~Chapter 4~ Part 1
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"Ah, there it is! ‘Goldfish Poop Gang'!" I smiled triumphantly and began jotting down the description. "So it's an ineffectual group of bad guys who keep showing up and are often played for laughs. Got it."

I put a period to the end of the line and my smile slowly turned into a frown. I had to cram the second half of the sentence into a corner and it still ran over to the next page. Ironically, this was still one of the easier-to-read parts of my notes. Most of the pages were scribbled over with corrections and underlines while others were half-empty and the entire thing was a mess in general.

I snapped the notebook shut and clicked my tongue in irritation. I would have to copy the entire thing over to the computer soon. It should make things easier to correct and organize in the long run.

"I guess I will do it after school." Speaking of which, I moved the cursor over the taskbar and checked the time. "Damn, it's seven in the morning already?"

I glanced at the window and, surely enough, there were rays of light seeping through the shutters. I stood up and limbered up my neck. I felt surprisingly awake. I haven't slept a wink and yet I wasn't drowsy. Not even particularly tired. That was weird.

And if something was weird...

"No need for sleep?" I scratched the phrase into the cramped bottom of the ‘Anomalies' page and put an especially big question mark at the end. Maybe it was only the adrenaline that kept me running all night long, or possibly just the site I was browsing, but one could never know.

Speaking of which, I leaned over the computer and leafed through the twenty or so open tabs in my browser. For a moment I thought about sitting down again, but I decided against it. Whilst researching terminology while jumping from link to link was both fun and educational, my primary objective was collecting more empirical data at the moment, and I could hardly do that while I was cooped up in my room. Thus I made sure my tabs were bookmarked and then put the machine into standby mode.

I straightened my back and stretched, enjoying the rush of blood while it lasted, then began my morning preparations. I still had more than enough time till school started, but I wanted to get some other things done before I went there, and as they say, there's no better time than the present.