Chapter 6
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It was a day before the festival that was held by the four brothers’ school. Seo Yeon was walking around outside their house, near their private lake. Jae Yoon and Min Joon were still in school along with Do Yoon and Seo Joon because they needed to help out in their school.

“I will come back as fast as I can so we can play okay?” Jae Yoon said before he left for school.

Min Joon bent down and pat Seo Yeon’s head. She didn’t need him to speak to know what he means. She grabbed hold of Jae Yoon’s and Min Joon’s hand and mustered up the cutest smile she could do.

“Seo Yeon will wait for brother Jae Yoon and brother Min Joon to come back!” she heard some mutters from behind so she turned and gave them a smile as well.

“Seo Yeon will wait for first brother and third brother too!” she chirped.

Do Yoon froze before stiffly turning away and walking into the car where their chaperone was inside. Seo Joon’s ears turned red before he rushed into the car.

Seo Yeon pouted. Even after days of trying to get them to fall for her, it never worked.

She felt slender fingers brushing against her cheek, “Don’t worry Seo Yeon, they will come around so don’t feel sad. Okay?” Jae Yoon said with a fresh calming smile.

Every time Jae Yoon smiled at her, she felt like a prince was shining in front of her. Min Joon suddenly came into her view of sight and placed something in her tiny palm. She looked down to see candy. She giggled, understanding this was Min Joon’s way of telling her not to worry.

“Thank you brother Min Joon for the candy! Thank you brother Jae Yoon, Seo Yeon won’t be sad!” she beamed before waving them goodbye as the two went into the car as well.

Seo Yeon let out a sigh as she sat down on the grass. She kicked her shoes off and gently placed them into the lake, feeling the cooling water under her feet. Closing her eyes shut, she felt the wind brushing against her skin, her hair fluttering by along with the sounds of water.

“I’m bored,” she sighed, splashing the water with her feet.

“If I remember there’s a game room but I don’t know the way,” Seo Yeon sighed once more before deciding to just ask the people in the house.

After asking one of the butlers, she thanked them and went over to the game room. Heading downstairs, the game room was a floor below the living room. Upon opening the door, Seo Yeon honestly had no idea what to expect but once she saw a glimpse of it she couldn’t help but gasp in awe.

It was huge. It had bean bags, few arcade games at the right corner, pool not far from it, at the far back Seo Yeon saw a bowling alley with two lanes, there was even a place to sit and have a drink or snacks and there was a huge TV with almost every gaming console this world had.

Seeing this reminded Seo Yeon how freaking rich they actually were. Since she was a kid, Seo Yeon always liked games- no she loved them. Whenever her friends had a game she would come over and play. Any type of game, Seo Yeon didn’t care, she would play it.

Eyeing on the game consoles, Seo Yeon plugged it in and scanned through all the games they had on the shelves.

‘They have ones my world has as well surprisingly.’

Picking out a game that caught her eye the most, she took the CD out and placed it inside the console. Sitting herself comfortably on a bean bag, she held the controller in her hands and began to play.

Luckily nobody except her was inside the room or else they would be concern as to why she was playing a killing game. After going through the tutorial, Seo Yeon easily adapted with the controls and defeated most of the battles in the game. She was so focused she didn’t hear footsteps running down and into the game room.

“Man can’t wait to play some ga-” Seo Yeon heard someone talking at the door but stopped mid sentence.

Pausing the game, she turned to see who the culprit was. There, at the door was Seo Joon who gawked at her. He moved his eyes from her to the screen then back at her.

Seo Yeon blinked before having a mini panic in her thoughts. ‘Oh no what is he going to say now?! He literally is seeing his five year old sister play a killing game like it is nothing!’

Seo Joon snapped out of his thoughts and rushed over to Seo Yeon, taking the controller out of her hands.

“You’re too young to play this!!” he shouted.

‘Okay a chance!’

“Seo Yeon just wanted to play a game...Seo Yeon is sorry…” she looked at Seo Joon with teary eyes, showing she was guilty about it.

Seo Joon froze before stiffly speaking, “S,still you can’t just play this type of game what if someone who isn’t me caught you?” he paused, quickly glancing over at Seo Yeon who had large puppy eyes staring at him.

He bit his lip before adding on, passing her back the controller, “Y-you can only play this type of games when I’m around got it?!”

‘Nice safe me.’

“Okay brother!” she smiled, teeth showing.

Seo Yeon continued playing the game with Seo Joon watching. At first Seo Joon was shocked at how good she could play but because she still had tiny hands, the controls sometimes slip causing her to make mistakes.

Seo Joon stifled a laugh, he looked over at Seo Yeon who was frowning every time she made mistakes by accident. He thought to himself that maybe he should secretly buy a controller that could fit in her hands.

Then slowly, he started helping her out by pointing out things and hints. Soon every time Seo Yeon defeated a battle, Seo Joon would cheer.

‘So fast the development between us…’ Seo Yeon wanted to laugh, didn’t think that this could be the reason they became closer.

Seo Joon paused and turned to her with a frown on his face. “I still don’t like you.” he said pointing at her.

‘...I take that back.’

Seo Yeon smiled, eyes turning into crescents, “But I like brother Seo Joon.”

Seo Joon stared at her, his brain trying to process. Seo Yeon wanted to laugh, he looked like he was having a hard time wrapping it around his head.

She continued smiling at him who in return look back at the screen, not letting her notice his cheeks were dusted pink. She shrugged, she had tomorrow to win him over.