24. Team 7 [1]
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Note: Nyahahaha, for those that are wondering if it'll be the original Team 7 or a different one, the answer is: Original one. It won't change the time he passes with Hinata or whatever, nor will I make Sakura an annoying pink banshee. Just stay tuned for the next chapters that are coming, cool things are bound to happen, nyahahaha!

The next day, Naruto went to the Hokage's Office where he was supposed to take a photo that would be recorded as his Ninja Career, it didn't take long before arriving there, he went to the Room that he was designated to take the photo.

Entering it, he saw that two persons stood there, one being the photographer and the other being the Third Hokage himself 'I wonder why he's here?' Naruto thought.

''Yo, Jiji, I didn't know that you were taking the photos of the students!'' Naruto said towards Hiruzen, while he didn't forgive his so-called Jiji completely, he saw the huge attitude improvement that the old Hokage did, the blue-eyed teenager saw how Hiruzen tried to correct his past mistakes.

The old man smiled after seeing how Naruto looked towards him, these eyes weren't the same as years ago anymore, he knew that the now teenager had forgiven him, even if not completely, however, he furrowed his brows slightly ''Naruto, I'm happy that you graduated but... what is it with that... painting?'' [1]

''I don't get what you mean, Jiji.'' Naruto said while feigning ignorance.

Massaging his forehead, Hiruzen sighed before saying ''Naruto, it's good that you're excited about the Ninja Career you're going to have but you can't take a photo like that!''

Naruto sighed before nodding, seeing this, Hiruzen smiled gently before he said ''Well, you can go to my Office, you can do it after, I'll take your photo by myself, just come without any kind of painting in your body, this is a photo that will be recorded for everyone to see when they want to see about your information and missions completed.''

'At least I tried...!' Naruto thought.

''You can come after your Jounin sensei introduce himself to you and so on!'' Hiruzen said as Naruto nodded in agreement ''See ya later, Jiji!'' he said before flickering away, he was using a variation of the Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique), the Raiton variety.

He arrived at Class and saw that 12 students from his class passed and became a Genin, however, only 4 of these 12 were commoners, the remaining 8 were the Clan Heirs, ignoring them all, he sat beside Sasuke and Hinata before saying ''So, who do you two want to be put in a team? I heard that each team has 3 members each.''

Sasuke was the first to reply ''I want to be in the same team as you and Hinata, we would do a good team, I just hope I don't be in the same team as a fangirl, they keep annoying me!'' he said while feeling annoyed at their constant ''assaults''.

''I w-want t-to be in the same t-team as you, N-Naruto-kun...'' Hinata said while blushing slightly, fidgeting her fingers slightly, Sasuke couldn't hear her voice since she said in a barely audible one but Naruto could.

The blue-eyed teenager felt happy for some reason but didn't know why ''I also want to be in the same team as you and Sasuke, Hinata. Sasuke, believe me, I don't want any of your fangirls in the Team, they would drag us down.'' he said as both him and Sasuke nodded in sync.

Meanwhile, Sakura and Ino were blabbering about who will be with Sasuke, the blonde teenager decided to shut his ears off as the fangirls kept discussing about who will be in the same team as Sasuke, meanwhile, Iruka and three different Jounins entered the room.

''Everyone, sit down and be quiet. These three are the Jounin sensei, they're Asuma Sarutobi, Kurenai Yuhi and [email protected], they'll be responsible for Team 10, Team 8 and Team 3 respectively, the Jounin responsible for the Team 7 is late but he'll arrive later!'' Iruka said but Naruto ignored the last Jounin as only the first two took his attention, one because of his surname and the other because of her unique red-colored eyes despite not being an Uchiha.

''Members of the Team 10, follow me: Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka and Chouji Akimichi.'' Asuma said as they followed him, Ino being especially sad because she wasn't in the same team as Sasuke.

''Members of the Team 8, follow me: Hinata Hyuuga, Shino Aburame and Kiba Inuzuka!'' The red-eyed woman said as these three followed her 'I won't be in the same team as Naruto-kun...' Hinata thought sadly.

The Jounin that Naruto didn't care to hear the name called out for the three commoners, leaving him, Sasuke and Sakura left in the room, looking towards them, Iruka said ''Well, your Jounin sensei is called Kakashi Hatake, he'll arrive soon, I guess.'' then, he flickered away.

''So, I guess we're in the same team, Sasuke-kun!'' Sakura said with a small smile while ignoring Naruto completely, her attitude annoyed him slightly but then, the blue-eyed teenager shook his head 'It's another fangirl, sigh...' he thought.

Meanwhile, Sakura thought 'Heck yeah, I'm on the same team as Sasuke-kun, take this, Ino! Cha cha cha!' an imaginary image of her raised her fist towards the sky as a sign of victory.

Looking towards Sakura, Sasuke said ''Yeah, whatever.'' then, he turned towards Naruto and said ''It seems that our Jounin sensei will be Kakashi-san, I think we are screwed, to be honest...''

''Nah, I already knew he would be our Jounin sensei so I prepared something beforehand, look at this!'' Naruto said before taking out a Sealing Scroll, there, three buckets of water stood sealed, taking them out, Naruto smiled mischievously.

''Do you really think something of such low level will work on our Jounin sensei? He's a Jounin for a reason, a high leveled Ninja!'' Sakura said while feeling an incredible urge to hit Naruto's head but held herself back, she heard the rumors about how everyone that tried to do something bad to Naruto didn't end well.

Ignoring Sakura, the blonde teenager went nearby the door and started preparing wires to hold the buckets ''Sasuke, come to help me, we should make it so that he thinks there's only one bucket of water, I always did traps like this to Nii-san but he won't expect two buckets, one from above and one from the left!'' he said.

He warned through hand signs that Kakashi was already at the other side of the door so by saying his plans, the white-haired man wouldn't be prepared to the three buckets, Sasuke understood it and also laughed mischievously, then, they prepared the trap perfectly.

Just as they sat and started to wait for Kakashi, the white-haired man opened up the door and said ''Naruto, lesson number one: Never say your plans beforehand!''

Then, he skillfully dodged the first two buckets but something unexpected happened, a third bucket of water hit him straight as it drenched his whole body with water, with a lecturing expression, the blonde teenager said ''Nii-san, lesson number two: Always prepare yourself to incoming traps!''

'It... it worked! How can a Jounin fall for such trap?!' Sakura thought while ignoring the fact that Naruto called the so-called Jounin as 'nii-san'.

In the end, the three of them laughed with the exception of Sakura, that stood there, shocked.

Turning serious, Kakashi heated up his body through Katon and then, said ''Let's go to the roof, introduce ourselves and these things, also, sorry that I was late, the traffic was heavy and I met an injured dog, I needed to help him!''

Naruto gave a thumbs up to his excuse but thought 'Your excuses have been getting worse recently, sigh, you still have a lot to learn, nii-san!'

The four of them then went to the roof.

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