Chapter 1: Birth
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The soft light of dawn filtered through the cracks in the wooden walls of the small hut, casting long shadows across the room, and in the centre of the hut, on a bed of straw and threadbare blankets, a goblin mother gave birth, breathing in short, sharp gasps.


With a final, exhausted effort, a new life entered the world. The little goblin, its green skin glowing with birth, let out its first cry. His silver hair and smooth face, already showing a hint of his future beauty, caught the morning light, glistening faintly.


 The first thing I see when I open my eyes is my mother's face, her name is Eldra, as far as I could discover, before I look around and notice another newborn Goblin.


‘Is that my sister?’ I asked myself.


As I continue to stare blankly, a blue screen suddenly appears in front of my face.


Status widow


Name: Zarok

Level: 1

Class: none

Xp: 0/100

Race: Goblin - High Goblin

Gender: male

Age: 1 day


HP: 24/24

Mana: 24/24

Stamina: 9/9

Strength: 4

Agility: 4

Constitution: 5

Endurance: 3

Intelligence: 8

Luck: 10


Talent: Blessed by Alchemy


skills: none


Domination System

Domination Xp: 0/100

System Points: 0


The little Goblin Zarok stared at the screen for a few minutes and then muttered:

‘Name, Zarok... Race, High Goblin? Male?’ he whispered in an archaic language he had not even been aware of before. His words were mumbled and his voice was soft and high pitched.

‘I am High Goblin Zarok, a male,’ he continued, before looking around and observing his sister. 

A little more time passed, when both Goblins awoke their status screens. They continued to stare at each other, but no one said anything.

“Hello, my little Zarok and my little Rina”, said our mother, as she stared at us. 

Our mother has long hair, a silvery white colour very similar to my sister's and mine, she has a slim body but with fat where there should be, you can easily see her double D chest.

Eldra, our mother began to tell us about the tribe, our father and the state windows. Our mother is a High Goblin and one of the most capable shamans of the tribe and our father is a Hobgoblin, the hunter leader of the tribe.

Our tribe, Grímoc, is situated in the Arcanis forest, one of the largest forests on the continent, which connects to 3 nations, 2 human and 1 beastskin.

The tribe has a chieftain, who is the leader, below him is the shaman leader followed by the leaders of each trade, hunter, gatherer, alchemist, blacksmith/craftsman, runemaster....

Below are all those who work in each of the trades, for example, our father has different subordinates who each lead a team of hunters.

And finally there are the low goblins and the slaves. The low goblins are goblins of about 1 meter, ugly, very stupid and grow very fast, in a week they reach adolescence and in a month they reach maturity, in return their lifespan is 10 years, their function is usually tasks that no one wants and bait in raids on villages and towns.

Slaves, on the other hand, are men and women abducted in the forest or when raiding villages. The men are usually sent with the gatherers, to collect resources, forced by the slave collar made by runemaster and blacksmiths.

The women usually have 2 tasks, either to breed low goblins, or to become hucow thanks to the alchemists' potion. This potion erases their consciousness and sentience and gives lactation to their breasts as well as increasing their size until 4 legs touch the ground, turning them into cattle to obtain breast milk, because although we have cows and animals, human milk brings better growth.

Goblins have the ability to breed with any species, but except for extremely powerful species such as dragons or high demons 99% of the offspring will be low goblins. To be born as High goblin or even hobgoblin you need parents of these same races as a general rule.

Finally, our mother told us about the system, according to her, a low goblin in adolescence has an average of 5 in his stats, a high goblin has an 8 and a human 10. However, it is still too early to know the potential of my sister Rina and me, as high goblins take 3 months to reach adolescence.

“Mother, what is rune genius?” says my sister with her angelic voice and confused face, “and blessed by alchemy?” I ask right after. Focusing my eyes on my mother's face I see her shocked expression.

“Some goblins have talents, these can be obtained innately, that is to say by birth or by evolution, although you have to know that it is very rare to have a talent“, she explained, her face still numb from the news and with a clear joy.

Soon after our father appeared, he was tall, about 6.2 feet, with black hair and muscular body, we saw him jumping with joy at the news of our birth and talents.

Normally, goblins, especially one in my father's position have multiple wives and dozens of children. My father is a special case and only pursued my mother, therefore, we are his only children.

After a while, I notice that my mother is getting ready to fall asleep, which forces me to stay in a rather comfortable sort of cot, my mother looks exhausted. I feel my energy also come to an end and I fall asleep. 

Although I haven't asked her about the Domination System....


Thank you for reading my first chapter, my English is not my first language, I accept advice. It is also my first novel and I accept criticism and improvements.

I leave you the function of each stat and how they are calculated.


HP (Health Points): 

Function: determines the total health of the character. The higher HP, the more damage he can take before falling unconscious or dying.(endurance + strength + constitution) x 2.


Function: Used to cast spells and perform magical actions. The more mana, the more powerful the spell. Intelligence x 3


Function: Represents the character's physical energy. It is necessary for intense physical activities and prolonged actions. The more stamina, the longer you can fight or run before you run out of stamina. endurance x 3


Function: increases physical damage and the ability to carry heavy objects. The greater the strength, the more damage it can cause in melee combat and the more weight it can carry.


Function: Affects the character's speed and evasion ability. The greater the agility, the faster he moves and the harder it is to hit him.


Function: Improves the character's overall resistance to disease, poisons and physical damage. The higher the constitution, the less damage he takes and the more resistant he is to adverse conditions.


Function: Determines how long he can sustain strenuous physical activity and affects stamina recovery. The greater the endurance, the longer he can sustain strenuous physical exertion without becoming exhausted.


Function: Increases efficiency of mana use, ability to learn new skills, and speed of problem solving.


Function: Influences the probability of favourable random events, such as finding treasure or avoiding danger. The greater the luck, the more favourable opportunities and better outcomes in uncertain situations.