New Threats and Mind Control Part 1
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Paradox goes outside only to see a woman sending high-powered sound waves from her mouth towards Eve, who is trying to calm her down.


The woman does not listen to Eve as she is just trying to protect herself in this unfamiliar place. Upon seeing that her sound-based attack does not work, she resorts to using her enhanced speed and strength, launching toward Eve and sending a heavy punch, which Eve blocks.


Eve retaliates by sending a kick right to her stomach and follows up with a kick to her neck, launching her into the air in an instant.


Right before the woman crashes to the ground, she regains her balance and floats in the air. She then turns one of the clouds above her into a hail of giant ice balls and launches them at Eve, who stops them with her psychic powers. However, the woman appears right in front of her and punches her in the stomach, sending her tumbling to the ground.


Eve groans, standing up, feeling as if a truck had hit her, only to see a fist inches from her face. She creates a barrier, stopping it while also pushing out energy and sending the woman several feet away.


Slightly annoyed, Eve uses her powers to pick up several trees nearby and launches them at the woman, who recovers in time and dodges them.


The woman sends another volley of [Sound Screams], tearing up the ground and pushing Eve back.


Gripping the ground with her feet, Eve brings herself to a halt, then looks at the woman with her eyes now shining with bright energy before launching a powerful pulse of energy, shutting down the woman's body.


With that done, Eve once again brings the woman inside the house, but this time she makes sure to tie her up so she cannot attack anyone.


Sighing, Eve turns towards Paradox and Norika.


“I looked into her mind. It seems like her home planet was destroyed, along with her parents. The one who did it is still out there and will most likely come here looking for her,” Eve says with sad eyes that change to determined ones, hoping to protect the woman, who she learned is called Zeyla.


Norika, after hearing the news, tears up a little at hearing that the woman's home and family perished.


Paradox, on the other hand, looks indifferent but has a slight smile on his face at the prospect of seeing how strong the person who destroyed Zeyla’s home is.


A few hours later, the woman wakes up and tries to escape but calms down somewhat after seeing she is tied up and that the bonds are too strong.


After seeing that she calmed down, Eve begins to explain everything to her about what she saw in her memories. She tells Zeyla she will help her get revenge for her home and family.


A few weeks after that incident, Zeyla seems to be settling in quite nicely, but there are days when she wakes up in a cold sweat after having nightmares about her home.


In the middle of the night, Zeyla leaves the house after making sure everyone is asleep and goes flying around Metro City, unaware that Paradox is watching her the whole time.


Lost in her thoughts, she begins flying north to the nearest city, which is called Neo City. It is at this point that Zeyla snaps back to reality as a force field of energy slams into her, messing with her powers and sending her crashing to the outskirts.


Looking up with blurry eyes, she sees a man looking down at her. His skin is tattooed from head to toe in intricate designs, and his eyes are a piercing shade of green that contrasts sharply with his ink-covered face.


The man pulls out a pendant resembling the Eye of Ra, a glowing green orb encased within an intricately carved golden holder.


Using it, the man begins to slow down time, making it hard for Zeyla to move, freezing her in place. The man introduces himself as Khaos and tells her that she will be under his control.


Upon hearing this, Zeyla begins to struggle more and more. She manages to lift her hand into the air, condensing the clouds above them and turning them into something solid, then pulls her hand down, dropping the clouds at high speeds. The pressure of the falling clouds causes the ground to tremble and quake.


Once the clouds strike the ground, Zeyla smiles, thinking she has defeated the enemy, only for her expression to turn to shock and horror as he stands there unharmed.


With a grin, Khaos creates a barrier around her, warping space, then holds the Eye of Ra in front of her, causing her eyes to droop until she falls asleep.


Sometime later, she wakes up to find herself inside a tube of green liquid, realizing her powers have been restrained.


When she tries to break free, she is zapped by powerful electricity and almost falls unconscious again.


Khaos walks in, wearing an elegant yet menacing suit made of midnight black velvet, adorned with silver chains and spikes. He wears a gold crown upon his head, encrusted with precious gems and sporting two large, curved horns.


“Ah, it's great to see you’re finally awake,” he says, sitting in a nearby chair.


“What do you want with me?” Zeyla growls out angrily.


