33. Land of Waves [2]
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Wind and Lightning erupted on the Sword of Whirlwinds as Naruto smiled widely, his thirst for battle growing as the seconds were passing by, Kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura and Tazuna were looking at him silently 'I think I should help Naruto, from what Kakashi-san said, he's very famous and strong!' Sasuke thought, not wanting to let his friend be put in danger like that.

'Raiton: Shunshin no Jutsu! (Lightning Release: Body Flicker Technique!)' Naruto thought to himself as both him and Zabuza disappeared, their figures blurring while colliding swords.

At the very first contact, Zabuza thought while analyzing Naruto's strength 'His body is slightly weaker than mine which means his strength is just slightly under an Elite Jounin, insane, he's just around 12 years old! With pure Kenjutsu technique, he was able to ignore the fact that his body is weaker!'

Retreating, Zabuza went towards the river and did hand signs before saying ''Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu! (Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet!)''

However, Naruto had already seen his hand signs and predicted his attack ''Fuuton: Daitoppa! (Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!)"

His attack successfully blocked the Suiton attack by blasting it and stopping its force, without force anymore, it fell to the ground, losing all of its might, Naruto then got a few ordinary Shuriken from his pouch and threw it towards Zabuza, that dodged it easily, however, the Shuriken then hit each other and one of them went towards the missing-nin with high speed, hitting his shoulder.

'It seems Sasuke helping me with Shurikenjutsu as his brother is a master at it had value, after all!' Naruto thought as he saw the blood dripping down Zabuza's shoulder.

The missing-nin, however, was furious 'I was hit by a mere kid, with a Shuriken at that?'

Without sparing effort anymore, Zabuza disappeared from his place and went towards Naruto, that looked around before suddenly, the missing-nin appeared behind him and slashed with his sword, raising his own sword, he blocked it but was sent crashing towards a tree due to its sheer might.

''This is what you get from underestimating me, brat!'' Zabuza said before Naruto got up, aside from superficial injuries from hitting the tree with such strength, nothing serious.

Ignoring what Zabuza said, Naruto ran towards Zabuza and as if he teleported, he appeared in front of the man and kicked with full strength, the bandaged man blocked it by raising his arm, he knew that if they went with Kenjutsu, the boy would end up winning so he went towards Taijutsu.

While holding Naruto's right leg that swept towards him, Zabuza counter-attacked, however, Naruto was nimble as he jumped with his remaining leg and twisted his body while still in mid air, kicking Zabuza's head with his left leg, making the man release his right leg.

''You're strong but not enough, brat!'' Smiling slightly, Zabuza did a simple hand sign before saying ''Kirigakure no Jutsu! (Hidden Mist no Jutsu!)"

Mist started to cover the whole area, leaving the land outside the river unable to see its insides anymore, Team 7 was worried about Naruto but Kakashi had a smirk on his face 'This battle is already his...' he thought.

Closing his eyes, Naruto used the Kagura's Mind Eye and instantly, he could 'see' everything 3 meters around him 'My range was shortened by 197 meters, if not because it increased over the years, I would be screwed.' he thought.

Just then, he sensed someone behind him and with a quick slash, Naruto cut the person apart 'No, this is not it!' he thought before noticing he had been tricked, however, it wasn't in time, Zabuza was already in front of him and slashed with his sword.

Blood splattered around as a relatively big wound appeared on his shoulder ''F*ck, even if you're accustomed to pain, this still hurts like hell!'' Naruto thought out loud before getting serious.

As the Wind that flew around the blade and Lightning that flickered every now and then on the blade fused, an ethereal, pure white-colored wind took place and covered Naruto's body '

''Jinton: Mueisho! (Swift Release: Shadowless Flight!)" He said before disappearing.

''N-NANI?'' Zabuza said as Naruto reappeared countless times in succession, his speed was akin to teleport, fast and unpredictable.

All attacks of Zabuza, that were mainly based on Taijutsu and Kenjutsu as he noticed Ninjutsu wouldn't work on Naruto due to him being able to predict his Ninjutsu purely through the hand signs, were rendered useless.

Naruto then started to reappear here and there, confusing Zabuza's eyes more and more, then, he advanced towards the bandaged man and cut his body many times ''GAH!'' Zabuza screamed in pain as a big part of his body was now covered in the wounds made by Naruto's Sword.

Not only that, the wounds were also more severe due to the Wind and Lightning, that cut more deeply and burned his skin, looking over Zabuza kneeling body due to the pain, Naruto kicked the man out of the river as he fell on the ground, just in front of Kakashi ''He's barely alive now, we can capture him and get information from him.''

Kakashi nodded and just as he was about to touch Zabuza, needles were thrown, hitting Zabuza's neck, looking over a tree branch, they saw someone ''This man is a missing-nin from Kirigakure, I'm an ANBU, he holds information that can't be leaked.''

That someone said as Kakashi thought 'ANBU, huh? Well, it seems I'll have to agree, if I refuse, a war happening is possible, considering we would be stealing information from their village right under their nose, if it was secretly, though...'

He couldn't kill the ANBU as it would notify Kirigakure, something that all ANBU have, when one dies, the ANBU symbol in their body activates, sending a warning towards the ANBU Commander.

''Thanks for your comprehension.'' The ANBU said before collecting Zabuza and disappearing alongside wind that was akin to a whirlwind.

Sakura looked at this and said in a shocked manner ''What was that? How did he disappear like that?! He looked to be of our age!''

Sighing, Kakashi said ''There are way too many Ninjas out there, some of your age with more strength, this isn't only due to talent but rather experience, you don't need to care about this, sooner or later you'll be able to surpass them. The thing is: You need to put up effort and train for that to happen.''

The pink-haired teenager nodded while Naruto was panting slightly 'The Jinton is more complex than what I thought, I only used it for a minute at most yet it is taking a toll on me, not on my body but rather on my spirit, it seems it is somehow related to the Yin Release...' he thought. [1]

'You're right, brat. The Jinton is indeed related to the Yin Release, which is why you should avoid it for now, I could aid you with Yang Release as I'm the Yang half but if you train without proper guidance on it, it wouldn't do good, even if it helps you have almost instantaneous speed.' Kurama said as Naruto nodded

'Thanks, Kuu-san.' Naruto said as Kurama shouted inside his mind 'Don't call me like that, you brat! You need to respect the Great Me!'

Laughing a bit, Naruto thought 'Of course!'


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[1] So, guys, not much is known about the Swift Release so I decided to do as I please, I want it to be related to the Yin Release as it is an unexplored part and lead me to explain more things about the Yang Release that will appear later, please don't be mad at the fact that it made Naruto pant, it is because of the toll on his spirit - Yin Release is related to Spiritual Energy, after all.