23. Graduation [5]
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The four years that passed were pretty peaceful and besides the attack towards the Uchiha Clan, nothing happened, except for one thing, we got a new teacher at the Ninja Academy, he's named Iruka, he's not that strong but he's nice.

In the start, he had the same eyes as the rest but after some time passed, Iruka-sensei grew to even care about me, not joking, he even bought me ramen once in a while, anyway, the thing is; Today is the Graduation Exam, even if that important, I have another important thing.

Kurama nickname, I have decided it, from now on, I'll call him Kuu-san.

A few hours have passed since then and I'm right now in the middle of the class, I always sit together with Sasuke and Hinata, we're good friends, also, I still don't understand Hinata, I feel strange towards her, it's similar to how I feel when I'm near Nii-san, Sasuke and his family, the time I feel cared.

I couldn't point it but it was similar how I felt towards Nii-san, I love him from the depths of my heart, he's my brother, after all. However, it's also different at the same time, ugh, I think I'll give up understanding that for now.

As I was lazing around in the Class - one that I actually came - my name was called by Iruka-sensei.

[Third Person P.O.V]

''The Graduation Exam will be held now, everyone. Today is the day that most of you will become a full-fledged Ninja, a Genin, the Graduation Exam will be divided in two parts: Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) and Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Technique)! I'll call everyone according to their overall ranking in the past years, from the Top Ranked student to the Last Ranked student!'' Iruka said with a smile, seeing the class he taught through four entire years were already going to graduate made him proud.

''Naruto Uzumaki!'' He called out for the blonde, his figure almost the same as four years ago except for a few things.

Due to his body being healthy and being nourished correctly, coupled with all his training, Naruto's height had grown to be 158,5 centimeters tall, he had kept his hair as it was previously, too. [1]

The most obvious change was his clothing, he wore a black-colored sweatshirt with red-colored stripes, black pants with a red-colored line on its edges, flowing down all the way to his sandals, the symbol of the Uzumaki Clan stood on the back of his sweatshirt. [A/N: For reference, it's basically his Kage outfit on the accursed anime that won't have its name said here but with a different color theme, was lazy to think of something else, for now, enjoy it!).

To make things easier, Iruka made them queue in order, after that, Naruto came in front of the class as Iruka said ''Naruto, you'll do the Henge no Jutsu to become me, if you do it successfully, you pass, then, after everyone tests, we'll go to the next part!''

Naruto nodded before doing the Henge no Jutsu, he passed perfectly.

Then, the rest went to do the test, it took a few minutes as some of the students failed on the first attempt out of the three, the next part quickly came by, looking over Sasuke and Hinata, he nodded once again ''Good luck, not that you two will need it, though...'' Naruto said as they laughed a bit.

''I guess you won't need it but good luck, hn.'' Sasuke said with a small nod while Hinata was unable to say anything due to her shyness but she still nodded slightly, trying to show she appreciated him wishing them good luck.

The blue-eyed teenager was called by Iruka to the Room 5, where Iruka and Mizuki stood, some headbands of Konohagakure on a table, looking over Naruto with fear in his eyes, the light blue-haired man said ''Naruto Uzumaki, you're the first to do the test, go ahead!''

Over the four years that he was teaching alongside Iruka, Mizuki tried to trample Naruto's results by giving him defective Kunai, Shuriken and so on, however, the blonde teenager discovered it and on a certain day, he took revenge, Mizuki never forgot that day, even till today, the pain was still recorded deep inside his head, just remembering it made his crotch hurt.

''Bunshin no Jutsu! (Clone Technique!)'' Naruto said in a barely audible voice as a Clone appeared just beside himself, this one was different from a Kage Bunshin as it is illusory, not an actual 'body', he did it without hand signs, a show of his mastery over it and Chakra itself.

Iruka smiled widely after Naruto passed the exam with perfect marks, that student was the one that gave him the highest proud, he felt connected with Naruto for some reason ''Here, be sure to cherish that headband, it is a sign of your career as a Ninja! I'm proud of you!'' he said as Naruto nodded slightly and leaving the Room.

He then stood outside the Ninja Academy, waiting for the white-haired man to arrive, Kakashi was already 26 years old and his strength had also grown greatly, though a part of his potential was wasted, he was still one of the greatest genius that ever existed, becoming a Jounin at 12 years old, his strength now stood at the level of a... [A/N: Secret, nyahahahaha!]

Holding the headband, Naruto shook his head slightly before putting it on his forehead. [2]

''Looking neat, Naruto. I'm proud of you, congratulations on graduating from the Ninja Academy!'' Suddenly, Kakashi appeared at the top of a tree branch, he said while giving thumbs up.

'I'm so proud of you, my cute otouto! Already a ninja, you grew up already!' he thought while maintaining a stoic expression, however, an imaginary figure of himself appeared just beside him and wiped the 'tears' falling from his eyes.

The blonde teenager nodded and couldn't control the small smile that appeared, seeing this, the white-haired man smiled in the same proportion, the happiness they were feeling right now was only known to them, Kakashi then said while patting Naruto's head ''Let's go, I'll treat you to Ramen today!''

Naruto smiled widely, his diet was well controlled to maintain his body healthy, Kakashi only let him go to eat Ramen once in a week, this was a bonus.

[1] 158,5 centimeters tall --> 1,58 meters tall --> 5'2''
[2] For more reference, his hair while the headband is on his forehead is basically the same as the cover, pretty cool, right? I know!

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