A Fierce Student Battle III
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As Prince Magnus stood up after being tossed aside by Xavier, Xavier appeared before him, attempting to punch him in the face.

But then everything slowed down as if time had lost significance.

Moving effortlessly away from Xavier's fist, Prince Magnus began to laugh at Xavier for being too slow in comparison to himself.

In this slowing time, Prince Magnus was the only one who could move at his normal speed comfortably.

He then punched Xavier in the face with incredible strength, sending him flying as time resumed its regular flow.

"What on earth was that?" Xavier asked, perplexed as to what had hit him so hard.

And Prince Magnus arrogantly responded, "I just punched you right now."

"But you were too slow to see me even move.".

Xavier recalls Princess Misaki's statement to him about Prince Magnus' family, the Imperial House of the Flashstride, possessing the blessed power of super-speed.

And how they could move at such tremendous speeds, quicker than light itself.

As Xavier tried to stand back up, Prince Magnus punched him again at superspeed.

Prince Magnus then began to throw a series of fast hits at Xavier that he couldn't see, leaving him utterly defenseless and unable to defend himself.

As Prince Magnus battered Xavier, he began taunting him, asking, "What's wrong, Xavier?"

"Can't you keep up with someone like me?" he asked tauntingly.

Xavier then activated his vector shield, propelling Prince Magnus away and shielding himself from the torrent of strikes.

Returning to his feet, Prince Magnus continued his taunts and slander, stating, "You're nothing like your older brother and sister.".

"Compared to them, you're nothing but a grain of sand.".

"And let's not talk about how you don't even look like them, or even like your own father," he added.

Hearing Prince Magnus' statements, Xavier became enraged and furious. When Prince Magnus saw that his taunts were reaching Xavier, he escalated them even further.

Saying, "Maybe you are an adopted child."

"Or even worse, an illegitimate child whose mother abandoned you.".

After hearing the final comment, Xavier dashed for Prince Magnus at a lightning-fast pace, clashing fists once more with him.

Their clash fully swept away and destroyed the trees around them, shaking the ground beneath them.

During a heated hand-to-hand struggle with Prince Magnus, who was easily dodging all of his strikes, Xavier was struck in the face by a blow he couldn't react to.

Xavier attempted to counter, but Prince Magnus quickly sidestepped out of the way.

Xavier attempted to strike Prince Magnus again, but Prince Magnus dodged it again, tauntingly remarking, "You're too slow.".

Prince Magnus then kicked Xavier's right leg, fracturing it. He then kicked Xavier in the head, sending him flying.

Xavier barely stood up in anguish, clutching his leg, while Prince Magnus continued to insult and humiliate him.

Xavier was well aware that he would be unable to strike Prince Magnus and would suffer a crushing defeat.

Prince Magnus suddenly appeared before Xavier, putting his foot on his head and stepping on him.

"I expected you to give me more of a challenge." Prince Magnus expressed disappointment.

"Perhaps I expected too much from you," he added.

Taking advantage of the situation, Xavier tossed sand at Prince Magnus' face, causing him to scream in pain as the sand entered his eyes.

Xavier then strengthened his fist with his vector barrier and punched Prince Magnus in the jaw, dislocating it and sending him flying away from him.

Prince Magnus grasped his now-dislocated jaw in agony and gazed at Xavier with pure anger.

Taking a deep breath, Xavier taunted Prince Magnus with a smirk: "You look like a disabled old man.".

Prince Magnus, now enraged, relocated his jaw and swiftly stood up, sprinting at Xavier, moving so quickly that time itself began to slow down.

To Prince Magnus' great surprise, Xavier was able to react to his movement and narrowly avoid the attacks.

Prince Magnus was utterly speechless, and seeing how dumbfounded he appeared, Xavier smirked and kicked him to the side.

As time began to return to its natural state, Prince Magnus questioned Xavier, perplexed by his ability to react to his movements.

Xavier proudly responded, "I stole and absorbed some of the velocity in you when you used your super speed abilities."

Prince Magnus responded in disbelief, "What?"

"How is that even possible?" he said.

And Xavier continued to explain, "Remember when I punched you in the jaw with my fist, which was reinforced by my vector shield?"

"When my fist came an inch close to your face, I deactivated my vector shield so it could make contact with you.".

"And when my fist did, I was able to control the velocity vector in you and transfer some of it into me.".

"Reactivating my vector shield afterward will deal significant damage to you.".

"But this was my first time using it, and it was only possible because almost everything in existence has a vector," Xavier added with a smug expression.

Prince Magnus, completely perplexed by what Xavier had conveyed to him, chuckled in marvel, saying, "That was very smart of you, Xavier.".

"But there's no point in even absorbing my speed, as I can just generate an endless amount.".

And Xavier said, "You can't.".

"Because I know you have a limit on how much speed you can generate.".

Prince Magnus replied, "Is that so?"

Xavier responded with a "yes.".

"And even if you can, I'll just keep absorbing your speed, becoming even faster.".

With a sinister grin, Prince Magnus exclaimed, "Then show me what you've got, Xavier!"

And it instantly materialized before Xavier, kicking him in the ribs. But Xavier quickly responded by grabbing his leg and bringing him in for a right hook to the face.

