29. Konohamaru [2]
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As I walked through the streets, going back towards my home, I noticed something - Someone was following me, sensing this, I closed my eyes as I activated the Kagura's Mind Eye, instantly, I could 'see' everything around me.

Oh? It's that boy... Konohamaru, I wonder why he's following me? Kagura's Mind Eye is so convenient, as long as I can feel someone Chakra signature once, I can identify that person instantly as long as he/she is within my range, which increased sharply, I can now cover half of the village, pretty impressive in my opinion.

Turning around, I saw that Konohamaru hurriedly hid within the walls, just... his camouflage is, uh, really bad. I think I've never seen someone hiding in such a bad manner, ignoring him while pretending that I didn't see him, I continued walking as he continued chasing me.

It started to annoy me slightly so I just disappeared from my place as he hurriedly left his ''hiding'' spot and looked around, appearing behind him, I said ''Yo.''

Jumping in fright, he turned around before saying ''Huff, you almost got me here! As expected of you, Naruto-nii-san, you saw right through my incredible camouflage!''

Did he just call me Naruto-nii-san? Does he really think his camouflage was incredible? I'm shocked for the second time in my whole life, maybe he has the power to leave others shocked? Impressive.

Ignoring him shamelessly boasting and calling me 'Naruto-nii-san', I said ''So, what do you want? Why were you stalking me?''

Shaking his head continuously ''No no no, I wasn't stalking you, Naruto-nii-san! I was testing your powers and you shocked me, you noticed me so soon!''

Konohamaru said while looking towards me before continuing ''Please teach me the Oiroke no Jutsu (Sexy no Jutsu), I want to defeat my Grandpa and become the Hokage!''

He's slightly fun, I guess. However, I know that even if you defeated the Hokage doesn't mean you can become one, if he continues like that, he'll have his hopes broken way too early but first, I'm curious ''Why do you want to become the Hokage? You surely don't need to do that, right?'' I asked.

Clenching his fist, he said ''It's because they only recognize me as the honorable grandson of the Third Hokage, I don't want this to happen towards me! I want them to recognize me for who I'm, which is why I want to become the Hokage!''

Interesting, he wants others to recognize him, just, Konohamaru way of thinking is slightly stupid, only someone stupid would think that for others to recognize you, you need to be the Hokage, an example is Nii-san father, Sakumo Hatake, he was recognized and feared through the entire world with the nickname 'White Fang'.

''You don't need to become the Hokage to be recognized, you know?'' I said as a shocked expression came across his face ''If you want to be recognized, you don't need that to happen, you need to get stronger, strong enough so that everyone, not only the Village but the entire world will recognize you and fear you!''

''W-What?'' Konohamaru said before saying ''B-But isn't it true that all Hokages are recognized by the entire world?''

He got a point but I have another ''Doesn't Jiji stay all the time on his Office doing paperwork and rarely has time to go out? Do you really want that to happen? Even if you don't care about it, why should you do something so troublesome? For the village?'' I said.

''Of course! I want to protect the Village that Jiji works so hard to protect, it is worthy of protection!'' Konohamaru said as I felt a wave of disgust at the mention 'worth of protection' but decided not to refute him, if I told him what happened to me, his mind would break.

I'm certain of that because from what I know, he lived a life full of love and affection from both family members and the ''animals'' living within the village, my story would conflict with his entire life and his mind wouldn't be able to accept it, thus, his mind would break - his heart would break, knowing the two faces of a single coin.

It is his dream, he's pure and naive, however, it's not a bad thing in my opinion - He has a good heart and this is what matters, besides, he gives off a nice feeling, an approachable one.

''You're a good kid, Konohamaru. Ok, I'll teach you the Oiroke no Jutsu (Sexy no Jutsu)!'' I said as a smile beamed over his face, Konohamaru jumped in happiness ''Thanks, Naruto-nii-san!'' he said.

A few hours passed since then.

''This is not how you do it, Konohamaru! Try making it look more natural, you're not doing it correctly!'' I said while feeling slightly frustrated, I never thought that teaching was so frustrating, even so, it is kind of satisfying.

Konohamaru nodded before doing a hand sign and saying ''Oiroke no Jutsu! (Sexy no Jutsu!)'' with a puff of smoke, a beautiful woman with long, brown-colored hair and nice curves appeared in front of me, smoke covering all private parts.

''Finally! I thought it would take forever for me to learn it!'' Konohamaru said after seeing me giving him thumbs up ''You did a good job, Konohamaru, congratulations! By just learning the Oiroke no Jutsu (Sexy no Jutsu), you have automatically learned the Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) too as it is a variation of the latter!'' I said as he smiled widely in return.

''If you want, I can help you with Jutsus, from now on, you're the disciple of me, the Great Naruto Uzumaki, Prince of the Uzumaki Clan!'' I said while boasting shamelessly.

Confusion plastered all over his face ''Uzumaki Clan?'' he said in a confused manner.

That's true, he probably doesn't know about my Clan, there's no information about it in any books of Konohagakure, I'll teach him about it someday but for now, I'll just relax.


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