Revenge To This Beautiful Goddess!!
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"Haah... I finally won! I can't believe it!"
The boy exclaimed and took a headset off of his head. He stretched his sore back and leaned on his gaming chair.

"It took me six hours to win this match! Jeez...I swear that this large scale battle took way longer than it should have..."

The name of the boy was Yumi Yudai. He loved to play the old-time classic, his favorite MMORPG game called World Of Warcraft. Just now, he was in a battle which would once and for all determine, who was better. The Alliance or The Horde.

Yumi showed a triumphant smile and declared, "Those Alliance bastards sure underestimated us! But in the end, we pulled through and defeated them! This just goes to show that Horde is the best!"

"But man...the battle sure was hard-fought...Fortunately, Kratos, one of the best players from Alliance didn't join the fight. But it's not like he would be able to save them anyway..."

He looked into a nearby mirror and noticed that his hair was a bit greasy.
"Not washing your hair for a whole week sure makes your head uncomfortable."

He got up and went to the bathroom. He washed his hair and took a quick shower while he was at it. Yumi was pretty lazy, but he made sure he was clean before going to bed.

However, sometimes, he didn't even feel like using the toilet as it was too far away, so he used a pissbottle. It was disgusting and his parents already told him that, yet for him, it was a lifesaver. Once he is in an online battle, there is no time for using the toilet so he has to use the emergency pissbottle.


"Hmm? What was that?" He looked towards his computer screen and noticed that a fierce discussion was taking place after the grand battle.

[Scum from Horde! You were definitely cheating, weren't you?!]

[You were just lucky that most of our higher skilled players weren't online, or else it would be an easy win for us!]

[Of course they were cheating, they are always cheating!]

Yumi sighed at their outburst. Alliance players were always acting cocky, Horde never really wanted to have a war in the first place, but due to how the Alliance has been treating them, they had no choice but to comply.

The game was 50 years old, and the two grand races were fighting for more than 40 years. No one knows who started it, but one thing was certain. This was supposed to be their last battle, yet it turned out that the Alliance bastards had no backbone and couldn't accept a loss. Some of these players were playing this game for more than 30 years, yet they still acted like kids and couldn't accept defeat, moreover, they were also bad at games.

"Heck, I am only sixteen years old and I was playing this game for 8 years, yet I am much more skilled than most players in this game. For some reason, my luck in games is really good. I get amazing drops and loot every time."

He cracked his knuckles and put his fingers on the keyboard. He clicked on caps lock and grinned.
"The nastiest keyboard warrior has joined the war! Let me flame you into oblivion!"
Instead of sleeping, he spent the entire night spamming messages to the salty Alliance players. After he was done, he closed his eyes and entered the world of sleep.


He woke up in pain and put his hands on his neck.
"Why does my neck hurt so much? Did I sleep on the wrong side? Heck...Where the hell am I?"

He looked around the room and noticed that he wasn't in his room anymore, but instead, the room he was in was pitch black.

"Did I sleepwalk again? I hope it wasn't as severe as it was before."

Sometimes, Yumi would sleepwalk. Most of the time, it wasn't that bad, he would usually circle around his room and go back to bed, but one time, he took off all of his clothes and left his house at night. He walked around his garden completely naked for a few hours until his mom saw him and woke him up. Who knows how many people saw him before she stopped him.

"God...I wish it never happened...So embarrassing...If you want to sleepwalk, then don't take your stupid clothes off..." He hit his chest a few times as if he was scolding himself.

"Anyway...Where the hell am I this time? Did I walk into some cave or something? We don't even have caves in Japan. least not in my vicinity."

"Yumi Yudai, welcome to the afterlife. Unfortunately, you've died. It truly saddens me to tell you this, but your short life's now over."
Someone suddenly spoke to him in the darkness. The woman snapped her fingers and a white, piercing light illuminated the room.

In the room, was a pair of chairs, which was presumably for the woman in front of him, and the second one was for Yumi.

