Chapter 8
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Warning, triggering content self-harm



You are not alone ♥

Xol’s POV

I've lost a lot of time in court. It's incredible that all this is happening right before my eyes and I still haven't been able to find the culprits. Year after year, I feel like I'm about to sink my claws into the damned sick bastard, the responsible of all this shit, and he always manages to vanish. But soon; I don't know why, I feel like something big is coming, and I'll be ready to end this once and for all.


Through mind link, I ask Coy to tell Pili to have my things ready for tomorrow. We have to cross the bridge very early to go unnoticed. Before dawn, I want to take an extensive tour of the valley in search of more clues, and maybe I'll have time to find…

“Enough, stop distracting yourself, Xolo. It's not the time for foolishness. That girl just caught us off guard; stop giving her so much importance!” I told myself, to my Lycan side, that keeps bringing the fiery hair beauty from the other night to my mind.


I arrive home, head straight to the bar in my office, I grab a bottle of tequila, and pour myself a drink. I down it in one gulp and pour another. I review the files of the case. 74… how the fuck 74 lycan woman have been kidnapped without anyone noticing a thing? Without leaving a single hair of an evidence, not even a scent trace; just those effin seeds.

I pour another drink, and another. I've lost count of how much I've drank until I notice that the bottle is empty. If it weren't for who I am, I'd already be wasted.

I locked away the files, got out and locked my office and head to my bedroom. I prepare to take a shower and rest for a while. I take off my tie my shirt and leave the cufflinks on my nightstand. I remove my belt and let my pants fall to the floor. I head to the bathroom, and before I could turn on the light, small hands embrace me from behind, and I feel a slender body pressed against my back, inhaling the scent of my skin...


“Good evening, handsome.”

“What are you doing here, Pili? Get out before I have you kicked out.”

“No, please, listen to me. I love you. Let me show you how happy I can make you!”

“I've told you; I don't love you. You shouldn't enter my room without permission. Don't you see that I could’ve killed you if you catched me off guard?”

“I don't care. Nothing matters to me anymore. If I have to die, so be it. I'd rather you be the one to send me to the other world, so that way you will think of me forever.”

“Are you sick, mad, or just plain crazy? Stop saying nonsense. I don't need you here. You'd better go to the penthouse. I can't have you here anymore, Pili, this is too much!”

“No, you can't do this to me. I gave myself to you, I gave you my virtue, and now you want to get rid of me? Where is your honor?”

“Enough! My honor? Let me remind you that you were the one who got into my bed that night, you were the one who tore my clothes, and you were the one begging me to take you right away. I was so drunk I didn't even realize it was you. Now face the consequences of your actions and don't try to act like I had taken advantage of your innocence because I didn't. You either go to the penthouse or hit the street. It's up to you; now, leave me the fudge alone!”



Pili’s POV

Why, why? Damn it! I can't leave, I don't want to leave, he has to be mine, mine!


“Nana! Where the hell are you!?”

“Tell me, miss, what's wrong? Why are you so upset?”

“You promised me! you swore to me that Xol was mine, that I would be Luna, and that I would have what I always wanted, what my mother couldn't!” “But miss, it will be so, I saw it, in my vision you are surrounded by luxuries, all eyes are on you.”

“You better be right, old woman! I've spent a lifetime listening to you saying the same thing over and over again, so I hope you're not lying to me!”

“Did he drink the tea I gave you?”

“No! When I entered his bedroom, he was drinking tequila. I thought it was the perfect opportunity, but he kicked me out! Me! How could this be? We have to go to the penthouse or hit the street!”

“Shh, don't cry, my girl, we'll think of something.”

“Shut up! don't call me that, I could never be the daughter of scum like you! If I have you with me, it's because my parents left me under your care, but don't let anyone hear you call me that, do you understand? I would be the mockery of everyone.”

“I'm sorry, forgive me, eh, miss, it's just that you know how much I adore you. Come, I've prepared a bath for you, we can think of something there so they don't kick us out of here.”



Xol’s POV

Ugh, is it already morning? I think I only managed to sleep a couple of hours; my Lycan side can't be calm, it senses something but I can't figure out what it is. Well, time to take a bath and get ready to leave.


