27. Team 7 [4]
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As all Shurikens hit the ground, Naruto did hand signs as they suddenly became something else, Kage Bunshins, however, there was a specific one that wasn't an actual clone, that was Sasuke transformed into Naruto, then, he and all clones started doing hand signs.

'The seals for the Gokakyuu no Jutsu, eh?' Kakashi thought before doing hand signs of his own.

''Katon: Gokakyuu no Jutsu! (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!)" The transformed Sasuke and all clones said at the same time as a great mass of Fire were sent towards Kakashi in a flamethrower-like manner.

''Doton: Doryuheki! (Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall!)" Kakashi said after doing hand signs as a big wall appeared in front of him, just enough to block all the incoming mass of Fire, however, Sasuke and Naruto's clones didn't stop there as they ran around the Wall and went to fight against the white-haired man in close combat.

Kakashi let go of his Icha Icha Series because he felt danger coming his way, he couldn't feel from where 'Naruto is preparing to do a sneak attack? No, that's not it... I'll prepare a Substitution Jutsu just in case.' he thought while retreating slightly as he blocked the attacks.

Suddenly, one of the Clones became Sasuke, that smirked as he was already in front of Kakashi, he sent a punch towards the white-haired man, that easily blocked it by raising his hand and catching the now bloody red-eyed teenager easily.

However, Sasuke didn't plan to end here, retreating as his hands were released by Kakashi, he threw many Kunai towards Kakashi, they were slightly different from usual as they had strange, almost invisible markings.

As Kakashi blocked the attack, he felt danger coming but he didn't have enough time as he had just blocked Sasuke, Naruto was already behind him, the blue-eyed teenager swept his left leg towards the white-haired man own legs, making him fall.

Changing his posture while still falling, Kakashi dodged the punch that came from both Sasuke and Naruto at the same time 'It seems I'll need to get slightly serious there...' he thought before activating his Sharingan as he released the Seal on his eyes by sending Chakra there.

Neither Naruto nor Sasuke were surprised by this as both of them already knew of that for years, looking towards each other, they nodded, jumping slightly in the air with his feet facing Naruto's hand, he smirked.

Bringing both hands together after doing the required hand signs at incredible speed, Naruto said inwardly 'Futon: Reppusho! (Wind Release: Gale Palm!)' then, he pushed both hands forward as Sasuke was sent towards Kakashi in a straight line, his figure blurred to ordinary eyes as his speed had achieved incredible levels.

In an instant, he was in front of Kakashi, taking advantage of the speed, Sasuke punched as it was strengthened due to the speed, the white-haired man was taken by surprise but not that much, he blocked the attack easily while receiving little to no damage, however, his body was sent two meters back.

Just enough for a trap to activate.

As Kakashi was sent two meters back, his feet touched a slightly different ground, suddenly, dozens of Shurikens were thrown towards him from different directions, the impact from Sasuke punch had broken his stance slightly, as such, he was barely able to dodge them.

'How? Wait... they were distracting me as Sakura set up the trap? To think I fell for such easy to see trap!' Kakashi thought incredulously while feeling slightly proud that the team of his younger brother had such teamwork.

He landed on the ground safely but failed to notice a Shuriken placed just under the bells that were hanging at the side of the upper part of his left leg, before Kakashi could react, Naruto's had already teleported through that Shuriken

'Always having Kunai and Shurikens with these seals prepared is useful, didn't think I would use them so soon...' the blue-eyed teenager thought while holding both bells.

Finally reacting, Kakashi sighed but smiled under his mask, he felt proud 'You managed to remove the flash of light left by the Hiraishin, thus, I was unable to predict when you teleported... My cute otouto is growing up again!' he thought.

However, he maintained a stoic expression ''You have two bells but three teammates, so, who will you choose to pass the test of the two?'' Kakashi said as Sakura also left her hiding spot while smiling, her trap had proven useful to the Team victory.

Then, she noticed the meaning in Kakashi's speech, feeling slightly nervous, she looked towards Naruto 'He and Sasuke-kun are friends, he won't choose me, it's obvious that this won't happen. It seems I'll need to go back towards the Ninja Academy.' she thought sadly.

Throwing one of the bells towards Sasuke, the black-haired teenager grinned, much to Sakura dismay, however, Naruto's actions surprised her as he threw the remaining bell towards her.

Looking over Kakashi, the blonde teenager said ''This is just like you said to me when you were telling me about your past, Nii-san. Those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum!''

The white-haired man grinned under his mask ''Yes, you're right. As such, all of you passed the test! Congratulations, all of you are now a Genin!''

'Yeaaaaah! I'm now a full-fledged Genin, cha!' An imaginary Sakura punched the air excitedly as she thought.

'I'm now one step closer to making my family prouder, just wait, I'll become a Chuunin and catch up to you!' Sasuke thought of his family before looking over Naruto with determined eyes, he never once felt jealous of the blue-eyed teenager strength, only passion to surpass him.

Because he had two goals and he wasn't going to give up or get jealous simply because he's inferior right now, Sasuke had goals to complete: Make his family proud and...

Catch up to Naruto's strength, that was one of his principal goals, it had even more priority compared to making his family proud, if he completed that goal, Sasuke was sure he would be able to make his family proud, however, he was missing something.

His family is already proud of him.


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