While Yumi never saw a goddess in his life, he was sure that the person in front of him was a deity.
She was the most beautiful person he has ever seen. Even idols and porn actresses weren't as pretty as her.
She had long, silky smooth blue hair and was around Yumi's age
Well, at least she looked his age, but she was probably millions of years older than him.

Her figure was top-notch, and she had a purple-pink shawl draped over her clothes, which added to her overall beauty.

The woman blinked her eyes, which were the same aqua-blue color as her hair, and stared at him, as he was trying to figure out what was going on.

"Why don't you take a seat first? We will discuss what will happen to you from now on. Just leave it to me. I shall guide your soul to the afterlife. It will be a quick process."

Seeing that she pointed towards the chair, He sat down in the chair and looked at her in disbelief.

"I died? But how?! I remember falling asleep in my room! There is no way I could have died! I even locked the door so that I couldn't leave the room if I were to sleepwalk! Wait...did I lock the door?"

The realization hit him harder than a truck and he figured out that due to those stupid Alliance trolls, who were spamming the forums, he forgot to lock the door to his room.

"Oh no...Don't tell me I died somewhere outside of my house while sleepwalking?! Did a car hit me?"

The beautiful woman shook her head in response to his question.
"Don't worry... You died inside of your room."

"Is that so...Well... at least I didn't sleepwalk outside of my house this time..."

"Hm? I never said that. I only told you that you didn't die outside, but you did indeed leave your room while being half asleep and it was really hilarious! Hehe!" The woman put her hand on her mouth and giggled.

'For some reason, I feel like beating up this woman. She is literally making fun of my death!'

Yumi was known in the World Of Warcraft community for being the most toxic player from Horde, no matter which race or sex you belonged to, once you pissed him off, he would throw unique insults on you, which could make even the strongest men shudder, but right now, he was trying his hardest to hold himself back, so that he can understand what happened to him.

"Um...Goddess-sama...Can you please elaborate on how I died? I am only sixteen years old and I don't believe I should die so young! There has to be some kind of mistake!"

"Oh...sure. But are you ready to hear the truth? Cuz I've been doing this for a long time, but you're the first to die in such a hilarious and stupid way!" The woman put her hands on her stomach and heartily laughed at his misfortune.


"Please stop making fun of my death." Yumi scrunched up his face and tried to maintain his smile but this woman was getting on his nerves.
'I really hope that she can't read minds even though she is a god, because if she knew what I am thinking about her right now, she might send me to straight to hell or something.'

"Alright alright! My bad! I just vented a bit of my frustration on you as I have so much stuff to do lately. Anyway...Your sleepwalking definitely took a part in your death. You left your house at about 2 am in the morning, took off all of your clothes and walked around in your neighborhood. Some women who were returning from a hardcore party saw you and took some pictures of you, following which they put you on all kinds of social sites like Facebook and Instagram. Some of your neighbors called the police on you. It was simply tragic. Even I felt embarrassed for you."

"Shut up! I don't want to hear it! I don't want to hear something so humiliating!"

The girl walked to Yumi and smiled mischievously,
"When you finally returned to your room, you tripped on your pissbottle and broke your neck on the corner of the table. You also somehow managed to open the bottle of urine by accident and splashed it all over your body! When your mom saw you, she was really grossed out! Truly a pathetic and funny death for a Nerd Otaku like you!"

"Shut up, shut up! This can't be real! How can there be such a useless way to die? This is unbelievable! You are definitely messing with me, right?!"
Looking down at Yumi hiding his head in his arms, the girl covered her mouth and laughed.

"… Well, that ends my storytelling! This is our first meeting, Yumi Yudai-san. My name is Aqua. I'm a goddess that guides people who die in Japan. Now, putting aside how funny your demise was, you now have two options."

'... I swear to god...I will beat this girl up...' Yumi was on the verge of exploding. Never in his life was he humiliated this much.

"The first option would be reincarnating and beginning a new life and the other option would be staying in a place sort of like heaven and stay bored until your soul dissipates. Although I do not recommend going to heaven for various reasons."

"Eh, well, how's the place called heaven then? It has to be a place full of free stuff, where people can play all kinds of games and enjoy themselves, right?"

