32. Land of Waves [1]
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''Ok, I'll tell you guys. The Land of Waves was originally a common one, not poor but not rich either, we were, overall, happy, it all changed when the famous businessman Gatō appeared, he dominated all of the economies and blocked our escapes, we tried to rebel but... it didn't end well.'' As the boat they were in wandered through the seemingly boundless water, Tazuna said sadly before continuing.

''Knowing that, I'm trying to build a bridge that can connect us to the outside world so that our Land can be saved, these two were sent to kill me because without me, it won't work, I have a daughter and a grandson waiting for me at home!'' At this point, small amounts of tears started gathering inside his eyes, however, Kakashi and Naruto's face were still indifferent.

Kakashi then said ''Hm, this won't do. With Chuunins involved, this mission becomes B-Rank and knowing they failed, he'll send Jounin, this means it is an A-Rank mission, the payment would change.''

''I can't pay, I used all of my spare money to request the C-Rank Mission, I can't pay more!'' Tazuna said, his voice desperate.

'Gatō? He's a famous businessman and one of the richest men in the entire world!' Kakashi thought, slightly shocked by it, his face, however, was stoic.

''Kakashi-sensei, I think we can help him, if we do so, we can help thousands of citizens from the Land of Waves! He can pay for the rest overtime when the Land of Waves becomes wealthier, right?'' Sakura said pleadingly, Sasuke also looked with hope towards Kakashi.

''...Fine'' The white-haired man nodded as a smile beamed over Tazuna's face.

''So, pointed hat, tell me more about Gatō business, what is it about? Do you know?'' Naruto asked while automatically giving off a nickname to Tazuna.

Ignoring his nickname, Tazuna said ''He is a shipping magnate and founder of Gatō Company, not many know but Gatō is also a drug dealer secretly and do smuggling contraband, he... he is a cruel man, he killed my daughter's husband in public!'' his voice turned bitter at the end, showing how much he cared for his dead son-in-law.

'Another scum of society... I'll take care of him, also, his business will be good for my future plans, I'll take over, however, I won't do the dark part of his business, I don't like this kind of thing, however, the shipping business... it'll be good.' Naruto thought before asking

''Do you know if Gatō has a headquarter? I mean, like a small village that he lives at?''

Tazuna nodded ''Yes, Gatō bought a Village and named it Gatōgakure, narcissistic, right? I can show to you at the map I have on my home!'' he said as Naruto nodded and forgave the man for talking about his parents.

'A Village will need a lot of money, if my strength keeps growing at this level, I'll be able to protect myself from Kage level Ninjas in three years at most, which means that I'll have around 3 years to accumulate wealth and prepare for the future Uzushiogakure that I'll make, I heard it was destroyed so my only trouble will be reconstructing it...' Naruto thought and before they noticed, they were already on land.

''We have finally arrived, brats, this is the Land of Waves, it officially welcomes you!'' Tazuna said while not noticing the incoming danger, as they walked through the forest, Kakashi suddenly shouted ''Everyone, get down!''

While Sakura was into a daze, Naruto and Sasuke had long ducked, seeing this, Naruto sighed before forcibly making the pink-haired teenager get down ''Sakura, stop getting into a daze, you're not a kid, if you want to be useful, don't stay there, open for attacks.'' he said.

She nodded as a sword flew just past them, cutting past the wind, it then took a curve before stopping in a tree, a man stood above it.

Kakashi said with slight shock ''That can't be... is that him?''

''Yes, it's me... Zabuza Momochi, Demon of the Hidden Mist!'' Zabuza replied before saying ''Who would think that the famous Kakashi of the Sharingan would be here, in the same team as some kids that just graduated!''

Incredible bloodlust was sent from him, trying to overwhelm them, however, Kakashi blocked it and said ''Zabuza Momochi, known for his cruelty, back down, kids. He's the only Genin that graduated because of the 'Bloody Mist Village', he killed all of his teammates to graduate.''

'Savage.' Naruto thought as Sasuke and Sakura were shocked by what was just said.

Without looking back, Kakashi said ''Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke, protect Tazuna-san from all sides, I'll deal with him.''

They nodded before taking up the formation they ''practiced'' along the way, suddenly, Zabuza said before disappearing ''Do you think you have the luxury of being distracted, Kakashi?''

'...' Kakashi stood in complete silence while silently observing everything 'Zabuza is known for his assassination skills, which means he'll go for the target, this means... he'll go from above!' Kakashi thought before moving, however, he was a bit too late.

''Too late, Kakashi!'' Zabuza said as his sword slashed towards Tazuna, however, it was blocked as the sound of sword colliding with sword was heard ''Don't underestimate us, bandage creep. You're strong but not 'that' strong.'' Naruto said before putting more strength on his sword.

'!!!' Zabuza was alarmed as he was pushed back by two meters 'He's strong, it seems I'll have to take care.' he thought.

Kakashi, from the side, thought to himself 'I'm confident in Naruto's abilities, I'll let him deal with Zabuza, if he happens to lose, I'll interfere...'

''Are you ready, bandage creep? I always wondered if the Seven Swordsman of the Mist is really that strong, I heard that in history, a man killed four of you with pure Taijutsu, how shameful, right?'' Naruto mocked Zabuza but the man didn't seem to care, seeing this, the blonde teenager felt it was a pity, making his enemy angry would make the fight easier.

''Not the talking type? Well, no problem, bandage creep, let's fight!'' Naruto said with a wide smile before adding inwardly as he injected Chakra on his blade.

'Ignition!' [1]


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