I leave the bed and stretch my body to force myself to wake up completely. And as soon as I start walking to the bathroom; an unmistakable smell catches my attention; blood! It's fresh blood and something else, it is... I open the bathroom door, and in the tub lies Pili's naked body, covered by reddened water, her skin paler than usual, but she's not dead.

I enter the tub, lift her in my arms, place her on the bed, and through mind link, I instruct one of the guards to bring the pack's emergency doctor. What the fuck is she thinking, as if I had time to deal with this shit right now, dammit! I grab her face with my hand trying to make her wake up, what the hell was she thinking when she did this stupidity? Is she really willing to die? What the hell! Damn it, it's getting late! Where is the doctor? I ask again through mind link.

I see Pili’s eyes flinching, probably the light was too bright. She is awakening; but she starts crying immediately, saying that she had failed to die as she had failed to make me happy; I’m so tired of all this shit!

The doctor and 2 nurses ran through the open doors and started tending to her, they came well prepared, it as if they were ready to perform surgery, if necessary. They are asking questions, measuring levels attaching stuff to her monitoring numbers on the couple of screens they brought with them, 2 more nurses arrived with a hospital bed to transport her to the clinic on the other wing of the pack house.


The doctor’s face and he look a bit puzzled and at the same time relieved.

 “What is up, Doctor?”

“Yes, my Alpha, let's go outside to speak a word with you, if I may.”

“Of course, please let's go to the hall.”

We closed the door behind us to be able to speak without all the movement that was going on in my now super messy bedroom.

“Um, excuse me but I would like to ask you what you know to have a better idea of her health”.

Says a very confused Doctor Soto.

I have no frigging idea, I say already annoyed, not by his question but about all this situation. I woke up, I sensed the smell of blood and I found her in my bathtub unconscienced and pale as a ghost. Why, doc, what is exactly going on? I asked him with honest curiosity and urgency to know.

“Well, my Alpha, not much really…”

“What does that mean?”

“Uh, um, she is fine, the wounds on her wrists are shallow and they are already healing on their own. It seems that she wasn’t really trying to hurt herself but just putting on a play.”

“Are you saying that she was just pretending? What about all the blood? The clamminess of her skin?”

“Well, I think she drank a small dosage of wolfsbane, small enough to not cause major damage but enough to prevent the wounds from closing right away, therefore the bloody water and the clamminess of her skin, by now all or most of the effects should be gone.”

I felt how the rush of my anger was boiling my blood; I thank doctor Soto and returned to my bedroom; I didn’t notice the force with which I opened the door until I saw the door crashing in pieces against the wall on the other side of my room. 

At Lycan speed, I reached my bed, grabbing a still very drowsy Pili  from her bony arm and I demanded her to stand up.

The four nurses, terrified by my crushing aura, fell to their knees.


“Stand up or I swear I will force you.”

“But, but, I’m too weak.”

“Stop with the lies, stop with all your fake tricks to try to trap me, I’m done with you!”


I make her stand pulling her just with enough force to take her out of the bed without hurting her, after all; she is a woman and I refuse to lower myself to such level of indignity. 

She managed to wrap herself with the bedsheet beforehand so she was perfectly covered when she was on her feet.

She started sobbing and whining that she didn’t know what I was talking about, but then she turned to see the doctor standing a couple of meters away from her holding a couple of papers with her results. He got closer and handed them to her.

Pili gulped saliva and she pretended to read the papers before turning to look at me and throwing herself to my feet.


"Please, please, forgive me, I love you, I just wanted to be with you, please, I’ll be good, I…”


“Stop!” I said using my alpha tone, which makes her tremble and silent her sobs. "You are going to grab your belongings, and you are leaving to the penthouse, later I will deal with you. 

You are not allowed to remain in the packhouse nor to step one foot in the packhouse ever again, by trying to fool me, you have broken the bond with the pack, if I don’t cast you as a rouge is just because of respect to your late parents, but I will never, listen to me, never going to be with you.

Now, obey!”


Pili burst into a loud cry and ran away from my room; I commanded her using my alpha tone so there is no way she could reply or argue back to stay. 

I never wanted or planned to do that to her but after this dirty little trick, she gave me no choice. 

Fuck, is super late now.