Xavier then threw Prince Magnus to the ground, attempting to crush him with his vector barrier. However, Prince Magnus swiftly rolled out of the way.

Quickly getting back up and punching Xavier in the face.

Xavier and Prince Magnus then went blow for blow, with Xavier absorbing Prince Magnus' speed with each strike he landed on Prince Magnus. However, Prince Magnus simply increased his speed to outmaneuver Xavier.

As they fought, Prince Magnus began to move even quicker, gradually slowing down time due to his incredible speed.

Xavier, on the other hand, was able to keep up with him despite the slower pace of time.

And Prince Magnus pondered, "Who is this monster?"

"And how is he able to do just ridiculous things out of nowhere?".

Prince Magnus quickly vanished from Xavier's sight after punching him in the gut and giving another hit to the face that pushed him away.

While Xavier stood there perplexed and wondering where Prince Magnus had gone, he suddenly appeared near him, wielding a bolt of electricity. Which he had made by running 12 times around the entire forest in a matter of seconds.

Throwing the bolt of electricity directly at Xavier's face before he could react, the explosion of the hit destroyed an enormous portion of the area where they were.

The entire area had been completely demolished, making it unrecognizable.

Walking calmly up to an almost unconscious Xavier, who was covered in blood and bleeding profusely, Prince Magnus stated with a smug smile, "C'mon Xavier, don't tell me you're already done now?"

Prince Magnus then kicked Xavier's head and started stepping on him.

But then the Visors of Time slid off Xavier's face, and an eruption of energy rushed out of him, shocking and frightening Prince Magnus.

With his eyes slowly returning to their normal state—a cosmic-like eye with vast stars within it—Xavier looked up at Prince Magnus with a murderous and angry expression on his face.

This astonished Prince Magnus, but before he could say anything, his right leg, which he used to step on Xavier's face, was instantly twisted and nearly severed.

Prince Magnus collapsed to the ground, screaming in agony and completely perplexed at what had just occurred.

Now that the Visors of Time had stopped restricting Xavier's powers and eyes, he was at his maximum power.

With the assistance of his cosmic eyes, he is now able to wield and control all forms of vector with greater power and efficiency.

"It's easier to use and control vectors with these eyes of mine," Xavier thought to himself.

"Since they automatically do the complex calculations needed for me to even use my vector abilities,".

"And it used to be very annoying and difficult for me to do the complex calculations all by myself while fighting at the same time," he continued.

Xavier then stepped on Prince Magnus' chest, aiming his finger in a gun gesture, and shot him with air bullets by manipulating the vectors of air molecules.

Prince Magnus screamed in anguish as Xavier proceeded to blast him with air bullets that penetrated his flesh with ease, taking his time with it.

"Don't worry, I'll take my time torturing you for what you did to my friends and said about my family," Xavier stated with a more cold and serious gaze.

Xavier continued shooting Prince Magnus with air bullets, while Prince Magnus yelled in pure anguish.

Xavier then told Prince Magnus, "I have been waiting for a day like this to happen."

"So I can finally teach you a lesson for making my best friend Jupiter cry when we were kids," Xavier said, slowly shooting Prince Magnus with air bullets.

After shooting Prince Magnus with over 20 air bullets, Xavier paused and placed his hand on Prince Magnus' chest.

And she said, "Remember when you said you would completely stop my heart by vibrating it until it implodes in a fraction of a second?".

Prince Magnus was scared of what Xavier was going to do next and was utterly terrified when Xavier remarked to him, "Well, how about I give you a first-class trip to cardiac arrest?".

Xavier used the speed he had taken and absorbed from Prince Magnus earlier in the fight to vibrate his palm at high speed, fazing it through Prince Magnus' chest. He quickly accelerated Prince Magnus' heart, causing him to profusely bleed from his ears, mouth, eyes, and nose.

As Xavier finished rapidly vibrating Prince Magnus's heart, he came to a halt, since Prince Magnus was ready to pass out due to a lack of blood.

Xavier then stomped on Prince Magnus's face and told him in a calm but frightening tone, "If you ever mess with me or hurt my friends again, I will make sure to leave you crippled for the rest of your life."

Prince Magnus' ego and pride were utterly destroyed, and he lost consciousness as a result of the injuries and lack of blood.

As Xavier cleaned Prince Magnus' blood from his hands, a loud apocalyptic bell began to ring from nowhere.

Xavier looked around, perplexed at what was going on and where the sound was coming from.

But then the sky began to fracture, and as the crack widened, a gigantic hand emerged from the cracked sky.

An enormous, demonic, and utterly terrifying beast began to creep out of the cracked sky, which appeared to be a portal.

The beast's very existence caused everyone nearby, including Xavier, to experience an entirely new sense of fear.

An emotion so intense that they couldn't even breathe or move their bodies due to the fear that had been imposed on them.

The beast then let out a horrifying, horrific roar, causing Xavier and the other contestants to tumble to the ground. And shield their ears in anguish due to the loudness of the roar.

The beast's roar was so powerful and loud that it could be heard from all directions and great distances away.

It even informed all of the teachers and staff members who were currently waiting for the event to end that a Varmint had arrived.