“What do I want? Well, let's just say I was impressed with the power you showed, and I am willing to recruit you to my organization,” Khaos says, more so telling than asking.


“I would never join the likes of you. I would rather die,” she spits venomously.


Khaos sighs before gesturing to another person in the room to do what they need to do.


This person wears a tattered white lab coat over a soiled surgical gown, revealing discolored skin and yellowed teeth. His hair is unkempt and wild, standing on end like a halo around his head. He carries a bone-white staff with a glowing red gem embedded at its tip.


This is Doctor Midas.


Upon hearing Khaos's command, he pushes a button, causing the tube that Zeyla is in to start bubbling and fizzing as it begins to change her. Once it settles down, we see that her once vibrant eyes are now lifeless like those of a doll.


Doctor Midas opens the pod, letting Zeyla out. She stands there lifeless as if waiting for a command. Looking around, she sees Khaos and immediately kneels down.


“Master, I am at your command. Please use me as you will.” There is no emotion in her voice as she speaks.


Grinning, Khaos gives her her first order, which is to go out and cause as much destruction as possible to Neo City.


Bowing, Zeyla does not speak. Instead, she walks out to carry out her orders.


A few minutes later, we see Zeyla above Neo City, shooting multiple [Sonic Screams], destroying multiple buildings, and causing massive explosions.


With no heroes in this city, no one can stop her. On the other hand, Paradox is watching everything through a portal they created in Metro City.


They decide to sit back and watch the spectacle, observing as Zeyla destroys building after building. Some of the buildings fall with rubble, killing a few citizens.


Inside, Zeyla sees everything that is happening, but her body is moving on its own, and she is not strong enough to resist Khaos's control. She watches as she destroys the city, killing innocents.


After a few minutes, the whole city is destroyed. We also see multiple police cars destroyed and dead officers, showing that they tried to stop Zeyla, only for it to end in failure.


As Zeyla returns to Khaos, Paradox closes the portal and heads to sleep for the night.


With her job done, Khaos knows he now has a valuable asset to his organization and plans to use Zeyla to conquer this world. His next destination is Metro City.


Little does Khaos know, that this will be the worst place he could ever go.


Waking up the next day, as Eve is getting ready for school, she sees the incident in Neo City and is horrified. She does not know what to think, wondering why Zeyla would do such a thing until the screen zooms in closer, and that's when Eve sees Zeyla’s lifeless eyes.


Before she could go and find Zeyla, Eve felt a hand on her shoulder. Looking back, she saw that it was her brother, who shook his head.


“You are not going anywhere. You still have school today. You can search for her after.”


“What? Why? Zeyla could be in danger! I have to go find her.”


“What you have to do is go to school and focus on that. Plus, you don’t have to worry; the one who is controlling her is coming here to try and destroy this city as well.”


All Eve could feel was bloodlust as her power went out of control, creating cracks throughout the house.


Eve was angered that someone would dare to mess with someone she viewed as a friend and wanted to help, and also try to destroy her home.


With this knowledge, Eve listened to her brother and went to school. At the same time, she planned countless ways to torture the man behind this. This personality trait was all thanks to Norika.


It was now 4 p.m., and Eve had just gotten back home from school and hung out with Kiana, who was talking about the news in Neo City.


Walking inside the house, Eve set her bags down before asking Norika for a favor to open the Training Dimension so she could release some stress.


After a few hours, Eve didn’t come back. Both Norika and Paradox grew curious and went inside, only to see that everything within two thousand meters had been reduced to nothing but dust and ashes.


Off to the side, they saw a visibly tired Eve with a smile on her face, no longer holding in her emotions, pledging to make those who hurt those she viewed as close or family experience pain far worse than death.


With that, they went back to their house and got ready to eat dinner.


After dinner, Eve went out in her Omni Ever persona and continued her job of protecting Metro City. With Soundwave locked up, there were only small-time criminals to deal with, which was pretty easy.


With her job done, she teleported back home to get some rest for the inevitable time she would run into the man who was trying to destroy her home.


Within this one day, there had been several reports of towns being destroyed, all turned to dust within moments.


Eve knew it was only a matter of time before they got here, so she sat down and meditated to conserve her power and locate them, waiting for them to come.


She found that they were closely approaching, only one day away.


