28. Konohamaru [1]
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My super ultra mega duper extreme megazord(?) special thanks to 'Jonathan Caselli' and 'Judd' for becoming my patrons! As always, thanks for your patronage, nyahahaha! Enjoy the chapter, my dear readers! NYAHAHAHA

I woke up early today, nii-san won't go to do any mission without the Team, thus, I'll have more time to pass with the 'original' him instead of the clones he always leaves when he's out for missions.

Nii-san also said that we'll take up a D-Rank request because Genins can rarely take up C-Rank ones, I can already feel how bored I'll feel, how I wish there was a test that could take me up directly to the rank of a Jounin, it may be more dangerous but the thrill of equal battles, it is amazing.

Today is different from ordinary days, it is slightly ordinary but today I'll have a photo registered on my Ninja Identity, humming along the way, I went towards Jiji's Office.

Just as I was walking through the streets while ignoring the ''animals'' stare, a teenager with strange green-colored clothing, round eyes, weird hair and thick eyebrows stopped me, here we go again...

[Third Person P.O.V]

''Naruto, my eternal rival! Walking so early in the morning, as expected of my eternal rival, such passion! YOOOOOUTH!'' The teenager shouted after seeing the blue-eyed teenager.

Looking in a stoic manner towards the teenager, Naruto said ''Sorry, said something?''

''Ughhhh! He ignored me completely!'' The teenager shouted dejectedly before he continued ''Naruto, I, Rock Lee, challenge you to a fight! We're both Genins, let's see who's the strongest after a year passed!''

Without second thoughts and ignoring the villagers that stared towards him in a strange manner, Lee advanced towards Naruto at full speed, sighing, the blue-eyed teenager threw a special Kunai that had a seal imprinted far away, its direction: Hokage's Office.

Time seemed to pass in a slow manner as Lee's fist was just an inch from Naruto's face, the blue-eyed teenager disappeared, the green-clothed teenager looked around before an unnatural amount of tears dripped down his cheeks ''Such youthfulness! To think I can't even catch up to your speed, as expected of my eternal rival!'' he shouted.

''Yosh! As a way to surpass my eternal rival, I'll train even harder!'' Lee said as a fire of determination lit deep inside his eyes, a determination that wasn't that strong before, one that was unbreakable.

Meanwhile, Naruto had already arrived at the Hokage's Office 'Lee strength increased again, if I'm not wrong, his speed surpasses most Jounin if he removes the weights and uses the Eight Gates, in pure speed at his total strength, he's just slightly under me from a few days ago, if not because I discovered 'that', even I would have a bit of trouble dealing with him...' he thought before knocking on the door.

Entering it, he saw Hiruzen smoking on his chair, sighing, Naruto said ''Jiji, you can't keep smoking, you're already so old, what if you have a heart attack and die?''

''Cough cough!'' The old man coughed continuously after Naruto said that before he said ''Stop cursing me, I won't die so early. Ah, yes, let's take up your Ninja Identity photo!''

''Yeah, whatever...'' Naruto said before standing in front of Hiruzen's table, he was at his usual clothing ''Take it, I still think the painting I used previously was cool, I don't see any reason for you to refuse me.'' he said as if it was normal for someone to take a photo like that.

Sighing, Hiruzen said ''You looked like a clown, I can't let you take a photo for your Ninja Career like that!'' then, he took the photo, it wasn't something different from normal ones, just, that was registered forever.

Just as the photo was taken, someone opened the door and said ''Old man, I'm challenging you for a duel, the reward being the Hokage position! I'll be the Fifth Hokage!''

Then, the person ran towards Hiruzen while holding a Shuriken, however, he fell on the ground as Naruto thought incredulously 'Did... Did he just tripped in a plain ground?' the blue-eyed teenager felt shocked for the first time of his entire life.

It was a black-haired boy with a scarf around his neck, suddenly, the boy stood up and looked over Naruto ''You! You must have done this to me, right?!''

''Nah, you tripped alone, just look around, I never thought someone could be stupid enough to trip over a plain ground, though...'' Naruto said indifferently.

Out of nowhere, another person appeared inside the room and shouted ''How can you say that to him? He's the honorable Grandson of the Third Hokage, Konohamaru Sarutobi!''

'He's the grandson of Jiji?' Naruto thought before smiling mischievously inwardly 'Embarrassing Jiji in front of his own Grandson, how nice would that be?'

''Brat, if you want to become the Hokage, you need to be at least stronger than me, just look at this!'' Naruto said as he got Konohamaru's interest.

Standing in front of Hiruzen and the Jounin called Ebisu, Naruto did a simple hand sign before saying out loud ''Beware, the great Naruto is going to defeat both of you with a single attack! Oiroke no Jutsu! (Sexy no Jutsu!)''

''N-NANI?!'' Hiruzen and Ebisu both said at the same time as a large stream of blood came out of their nose, in an instant, they fainted.

''See?'' Naruto said towards Konohamaru, that gulped over Naruto's ''strength'' that is enough to defeat even his grandpa!

With sparkles shining deep inside his eyes, Konohamaru said in pure admiration ''Uoooh! You're so cool, please teach me how to defeat him so that I can become the Hokage!''

Hearing this, Naruto nodded 'The seed of admiration is planned, he doesn't seem like a bad kid, in fact, I can feel how pure he actually is by just looking towards his eyes, having someone like that as a friend or disciple wouldn't be bad, not to mention that he's Jiji's grandson...' he thought while preparing for the future already.

''I'm not accepting disciples yet, sorry.'' Naruto said while making a hesitant expression that was obviously caught by Konohamaru eyes, with his young mind, he couldn't notice that it was just a fake expression.

'I won't give up! I'll become your disciple, no matter what!' Konohamaru thought and before he could notice, Naruto had already flickered away.


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