Ch049 – Back to school
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In the morning I woke up so rested that it just doesn’t compare to anything I’ve experience since the day that green light touched me. My shoulders didn’t hurt, my mind felt free and clear and I felt drained. But in the best way imaginable. Ari was still asleep on top of me and her leg was positioned in an unfortunate way. Unfortunate for her because the tiny amount of movement she made while waking up set off a completely natural reaction in any male.

Since she was the cause she of course had to take responsibility. And as a gentleman I of course couldn’t let her efforts go unanswered. As always, I felt a great admiration for legs in the fact that they can be placed around my head. With both horns of course this somewhat limited how much her thighs could close around me but it was more than close enough for my tongue to reach what it needed to reach. What a great way to start the day.

But it didn’t last long, because neither of us lasted long, and we both had to get up and greet the day. I pulled off the bedsheet of my back since all the scratches on it had bled and stuck it to me. It hurt a tiny bit but it was the price I had to pay for my people to be protected by their royal mage. I hope they remember my sacrifice.

I summoned some warm water to at least rinse us both from all the sticky liquids we were covered in. Granted the liquid she was covered in was harder to wash off but the one on me was more widespread. Either way it was good enough to make it to the baths without causing a commotion so in the early morning of the day the Emperor and the royal mage snuck their way to the public temporary bath house.

It was mixed bathing of course but we were both too polite to do anything to each other in a public area. We are perverts, not monsters. Although I am a demon and she is a dark elf. We are perverts and monsters but not uncivilized. There. Now it works.

After that I found D’arby chilling in my room on the ship. She turned out to have been only a few cores that she placed there to watch over me just in case. Since she couldn’t communicate with the other cores, she had to send one to where the main body was to bring the rest over. I listened to her explain roughly how the whole process worked and we decided that leaving 64 cores would be enough. That will still leave me with 192. The cores were mostly here just so she has ample brain power to come to the best decisions and not to fight. For that they had Roma, Kira and my lizards.

I gave Tino some instructions to be carried out while I was away and gave Boxer a list of materials, I will need collected for me. Lucky for us he had already had the Treeants bring him samples of rock and there was most likely more than enough ore to be converted into this. As for the gems and other small items we already had them in storage. He set them aside so they wouldn’t be used for anything else by accident.

I gave him all of my storage rings and left only 2 with me. One was from Andrey’s storage and was absolutely massive and the other was from the katana kid’s that kept food and corpses fresh. When I get back, I’ll make security deposit boxes or something of that equivalent on all the ships. I threw my collection of weapons into one of the rings I gave Boxer and told him to hand them out to whoever needs them.

I explained to Arachne that we would be gone for a while and invited her girlfriend to come with us. They both happily agreed since it was a chance to see more of the world, and in Arachne’s case, to fight strong enemies. I left them to pack their things so I could put them in my storage ring.

I went around telling everyone I will be gone for a while and had to give Kira and Roma a special goodbye that made me burn up the rest of the day and the night.

In the morning Arachne and the girl, Sina Lux, were ready. She looked like an elf a little bit. Just without the pointy ears. Her sister would handle the paperwork without her since the system was already built and now just had to be used. It was mostly to keep track of materials and people so it wasn’t all that difficult.

I said my goodbyes to everyone including D’arby’s other body and wished them all luck. As the sun had finished rising, I put the last of Arachne’s small tightly knit bags into my storage ring and the main D’arby split up into 3 and gave us all wings. I’ll be honest.

Flying spider? Not a fan. But it felt so great to break the sound barrier again I had forgotten all my worries and just enjoyed seeing the world underneath me pass me by.

We travelled for roughly 3 days during which Sina slept through most of it and Arachne just watched the floor like me. Now that D’arby could freely alter her mass she had made capsules basically that made travelling crazy comfortable and safe. The only few times we stopped was to go to the bathroom or to have a bite to eat. In both cases D’arby would land in the water and then form a giant platform for us all to eat on. Now that she could change colors and textures, she really got off making fancy chairs and tables and other furniture. It was kind of cute actually. I really liked eating while sitting on a giant throne made of swords. She didn’t quite get where I was going with that but I explained it well enough that she was able to get the shape and swords right.

I am so building a golden version of this for my actual throne room.

Finally, we arrived at the port city in the elven area. D’arby connected her cores back into one body and made us a decent sized boat to travel the reaming few kilometers. For a small vessel it was going really fast and this was primarily due to the fact that the lower part had fins that propelled it forward.

We were stopped at customs and luckily Arachne and I had our guild badges but Sina had nothing. This was going to be a huge problem before I remembered that she was a slave. Arachne’s death stare at the elf checking might as well have been deadly given how much he was shaking after asking Sina to show the mark on her. Of course, it was exactly where you would expect. Right down the middle of her chest. If she was the type to show a lot of cleavage it would have been clearly visible. But since she wore a fairly conservative shirt, she had to pull it down to show the mark underneath. Mine was still on my hand and they checked to see if they matched before letting us through.