Aqua sighed and replied,
"Heaven isn't as great as you humans would imagine. You don't need to eat after dying and won't be able to make any food naturally. There aren't any ingredients nor necessities for you to use anyway. I'm sorry if I disappointed you, but there's nothing in heaven. No television, no manga no games and no anime. Only other people that died before you. Moreover, since you're already dead, you can't do any of your acts."

"Hm? Which acts are you talking about?"

"You can't take off your clothes and run around naked. You can't even play with your Willy since you don't even have a real body. The only thing you can do is bask in the sun with your predecessors and chat. Forever. It's really a boring place. I don't wish to return there either."

'Why does she keep on telling me about that embarrassing thing... I do not know why I take off my clothes myself...she doesn't need to rub it in...But anyway, no computer games and no entertainment? Rather than heaven, that'd be closer to hell. What am I supposed to do in heaven then? There is no way that basking in the sun is my only option...'

Looking at Yumi's face, she smiled and said,
"Hey… You surely don't want to go to a boring place like heaven, right? However, asking you to let go of all of your memories and start again as a baby is the same as erasing your existence since your memories will be gone. You wouldn't want that, right? And so, I've great news for you!"

Yumi frowned and said, "I don't like where this is going."

Aqua looked at the wary Yumi and replied,
"You love games, right? That MMORPG crap? Then I have great news for you! I can transport you to a magical world! What do you say?"

"What do you mean by that? Is it that simple?"

"Of course it's not...It won't be for free. Your goal will be to defeat a Demon King, the strongest Demonic being in the whole world who threatens the peace of the world with his army. The world is in crisis and needs your help! Hero! I am begging you...please help this world!"
Aqua switched from her cocky attitude to a passionate goddess, as if she was genuinely asking for his help.

'I don't feel like I can trust her...'

"The people who died in that world were killed by the Demon King's army and were very afraid, saying that they didn't want to die like that again. Therefore, almost all of the people who died rejected reincarnating in that world again. More specifically, that world will end if this continues. Therefore, we are sending dead people from another world into this world to make sure something like that won't happen.

"To make your life easier, I will give you a powerful...what do you call it? Yes... a cheat! It may be a powerful ability, an exceptional talent or a god-level weapon. What do you think? It might be another world, but you can live once more. For the people of that world, someone will appear who can fight immediately. How about it? Isn't this great news?"

'I see... it does sound great. While I don't trust her, I am really excited. I will enter a world I always wanted to be in. Something similar to World Of Warcraft or Everquest? I am in! But it would be a problem if I had to learn their language.'

"Um, I have a question, what about the language? Will I be able to speak the language of the other world?"

Aqua stepped forward and gave Yumi a book.
He opened the book and some kind of ancient power entered his body.

"Wh-What was that?"

"Don't worry! I just gave you the ability to read and speak in their language! Well... there were some risks but it seems like you were lucky enough to survive… Anyway, all that's left is to choose a powerful ability or weapon."

"Wait a second, I think I heard something incredible just now! Did you say I was lucky enough to survive?"

"I didn't say that."

"You did."

While it's true that Yumi was speaking to the goddess, the respect for her was gone the moment she made fun of his death. Right now, he spoke to her as if she was someone of an equal or a lower standing than him.

Aqua closed the book in her hands and threw it away. She opened up a small portal next to her and pulled out some weird cards.

"Please choose. I may grant you one and only one power. It may be a powerful unique ability, or perhaps a legendary weapon. Come, it can be anything. Anything you wish for. You have the privilege to bring this one thing to the other world."

After hearing Aqua's explanation, Yumi took the cards and put them on the floor so that he could understand the strengths and weaknesses of all of those blessings. As he was a veteran player, he had a vast imagination of what these items can do if used properly.

'Undetectable Stealth, Unlimited Ammunition, Strongest Explosion Magic... Heck... that sounds like abilities some terrorists would want, not heroes...'