The next day, Eve was woken up by a loud crash. She ran out of the house and saw multiple smoke clouds in Metro City from fire and destruction.


Flying into the air, she saw multiple creatures running around and destroying everything, but she did not see Zeyla.


Instantly, she used her psychic powers to crush all of the creatures in the city, leaving only bloodstains where they once were.


Before she could rest, a powerful scream crashed into her, sending her crashing through a building and into the ground below.


Before she could stand up, Zeyla appeared above her and sent another powerful [Sonic Scream] at her, crushing her into the ground.


Knowing that if she held back she would lose this fight, Eve sent Zeyla flying by sending out a powerful psychic shockwave.


Zeyla caught herself in midair, flying at high speeds towards Eve, cocking her fist back and sending it crashing into her chest, sending her flying and tumbling on the ground.


Getting up and shaking her head from the cobwebs, she wiped a bit of blood from her lips as Zeyla landed in front of her.


“Zeyla, I don’t want to have to hurt you. Please come to your senses,” Eve pleaded, wanting to end this fight.


Zeyla did not respond, as if she did not hear a single word. Instead, she changed a nearby building into a giant metal sword, swinging it down at Eve, who created a barrier to stop the sword, breaking it in half.


Once the sword broke, Eve created another barrier around Zeyla, who touched it once and turned it into a bubble, popping it instantly.


She then ran over to Eve with swiftness, sending punches at her aimed at her face. Eve blocked them, only to grunt in pain as Zeyla was far stronger than her. Some of the attacks broke through her guard, hitting her in the stomach, and making her bend over in pain. Zeyla then spun and kicked her in the face, sending her into a car.


Seeing that this would be a tough battle, Eve put on her psychic gloves and charged at Zeyla, sending a punch at her. Zeyla blocked it, but the attack cracked the bones in her right arm.


Within seconds, Zeyla’s broken arm healed as she charged at Eve, both sending a flurry of punches, blocking and landing attacks on each other. As they continued their brawl, the shockwaves from their clashes destroyed the buildings closest to them.


Eve jumped back and instantly used her powers to try and restrain Zeyla’s body with her psychic powers. It worked for a brief second before Zeyla broke free, causing Eve some mental pain. Before she could recover, she was hit by another [Sonic Scream], sending her flying.


It seemed as if Zeyla was not finished after that, as she turned some of the rubble into sharp blades and sent them at Eve, who stopped them all in mid-air with her telekinesis. Before she could send her attack, one of the blades came from behind her in a surprise attack, stabbing her in the back and causing her to bleed.


She used her powers to pull the blade out as the wound on her back healed. She began to think of a way to defeat Zeyla when she sensed three presences nearby, one of which had the same signature as the energy enveloping Zeyla and controlling her.


That figure was none other than Khaos, and standing beside him were a man and a woman.


The man was a tall, imposing humanoid creature covered in obsidian scales.


He wore a form-fitting suit of black armor made from a material resembling polished obsidian. The suit covered his entire body, including his face, leaving only his mouth and eyes exposed. His arms were adorned with spiked gauntlets, and he wore a helmet with a dark visor that concealed his features. He carried a massive greatsword at his side, its blade curved and edged in obsidian.


Eve scanned his mind and found out his name was Obsidian, one of Khaos's generals. Then she looked at the woman and learned her name was Vermillion.


Vermillion was a red-skinned alien female with prehensile hair and claws. She served as Khaos's second-in-command and oversaw intelligence gathering and espionage operations.


Vermillion wore a flowing red gown with long sleeves and a high neckline, her hair tied back in a ponytail. Her fingers ended in razor-sharp claws, and she carried a pair of deadly-looking daggers at her sides. She had a silver choker around her neck, adorned with a single ruby that glowed with an eerie red light.


Sensing their strength, Eve knew this fight had only gotten tougher, and she was already struggling with Zeyla.


As she looked at them, she saw Obsidian disappear. The next thing she felt was her arm falling off, and the giant sword he carried was leaning against his shoulder.


She screamed out in pain from her arm being cut off. Before she could do anything else, she was kicked away by Obsidian, breaking a few of her ribs and landing on the ground, creating a big crater.


“Is that all you’ve got? Get up and show me what you can do! Show me your warrior spirit!” Obsidian roared, causing the ground beneath him to shake.