1. Naruto Uzumaki [1]
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WARNING: Be warned that this FANFIC is being written purely for fun, it won't be updated on a daily basis and it can be dropped any time, so, don't get your hopes on, however, I hope you all enjoy it, nyahahaha! Also, English ISN'T my main language, so, if you find any mistakes, please point it out, thanks for your understanding!

Konohagakure, Day of the Kyuubi attack.

''M-Minato, you don't plan on using that, right?!'' A red-haired woman said to Minato while stuttering, her face was full of despair and panic as she thought of what her husband just said.

Her hair was just like burning, fiery flames that danced along with the wind, however, she was heavily injured and had just given birth.

''I'm sorry, Kushina... This is the only option, our son is the only choice, he'll be the Hero of the Hidden Leaf, I'll seal half of Kyuubi on myself and the remaining half on little Naruto...'' Minato, a handsome blonde man, said, he's the famous Fourth Hokage, however, his face was grim, choosing his son as the Jinchuuriki broke his heart but it was needed.

Suddenly, Kyuubi, that had golden-colored chain all over its body, raised its claws and descended it, aiming for the newborn Naruto, that was sleeping peacefully ''No!'' the couple shouted as they took the attack, stopping it just a few centimeters from piercing the baby.

Kyuubi roared in anger, seeing that its attack was stopped and that it couldn't move anymore, however, the red-haired woman ignored it as she started to talk ''My little Naruto, I'm sorry that I won't be able to stay with you and nor will your father... Please grow well, be sure to eat properly, make a lot of friends, also, don't forget to find someone that you love, someone like me, that loves your father with all of her heart.''

Tears gathered in her eyes as they dripped down her cheeks, however, Kushina continued as Hiruzen and a few ninjas looked, their expressions saddened at their condition ''Little Naruto, you're going to go through a lot of pain and suffering but don't let this cloud your eyes, find a goal and live on, I believe in you, there's so much I wanted to tell you, to teach you... I love you'' she said her final words, her eyes slowly closing.

Minato looked at Kushina as his eyes were now filled with tears, giving one last look at Hiruzen, he said ''Please take care of little Naruto, Hiruzen...''

Then, he looked towards his son and smiled gently ''Little Naruto, we've only met for a low amount of time but get to know that I'll always be your father, no matter what happens, I love you...'' he said before doing a few hand seals and clapping his hands, bringing both of them together.

''Kyuubi, it's time for you to be sealed!'' He said weakly as a ghost-like being appeared before him, known as Shinigami, then, Minato said ''Fuuinjutsu: Shiki Fūjin (Sealing Technique: Dead Demon Consuming Seal!)''

Minato sealed a part of his and Kushina's soul on Naruto, the Yin side of Kyuubi on himself and the Yang side of Kyuubi on Naruto, in the end, he died with a smile, knowing he saved not only his son but also the entire Village.

A few weeks passed as the funeral of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki was held, the entire Village was saddened, however, it was kept a secret that their offspring was born, Naruto Uzumaki.

Sarutobi Hiruzen was forced to take his Hokage duties once again as he was the only previous Hokage alive 'Minato... I'll take care of Naruto...' he thought to himself before ordering to all of the Ninjas that knew of Naruto's true identity in both ways.

''No one is allowed to say a word about Naruto Uzumaki, this is an S-Rank secret, if the information is leaked, the punishment is death!'' Hiruzen said, his overbearing pressure scared the ninjas present as they said in unison before disappearing.

''Yes, Lord Hokage"

As they left, a shadow appeared in front of Hiruzen table ''I want him, Naruto Uzumaki, in the roots, he would be a great tool for the Village!'' the shadow, identified as a male, said.

''Danzo, I already said that Naruto isn't a tool, he's the son of Minato and Kushina, I'll take care of him as if he's my own grandson, give up on this!'' Hiruzen said, even though Danzo is his old friend, he wouldn't accept that, no matter what.

Gazing deeply into Hiruzen eyes, Danzo said ''I see...'' that was all he said before leaving, planning what to do, suddenly, he thought of something before a small, creepy smile appeared on his face.

'If you don't want things to go that way, it's ok, Hiruzen. You've grown too old, too soft...' Danzo thought before vanishing in the dark, cold shadows of the night.

Looking over a member of his group, the Root, Danzo ordered ''In exactly one year from now, spread the information that Naruto Uzumaki is the incarnation of Kyuubi.''

The Root member complied before disappearing, all information is fully held on his/her mind.

Since then, exactly one year passed, Naruto was hidden from the public for exactly one year as all orphaned 1-year-old children were sent to the orphanage, the leaked information would transform his life into hell.

'Why is the old lady looking at me like this?' Naruto, that was only one year old and couldn't process information completely, thought while looking at the matron of the orphanage, out of nowhere, she shouted at him

''You demon!'' Then, she proceeded to slap him and kick him out of the orphanage ''Don't you dare to come here before night, you demon, you won't receive any food from here!'' she shouted once again as Naruto cried from the pain he received, he couldn't process or understand why this was happening but he ran to the forest, tears dripping down his cheeks due to the pain.

His still-growing body wasn't used to pain nor was it developed enough to have complex thoughts but he just felt like going to the forest, Naruto was lucky as he met a strange old man, along the way to the forest, many looked at him with hate and cursed at him, many even going far enough to hit him, however, his body somehow healed in a matter of seconds.

''Hello, young Naruto, are you hungry?'' The old man said, a kind smile on his face, he had grey-colored hair, a sign of his old age, he also had similarly grey-colored beard, his face having many wrinkles, Naruto was hungry after his body used up so much energy to miraculously heal and running away from the villagers.

Mustering up a wide smile, Naruto nodded before the old man caught some fish and grilled it, the young Naruto salivated after smelling it before quickly eating it and saying with an embarrassed smile ''More, please!''

Smiling kindly, the old man caught more fish as they ate till they were full, Naruto felt a good feeling from the old man, differently from the villagers that had that strange, ominous feeling around them when they looked at him, that old man had a warm aura around him, curious, he asked ''What's your name?''

''I'm Hiruzen but you can call me Grandpa...'' The old man, now identified as Hiruzen, smiled kindly as he said that, seeing Naruto always made him smile, unknown to him, Naruto's life would become hell.