D’arby still had her slave mark somewhere on one of her cores. I think? It might have been one of the ones destroyed when she defended me from dying to that green light. It didn’t matter anyway since it wouldn’t work anyway on account of her buying her freedom all that time ago. The only reason she didn’t register as an adventurer was purely because slimes don’t count as people.

Kind of racist given that she’s better than most people I’ve met but I’m not here to change minds.

Not yet at least.

One day this wonderful country full of elves will be mine. But not today.

We went to the adventurer’s guild before anything else and I met up with a friend of Ari’s. Or more accurate to say the great-great-grandson of a friend of Ari’s. But he already had everything ready for us and all that was left was for us to pass the admission test to enter the academy.

The test will be held in a few days’ time so we had a few days to kill. Arachne and Sina split away from me and I gave Sina 50 of D’arby’s cores just in case. The whole area was choke full of guards so this was just a precaution. I didn’t really need anyone since there was an elf with a red fez following me wherever I went. We agreed to meet up in the inn closest to the testing area and I let the two go on their date. I didn’t really think it through but with them around me I’m technically going to be a third wheel from now on. But since I had D’arby it didn’t count as being a third wheel.

I’ve said this before but there aren’t really continents or land owned by a single race. Sure, the mayor of this city was an elf but elves were a minority in it. There was no distinction between noble and peasant and a surprising number of humans worked here. I went around to the biggest clothing store they had and shocked the elves inside by buying one of everything. I’ll use it as a reference when I can get back home.

Other than that, I mostly tried the local cuisine.

Elves are a little weird regarding food. Their cultural food jumps from so basic and flavorless that I feel like I’m eating rubber to so spicy and intense that I had to down a bottle of wine to stop it. But at the end the day I kind of got into their spicy food. The bland one I just avoided.

I went to the adventures guild and had my card documented and my presence know. There were 3 other SSS rank adventurers here. Well not here but in the next town over. But since they lived here, they counted as theirs. It doesn’t matter I don’t know why I mentioned this.

Turns out they never heard of the white demon so I was just Andy Anderson, SSS rank adventurer here. But it wasn’t that long ago that I even started and communication technology here isn’t all that great. I looked through the quest board and saw a few I could do to pass the time.

But I decided to choose one later since it was getting dark. I met up with Arachne who were waiting for me outside the inn and we went inside together. I bought two separate rooms since my guess is, they would want to share. I paid for the 5-star hotel equivalent with a measly 90 gold coins and fell asleep pretty quickly. D’arby could now mimic a human form comfortably so she slept in the same bed as me but kept one of her cores up to watch over us.

After a good night’s rest, we went to see the registration for this battle academy. I should really look into what the fuck I’ll be doing there. If there’s exams or what not I’ll be fine but who I’m really worried about is Arachne and Sina. They aren’t stupid but if its things they’ve never heard about it will still be an effort to learn and pass the tests.

There was a massive line and I did something I hate myself for. I forgave myself for killing people much easier than I did for this. I offered the people near the front money to let me take their place. The people behind them were not at all happy but with Arachne around they seemed to understand getting into a fight would be a bad idea. All in all, it cost me just 200 gold to save myself a significant amount of time.

The registration was 1 platinum coin per person and could be taken as many times as you want. There were 2 parts to their exam.  Well 3 if you count the part where they check how old you are. But since I’m a demon I’m still young for my age and the same was true with Sina and Arachne. Arachne especially since she was not even a teenager going by how long her species live. Sina turned out to be 22 years old. I was part right. Either way all 3 of us got in without any issue.

The theory part was first. They checked our linguistic abilities and some basic math’s. We all scored a full 100% on all the tests and moved on to the next portion.

And this one is going to be a bit of a cheat technically. Arachne and I were fine we could do this shit with our eyes closed. But Sina is just an accountant, I didn’t buy her to fight for me. Luckily no one seemed to realize that her cloak was actually the world’s strongest slime and D’arby was delicate enough to make it look like Sina was the one casting the magic. Once again D’arby was the MVP of the group. The physical test was defeating a large ish stone golem. I decided to go flashy and used lots of fireballs and lightning and jumped all over the place. The easiest solution would be to just scratch its core and be done with it but I felt like I may as well show off.

Arachne didn’t really bother with that and just crushed the rocky creature to nothing using her enhanced thread. And for Sina D’arby made her fly around to dodge the attacks and shot balls of energy at the golem to defeat it.

