind a polygamic relationship. While as I said before I don't love it but it's one million times better than not being with her at all. Well, that only works if you are ok with it. She would never want to displease you. That's why I want to work things out with you."

"I get it...and I'm sorry."

I came in here and just broke what she had with Miia. If something like this happened to me I could never forgive either of them. If Miia wasn't this relaxed I could've destroyed a perfect relationship for a woman I don't even know too well. I had these thoughts before, but whenever I am next to Miia I can't think straight. Is this what finding your love is like. Or...

Gwen got up discarding the blanket revealing her entire nude form. She crawled over to me sitting down in my lap and hugged me tightly. Not in a sexual way just in a loving embrace. Carefully she whispered.

"Don't be. Never be sorry for who or what you love. Just spend some time with us and before you know. It will be normal. Maybe we even become closer."

Embracing her tightly my eyes became all watery. This isn't fair I shouldn't be the one crying. Gwen just reunited with her long-lost love and I just took it away. Forced her to share with me, and on top of that now she was the one comforting me. Even though it should be the other way around. I just felt so guilty for a crime I didn't commit. We just sat there in each other's arms the older woman caressing my back and stroking my hair. 

Once I stopped sobbing she was also the one to breaking the silence.

"We should definitely talk about this some more another time. But if you are fine with it we need to get going. We still have some things to do and it's already past noon. Let's shower first."

"Ok... I'm good... "

"Glad to hear that let's go then."

Rubbing away my dried tears I followed Gwen as she stood up and walked outside. Skipping the hallway we stood in a bathroom. It wasn't too big but large enough for a bathtub and separate shower. Turning on the latter one Gwen pulled me under it. As she washed away the sweat and other bodily fluids from yesterday. Cleaning my long hair with shampoo I was shocked that this was the same woman who screamed for me to fuck her just a few hours ago. But then again I held her head down while I cam and just cried into her shoulder. Ugg.

Even though it just happened a few seconds ago thinking back already made me cringe. Squirming around on the shower stool I obviously got some shampoo into my eyes. And as I found out the hard way Miia's 'magic eyes' weren't soap proof.

Once we dried ourselves after the shower I asked Gwen if she had a toothbrush as I didn't have one in my old room or just forgot to use one. But instead of a normal or electric one, I got a fully automatic one. Just biting on it took care of everything including mouthwash. That was weird.

After that, we got dressed as I had no chance of clothes I put on mine from yesterday. To my displeasure even the same underwear as after trying a pair Gwen gave me I quickly realized I needed my special one. The normal one was way too tight.

Gwen herself wore something less businesslike than yesterday apparently she took the day off to help me out. She wore a pair of black leggings with just a black V-cut shirt. To top it off she picked a pair of black sunglasses. The classic all-black look even black socks. But that reminded me of something. 

"You are a vampire right?"



"If you want to ask about the sun. While I don't like it and get sunburnt easily It's not deadly. I'm not your run-of-the-mill vampire after all."

"Good. Good. I was worried about you this morning."


"No worries."


"So what you are saying the normal vampires just die?"

"They get badly burned quickly and yes after 20-30 minutes they die. Well, the weak once. But not the newly transformed once. It's like a curve once you are freshly infected you are safe and at first, it gets worst. At around a year, it's the worst. Sunburn in a few seconds. But then it gets better the older they become."

"So vampireism is like a diseease."


"I'm sorry that sounded rude."

"No, you are right it is."

"Oh. Ok... If I may ask who infected you?"

"That's a long story and we should really get going."

Here expression in the entire conversation was unreadable to me. The sunglasses didn't help. But something about the way she reacted to the last question worried me. Following her outside, we walked through her office as I still had my trench coat inside. As we walked past the bookshelf I remembered something. Stopping in front of the sunproof vampire I picked up the book I saw on top of the shelf and handed it to her.

"Here seems like someone misplaced it."

"Ohh... this... thanks."

As I had it in my hand I noticed the author. Gwenevere Featherslight.

"Wait you wrote this?"


"What is it about?"

"The dark place I was at when Miia left me."


Now I felt bad again. 


We walked downstairs without either of us saying a word. 


But as we arrived at the front door. Gwen turned around facing me a smile on her face. 

"OK, gladly we didn't meet anyone inside. But before I forget to say it please call me Headmistress or Lady Featherslight outside even when we are alone."

"Sure. No worries Headmistress."

"Glad to hear that Miss..."

"Just call me Miss Lucy. or wait Lady then I also sound like royalty."

"Sure. Lady Lucy. But if royalty knew who you really are they would bow to you."

As we made our way outside I had to ask even more.

"So you're saying there still royalty? Even if their crow was definitely not given by Miia."

"Yes to the question and no to the given titles."

"Wait what?"

"We are here."

Following Gwen's gaze, my eyes laid onto an even larger building than the one we just came out of. Probably almost one hundred meters from side to side. While it was not much higher than the other one It had no sloped roof. Its style more modern and no apparent wooden support. But its color scheme fitting to the older buildings around the campus.

"This looks like an arena."

"Because it is. This is where you are going to be tested."

"Wait what? I didn't study for a test. Nobody told me about this."

"No pressure but most people would commit murder to be allowed an off-season test. And some even for a normal one."