He looked through all of the cards on the ground and sighed,
'How troublesome, since I'd be going to a world with magic, I really wanted to try using magic. Hence, I should choose an ability based on magic…'

"Hey, hurry it up I don't have time. It doesn't matter which one you choose, nobody is expecting much from a gamer nerd otaku anyway. Can you just pick one and be on your way? Anything will do. Hurry up, hurry up…"

"I-I'm not a nerd…! W-Would you shut up! I am trying to concentrate!"
Yumi answered in a trembling voice, but Aqua simply played with her blue hair and told him disinterestedly,
"It doesn't matter, just hurry up and choose. There are still many dead souls waiting in line! Even goddesses want to enjoy some free time! I am busy all day!"

Aqua sat down in her chair as she spoke, munching on her snacks without even looking at him.

'...This girl doesn't seem like she has to work at all...Not only was she making fun of my death, but she is also acting stuck up. I guess that pretty woman could afford to act like this, but I can't stand this…'

Yumi stood up from the ground and smiled,
"You want me to choose quickly, right? Then I'll just do that.
You said I can bring anything into that world, right? Then...I choose you!"
He pointed at Aqua and said.

Aqua looked surprised for a moment before she resumed with munching her snacks.
"Ah, okay, I don't have time for this, I will send you into that world with a randomly generated thing… Wait...What did you just say?"
Aqua suddenly stopped talking.

"W-What did you just say?"

In the next moment. A woman with wings appeared on the giant platform and flew down from heaven. She looked like an angel.
"So pretty." Yumi couldn't help but mutter.
'I wonder whether every woman in heaven is this beautiful. But it's not like it matters as apparently, I wouldn't have a human body anyway.'

"… Eh?"
As Aqua squealed in surprise, a giant white magic circle appeared under Yumi and the blue light enveloped both him and Aqua.

' is this the teleportation circle? Am I really going to another world? It looks like a recall from League Of Legends!'

"Wait…! Why? Eh, you can't be serious! No! No…! Hold on! This is too weird! How is it allowed to bring a goddess along? There is no one capable enough to do my work for me!! This shouldn't count! Wait! Wait, please?"
Aqua panicked with tears in her eyes, she never imagined that something like this would happen to her.

The angel looked at Aqua and said,
"Have a safe trip, Aqua-sama. Please leave the rest to me. We'll send envoys to welcome you back right after the Demon King is defeated. Before you return, I will handle all of your tasks from Earth."

"Wait! Wait! I may have the ability to heal and revive people as a goddess, but I have no combat ability to speak of! It's impossible for me to defeat the Demon King! There is no way I can defeat it with this disgusting man!"

The angel who appeared ignored Aqua, who collapsed on the floor crying, and gently smiled at Yumi.
"Yumi Yudai-san, you'll be heading to another world now, and will become one of the hero candidates to defeat the Demon King. You'll receive a gift from the gods the moment you defeat the Demon King, but be aware, some heroes... act a little over the top, so you might find yourself in a fight with them."

Yumi decided to ignore the second part as he didn't have much time and asked,
"… Gift? What kind of gift?"

"That's right, a gift befitting the savior of the world… You'll be granted a wish. It may be anything you want!"

"Oh! That's great!"

"Wait! Giving that cool speech is my job too! Don't take it away from me, please! I will do anything! I will even stop drinking the wine out of the godly fridge!"
Aqua wailed on the floor after the angel took her job.

Yumi grinned and felt satisfied after seeing Aqua act this way.
He pointed at Aqua and said:
"You reap what you sow! How does it feel to be companions with a man you looked down on? Hey, you're the 'thing' I've chosen to bring along! Do you understand? You are just an item! I will use your body and soul to make sure I enjoy my life! Hahaha! Since you're a goddess, use your godly powers to make my life easy!"

"No! Going to another world with a man like this, no way…! I don't want to...please...spare me..."

"Hero, may you be victorious among the many hero candidates and be the one to defeat the Demon King…! Well then, I bid you farewell!" The angel bowed and waved at Yumi.

"Wah! That's my line too! Let me go, please!"
With the final yelp from Aqua, the angel sent us both away.