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So, I have been unconscious for two days after frying King Francis, I also do not know what happened to those two thieves but I know one thing my moms finally put a lock on my window.


Then there was a knock at the front door. Makoto opens the door and a woman with white hair and purple eyes stared at Makoto.


"Greetings, son of Urathos by the head of the Divine Council you shall be exterminated"


Makoto was confused. "W-what"


Then suddenly the woman with white hair pulls out two Minebea PM-9 Submachine Guns and pointed towards Makoto's head.


Great now I'm gonna get shot by a deluded angel who has two submachine guns how is this normal and how did she get those.


Then a woman with brown hair slapped the angel on the head.


"Cecilia! you can't pull your guns out on the Divine Child"


Cecilia put her guns away.


"What do you want now Rumi? I was about to bust a cap in his head."


Rumi put her hand against her head and sign.


"We're not suppose to kidnapped the Divine Child we're suppose to bring him to the Divine Council and put him on trial"


Great two angels arguing at my front door out of all the things that have ever happened to me. 


"U-Um excuse me what do you mean by Divine Child?" 


Cecilia and Rumi were shock.


"The Divine Child just spoke us!"  The two angels grovel toward Makoto's feet


Yeah I think after falling unconscious for two days people kind a loosing there minds.