25. Team 7 [2]
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Looking over the three of them, Kakashi maintained a stoic expression 'Right now, I'm their Jounin sensei, even if he's my cute otouto, I can't go easy...!' he thought.

''Let's start by introducing ourselves, likes, dislikes, hobby and dream. I'll be the first, my likes and dislikes... I don't think I feel like talking about it, I have a lot of hobbies and I dream of many things.'' Kakashi said in a stoic manner while Naruto brows started to twitch slightly because of his nii-san speech.

'In the end, he ended up not telling us anything!' Sakura thought incredulously before sighing, Kakashi pointed towards her, signaling for her to start talking.

Sakura looked over Sasuke and blushed ''My likes, I like a lot of things and... hihihi...! My dislikes? Ino! As for my dreams...'' she said while looking at the black-haired teenager once again and blushing, the three of them sweatdropped at her introduction as Naruto thought 'Can't you be more obvious? This is why I hate fangirls...'

Even Kakashi sighed before he pointed towards Sasuke, that nodded before saying ''I like my family, my friends, tomatoes, cats and also training! I dislike anyone that tries to harm my family, I dislike people that are weak but don't try to improve themselves, my dream... I want to be strong so that nobody can harm my family and friends!''

'Such a noble goal, Sasuke-kun!' Sakura thought, Naruto looked over them before saying ''My likes are similar to Sasuke ones, I like my family and friends, I also like ramen, it's my favorite food. I dislike anyone that judges others even when what they're doing are way worse and Konoha's villagers, my dream is simple, I want to be the strongest, that way, I'll be free from any shackles.''

The blonde teenager thought about saying that one of his dreams is restoring his Clan to its peak state but then decided not to, that was something that shouldn't be shared yet, he didn't care about sharing his hate towards the villagers, though.

'Naruto hates the villagers? Why? It doesn't make any sense, why would he hate them?' Sasuke thought, neither Naruto nor his father told him about what happened to the blonde teenager during his first three years of life.

''Naruto, you can't say that you hate the villagers! They're the family of every Ninja in our village!'' Sakura said while feeling confused as to why Naruto hates them, she knew many of the villagers and they were all so gentle.

Ignoring Sakura as he didn't want to explain something so troublesome, Naruto looked towards Kakashi, that nodded ''Well, for today, that is it. Tomorrow, meet me at the Third Training Ground at 6 am, also, I recommend you not to eat anything or you might puke.'' he said.

Without saying anything else, he flickered away in an instant, his speed too high for Sasuke or Sakura to see 'Why must he show off to them like that?' Naruto thought while sighing.

''So, Naruto, you know Kakashi the best since he's your older brother, do you have any clue about what that training is going to be?'' Sasuke asked, his personality when talking with Naruto or any of his family members is completely different from his attitude inside Class, Sakura was shocked to see such difference.

Naruto shook his head ''I don't have a single clue about it but since Nii-san said that we shouldn't eat before coming to the Training Ground, it means we should eat before going to the Training Ground, probably, it is related to fighting, we can't fight with an empty stomach.'' he said. [1]

Hearing what the blonde teenager said, Sasuke nodded slightly before turning towards Sakura ''I'll put it plainly, Sakura, you have a high Chakra control but you're weak.'' he said as she looked down dejectedly.

''However, you can't be weak forever so be sure to train a lot, the three of us know that the life of a Ninja is filled with danger so being weak is the same as killing yourself, we can do training sessions with Kakashi-san.'' Sasuke said while Naruto shook his head, he didn't really like Sakura but since she was going to be his teammate from now on, he wouldn't let her drag their team down.

'I won't train her, helping Sasuke with some Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Kenjutsu training is already troublesome enough, not to mention her...' The blue-eyed teenager thought, he had only agreed to help Sasuke with his training after they became friends, however, his way of teaching was akin to torture as he basically taught Sasuke in form of beatings.

It was brute? Yes, however, it proved to be effective as Sasuke's potential was being stimulated constantly through the training (torture), Naruto was always pointing flaws in his Ninjutsu and whatever other things they were training.

He expected her to give up - Naruto didn't have any expectations coming from her in the slightest bit, in his mind, she was someone with a weak-willed girl, as such, Sakura surprised him, her eyes were full of determination ''Yes, Sasuke-kun! I'll become strong so that I won't drag you, Naruto and Kakashi-sensei down, I'll train hard!'' she said.

'She has the determination required to become strong, even if she's a bit weak-willed, it can be worked overtime, maybe she wasn't as bad as I thought.' Naruto thought while wondering if his guess about her mind being easy to break being wrong, then, he shook his head.

''I'll go home, see ya tomorrow, Sasuke and Sakura. Don't forget to eat something before coming to the Third Training Ground, fighting with an empty stomach just because someone told you to do so isn't following the rules, this is called stupidity.'' The blue-eyed teenager said before disappearing, leaving Sakura and Sasuke allowed, soon, the black-haired teenager also left.

Sakura was the last to leave as she looked towards the direction Sasuke and Naruto departed 'I'll train hard, I don't want to drag Sasuke-kun and the team down!' she thought, with her current mind, that was the best way for her to steel her own determination.


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