Once again full scores for all. We spent the rest of the day watching other people try to go through the registration. A lot of them really struggled at the theory and were quickly turned away. An even bigger number couldn’t afford the 1 platinum price and had to leave. And the very few that could get through the financial and the theory barrier couldn’t put a scratch on the golem. I think my understanding of power is heavily skewed because of how quickly I ranked up.

But very slowly the number of people waiting in line decreased and by the end of the day, counting us 3, there were 15 people who passed.

They were a strange mixture. No demons, mostly humans, and a few elves mixed in. At least I think they’re elves. Elf beast hybrids? Doesn’t really matter. They’re mob characters who gives a shit.

We sat around for a while and because of the giant sadistic spider behind me everyone kind of kept their distance. Understandable. I’m a demon and she’s a big fuck off spider.

I could see some of the humans and weird elves eyeing Sina for a while but after she sat on Arachne’s back and made out with her, they all looked away with a strange expression on their face. Again, mob characters so who cares.

The last person to go through the test was this teenager. He barely passed the theory portion but scored full points on the golem by cutting it into tiny pieces. He did that cool shit swordsman do where he moved really fast and if you didn’t have a high rank kinetic vision it would look like all he did was pill his sword out a little from its case and then put it back without pulling it all the way out. And the thing would fall to pieces. That’s what you would see if you didn’t have kinetic vision. If you did you would have to watch as he very quickly slashed all over the place before running back to his original spot and spending way too long getting into the right position so it looked like he didn’t move.

And with that the registration was over.

I was actually excited so much for a second that night. For just a few seconds I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Teleportation. Actual fucking teleportation magic. Time slowed to a crawl as I did my absolute best to get every single detail of the magic circle burned into my eyes. But I stopped the very moment I saw that it kept referring to an unknown variable for a majority of its operation which I recognize as being natural fucking magic. Mother fucker.

With teleportation ruined for the time being we walked through the gate and were instantly transported into a grassy area in the middle of the day. So, we travelled so far that we were in a different time zone. That’s pretty cool, I guess. But it’s natural magic so who gives a fuck. Harry Potter esq bullshit is only cool if you imagine yourself using it. If you know with 100% certainty that it's not an option for you it’s just mocking and annoying.

The principle of the school introduced himself. The grand magi he called himself. And his mana core was pretty impressive. But not the best I’ve ever seen. Kira’s was still many times over more powerful and denser. Is she a good person to compare others against? Probably not but I’m going to do it anyway.

There was a long entrance ceremony and the history and importance of this place was explained. It was founded 3000 years ago when one of the first hero’s lost a comrade due to inexperience and blah blah blah.

Finally, the old bearded man shut up and we were led to a tiny house. Since we are new, we are at the very bottom of the hierarchy and get to live here. If you defeat others in matches, or earn points from completing quests given by the school you rank up. So basic battle academy nonsense.

They gave us uniforms to put on and frankly they looked very bad. The color scheme was red and yellow and just didn’t work for me. And for Arachne and Sina the female version of the uniform had so much cleavage it’s unbelievable. These are all teenagers, relatively speaking, why the fuck is the uniform trying to make it sexy? But Arachne likes it and Sina likes that Arachne likes it on her so it’s their problem.

I didn’t even let Arachne or Sina unpack and walked straight to the biggest house I could see. Inside were 12 mana signatures all moving towards the windows. They watched me walk through the neatly made stone path and opened the door before I could knock.

“Hi. Are you guys the strongest here right?”

“Yeah?” He was a tall man. Or boy. His face was young looking to me but he was built like a brick house. Dark blue skin, red almost glowing eyes and really spiky white hair.

 “Great. I challenge you to a duel. Or a match or whatever it’s called.”

“How many points do you bet?”

“However, many I have plus my two team mates.”

“Are you sure? If you lose all your points you get kicked out.”

“I’ll be fine. Do we need to go somewhere or anything?”

“I’ll send someone out to call a teacher to spectate. You might want to go pack your belongings in the meantime to save yourself some trouble.”

“It’s fine. Do I need to fight you individually or can I just take the whole group?”

“What did you want if you win again?”

“The house. To live in while I’m here.”

“Just that?”

“Just that.”

“Well. Good to see the stereotype of all demons being insane is alive and well.”

“I wasn’t aware of that stereotype. But thank you for informing me. Do you want to call the others over?”

“Sure. But they’ll forfeit just as the fight starts so it’ll just be you and me.”

“Ok but just to clarify. If I win my team gets the house, right?”

“Sure, little buddy. You can have the house if you win.”


I went over to Arachne and Sina and informed them that we will be fighting right now.

It’s important to do things like this quickly. What’s the value in slowly making my way to the top when I can extradite the whole process in just a few minutes?

As he said a small man that I recognized as a gnome came over to us.

“So. Damien challenged you to a fight newbie? You know you can refuse right?”

“Other way round sir. I challenged him for the house.”

