Chapter 31
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When Olivia faced Regan, she was keeping her eyes closed as she was intimidated, and she understood this might be her final moment. Hearing the gossips about Regan's temper, she was scared to look at Regan, while waiting for her to be killed but nothing occurred and slowly, she opened her eyes to see why she wasn't killed yet. Regan couldn't comprehend why the maid in front of her is scared out of her life, then she recalled what she did in the cell.




Regan thought, as she was not used in this kind of situation, especially having a conversation with the same age as her, it was different when she was talking to the princess since whenever they talk, there's always a tension between them. When the maid faced Regan with her eyes closed, Regan couldn't help but smirk at what she was seeing, because she was reminded by the rabbits she caught when they were about to be killed. When Olivia opened her eyes and saw Regan smirking at her, she regretted looking at Regan since she saw her red eyes staring at her and her canine teeth were reflecting when she was smirking at her.


"You look like you're about to collapse any minute, you sure you okay?"


Hearing Regan talk, Olivia wasn't sure what was happening since she scolded the slave not to speak badly about Farman, instead, she was asked about her condition. Regan didn't want to frighten the maid or make it more uncomfortable for the both of them, she then decided to walk, passing the frozen maid in front of her.  

"So which way to the garden exactly?"


Regan asked, not bothering to look at the maid, knowing she might be scared of her. After a minute, Regan can hear her sigh and the maid replied timidly.


"Walk straight and turn left, then you can see a small greenhouse, behind the greenhouse there is a wall-like bush on the right side. There is a narrow entrance and that is where the prince and princess would have their breakfast."


Hearing the maid's instruction, Regan went ahead, leaving the terrified maid in the middle of the pavement of the palace. As Regan was walking, she hated the fact she enjoyed the sight of the maid especially when she was scared, somehow deep inside of her, the instinct to make her more scared made it more thrilling that the excitement made her throat started to itch, but remembering how Jefer felt when he enjoyed torturing her, it made her sick. And so, she decided to leave the maid alone, knowing that the maid was scared of Regan's presence.


Regan easily found the garden as instructed by Olivia, when she entered from the small entry, she can smell a familiar scent and it was the scent of lavender, knowing that she was getting closer, she can detect how many people were there since her hearing is highly sensitive. As she appeared in front of Carmilla who was sitting at an elegantly white marbled table while sipping her tea, and she can see the maid's reaction wherein they were all nervous that they couldn't bear to look at Regan. Shortly they excused themselves making an excuse to prepare the prince and princess breakfast, leaving Carmilla and Regan alone.


Carmilla who was drinking from her tea notices Regan's clothes, it was the same when they arrived at the palace.


"It seems the clothes of Filia is not your taste…"


Regan scoff at Carmilla not knowing her situation and how the maids act towards her.


"I'm amazed that you're more ignorant than I expected."


Hearing Regan ridiculed her, she laid the porcelain tea on the table and looked at Regan with an upset face.


"Excuse me? And what way, why would you mock me early in the morning?"


Hearing Carmilla's strained voice made it more satisfying since the princess would always speak as if she knew everything. Regan continued insulting the princess and didn't care whether she would be insulted or hurt by her statements.


"Haven't you noticed it by now princess, the people here in Filia does not welcome the likes of me… and that is a slave... get it?"


Regan made a point, that the behaviours of the servants towards her were harsh and rude, Carmilla wanted to speak but the fact that was uttered by Regan was indeed valid.


"I apologize for my ignorance, I do have some spare clothes that was given by Martha, you may wear them instead."


Hearing the princess apology doesn't feel sincere to Regan, but she couldn't care less since she has other intentions, so she pulled the other chair which was for Philip and sat in front of Carmilla.


"I don't care about those clothes but I do have some requests from you."


Carmilla curiously raised her eyebrow at Regan, since it was a first for Regan to ask a request for her.


"And that is?"


She asked while looking at Regan with a dignified aura around her.


"Do you know anything about monsters? Like their natures and what they do?"


Carmilla didn't understand what Regan was asserting and so she clarifies her inquiry.


"You mean you wanted to learn about monsters?"


"Yes, do you have any idea?"


Carmilla finally understood what Regan was trying to say, she wanted to learn about monsters but it was strange for Regan to start having an interest in monsters, but because it was a first for Regan to ask a request for her, she wanted to fulfill the request since Regan is also insuring her safety.


"I am sorry, I do not have much knowledge about monsters but I can help you find some references about monsters."


Regan couldn't tell the princess that she hasn't learned to read since she was deprived of going to school. Carmilla noticed Regan's was being unusually quiet when she mentions books and she deduced that Regan might not know how to read.


"If you want, I can read it for you…"



Regan sensed Carmilla realized, she doesn't know how to read.


"And why would you that? You don't think I know how to read?"


Carmilla knew Regan might be offended but she doesn't have any choice but to be truthful.

"I don't mean to offend you but this is the only way, knowing how the servants act towards you it would be more difficult for you to let someone read the book, I can teach you how to read if you don't want me to read it for you."


Carmilla patiently clarified to Regan while looking at her sincerely, she doesn't want to offend Regan and so she offered herself to teach Regan.


"Fine… as long you teach me"


Regan didn't want to admit but Carmilla was right since it would be hard for her to let anyone read her a book, let alone interacting with the servants, although she planned to threaten them to read her the book but hearing the princess's offer it was more beneficial for Regan since she wanted to learn how to read.


"All right, I would ask Philip to show me the library and I can teach you in my room where we won't be disturbed."


When Regan was about to speak, she immediately stood up and pushed the chair and went to the side of Carmilla where she was sitting, exactly at that moment Philip appeared, along with the maids which they are carrying trays of foods.


"I apologize Carmilla, I hope I didn't let you wait."


Carmilla smiled and answered as curt as she always was.

"It is fine, Prince Philip since I am enjoying the tea that was prepared by the maids."


Philip smiled in relief at Carmilla's response, the maids who were holding the trays went to set up the food for Philip and Carmilla to eat. After finishing setting the food, Philip started asking Carmilla.


"Did you have a good night?"


Philip asked sincerely


"Yes, I did have a good night."


Philip couldn't help but stare at Carmilla, her slender fingers fitted well while holding the tea which she was sipping and her lips were so alluring as if it was tempting. Coincidentally both of their eyes looked at each other causing Philip to stop breathing in a moment because of the colour of her eyes, which was hazelnut, it gives a melting feeling whenever he stares at her eyes.


"Prince Philip?"


Carmilla asked, prompting Philip as he realizes, what he was doing.


"Ahem that was rude of me, I wanted to talk about the project that you have proposed."


Hearing him talk about the project, Carmilla listened as she wanted to know if it was approved, as he explains that the officials were against the idea, she felt dejected but he continues explaining that he didn't stop and so he went to talk to his father and to Carmilla's surprise the king wanted to consider the plan that was proposed by Carmilla.


She felt happy because this was a first step for her to move her diplomacies, especially since this would affect her life and she happily thanked Philip. When Philip saw her smile, he couldn't help but feel warmed seeing her happy made him happier as well. When they were discussing, Regan made a face knowing who would show up at the garden and exactly at that moment Farman appeared along with his knights.