The small gnome mumbled “fucking demons” under his breath but set the thing up for us anyway.

Simple rules. No killing your opponent and you fight until only one group is standing. The blue elf, Damien had 2 more people behind him and I had Arachne and Sina behind me. The gnome set up a barrier around us and the second he said go Arachne and Sina jumped out of the barrier, as did the two people behind the blue elf. A moment passed.

And then everything was covered in fire. I could literally see nothing at all from how much blood red fire there was everywhere. Over the sounds of the flames roaring I heard the gnome yelling and the blue elf laughing hysterically.

It’s hard to make out but I think I heard a very confident “that’s what you get.”

His confidence lasted for the full 2 minutes the fire was burning. After that I simply walked over to him and punched him in his completely disbelief filled face. I didn’t think my punch would be that weak so I reinforced it with a little bit of mana and could actually hear his teeth break from his jaw being shut so tightly on account of my upper cut.

The gnome teacher just looked at us in shock and only after a few seconds finally called the match over.

The people inside the building were not happy.

There were cries of cheating and unfair advantages and other totally understandable nonsense.

But the gnome was adamant that I had won fair and square and there were no outside forces helping me. Damien finally started to get up and took his beating like a man. His teeth were fucked up and he spat some of them out but other than that he said nothing. He left the now ash filled ground and walked towards what should have been my house.

“If anyone has an issue, I’m more than willing to hear your complaints.”

And elven woman, who I would normally fall head over heels for, was the first to come out of the house and challenge me. Again, the gnome set up an arena and the woman and her 2 comrades attacked me simultaneously. I didn’t feel like fucking around with them so the moment the battle started they all jumped in a pincer attack motion and landed, already unconscious, to the ground. After a few seconds of them not getting up I was declared the winner again.

I’ll save you some time that I didn’t get a chance to save but there were 2 more fights after this. Both ended exactly as you would expect.

“If this everyone?”

The people who were out cold were starting to wake up. And one by one swore and screamed at me for cheating. I didn’t need to do anything since the gnome teacher was handling it for me.

“Alright. If that’s all can everyone please get the fuck off my property. If you have any shit left inside you can come get it tomorrow while we are out.”

Again, more complains and threats, mostly regarding what their parents will do to me and my parents, but god damn was this a nice house. Smooth wooden floor, beautiful marble finish and lots of sitting areas. The couches were especially nice. I’ll need to get one back to Boxer so he could make some for me. What is this made off? And how is it so soft to sit on.

We decided on rooms at random and Arachne and Sina got separate rooms. I chose the one closest to the staircase and D’arby took the one next to mine. There was some stuff in this room but it was neatly tidied away so I didn’t bother doing anything to it. I nearly killed the maid who was in charge of this place on account of not noticing her mana signature at all. Pleasant woman. Didn’t really care about the change in ownership and changed the sheets in all the rooms for us.

As the people outside were banging on the door and getting detentions from the gnome we had lunch, prepared by the maid and decided on our next course of action.

“Alright. Arachne, we need to gather the most amount of points possible to get to the very top. You and me will handle that and Sina, you can relax. Do whatever you want but never leave without D’arby. Any questions?”

“How do we get points?” Arachne asked.

“Challenge other students for their points and complete challenges created by the teachers. Also quests and doing well in classes. There’s a dungeon but I don’t know how that works exactly. Classes aren’t mandatory here so we don’t have to go. Sina, you’re free to attend them if you want. I have no idea what they teach here but it’s an extremely famous place academy so take that for what it’s worth.”

“Alright.” Sina said.

“Alright. I’m going to go see if they have a library and you two are free for today.”

“Thanks boss.” Arachne said. From where her hand was going when I turned my back and walked to the door, I could see that the way they would be relaxing is not something I should be seeing.

Outside the students were still screaming and yelling at me but no one dared touch me.

“You cheated. You’re a demon you used a trick to cheat somehow.” The extremely gorgeous elf screamed.

“If you say so.” I replied while walking away.

The small group followed me for a while but I had a trick up my sleeve. I could just fly off.

Shit trick. Because more than half of them can fly and followed me. I could go faster than them thanks to D’arby but with this dome barrier there wasn’t enough space for her to really speed up, or anywhere to go for that matter. We went down to the biggest building and I went inside.

It was a giant tower. And it was a library luckily. I went around just looking and saw books I had read a long time ago. There were some I haven’t read but I didn’t feel like they would provide any useful information. You needed to pay points to rent the books out and I only had my initial 5. Should have made them bet their points back there. Well too late now. I’m sure they’ll want to challenge me again later.

I tried to go up to a higher level but was informed you needed to have 1000 points to go up a level. Again, I only had 5 so I couldn’t go. It was getting dark by now so I went home and with D’arby watching over us fell asleep.

First day of school looks promising. Going to be fun.

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